We Got the FUNK: January 2014

Friday, January 31, 2014

Purex Bright Washes Bright Wishes {Giveaway!}

I am super excited to team with Purex and Make-A-Wish to bring you an awesome giveaway!  Make-A-Wish grants wishes for children who have life-threatening medical conditions.  This organization is near and dear to my heart as my friends had the great fortune to be one of their recipients for a wish last year.  Wyatt was my little neighbor boy and Eyan's best friend (they moved and we do not get to hang out near as much as I would love too).  Wyatt suffers from Doose Syndrome which is a very scary form of epilepsy in which he would have several seizures each day to the point that his body was not even functioning.  At 3 Wyatt underwent brain surgery to remove his corpus collusum to try to fix this.  The surgery has been successful and Wyatt has not had a seizure for over a year.  Wyatt and his awesome family were contacted by Make-A-Wish and were granted a trip to Disneyworld!  The pictures that I saw and the stories from Wyatt's mom were awesome and I was SO happy that an organization like this exists out there to help bring a smile and some joy to a family that endured FAR too much in such a short time.

Make-A-Wish sent them to a resort called "Give the Kids the World" and also gave them passes into the parks, special ride passes that allowed them no wait in lines, special meet-n-greets with the characters and spending money!  If Wyatt was having a particularly rough day, the resort offered tons of activities for his family to still enjoy when the parks became far to overwhelming.  The resort even had gifts daily for the kids and had Halloween and Christmas festivities during the short week stay!  Wyatt and his dad were even sent to have pirate make overs and really enjoyed that!

Wyatt and his family truly deserved this honor and he is now a thriving preschooler!  However Wyatt's wish could have never been granted without awesome donors and the Make-A-Wish foundation.

I am teaming up with Purex and Make-A-Wish to promote an awesome campaign highlighted below:
"To honor the millions of children whose clothes we help keep bright and clean every year, the Purex brand is teaming up with Make-A-Wish to bring bright wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. To learn more about Purex and Make-A-Wish, please visit www.purex.com/make-a-wish."
For every bottle of Purex liquid detergent sold, Purex will donate $0.05  up too $300,000.00.  Also for every bottle of Purex fabric softener sold they will donate $0.08 up to $100,000.00!  Please be sure to stock up on Purex Laundry Detergent in the month of February to help support Make-A-Wish and children battling disease everywhere!

Now something awesome for a couple of my readers!  Purex is having me give away a couple coupons!  2 of my lucky readers will receive 1 coupon for a FREE bottle of Purex Mountain Breeze Detergent (up to a $6.00 value).  Enter below for your chance to win!

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"Purex® Laundry Detergent provided me with Purex coupons in exchange for sharing the Purex Make-A-Wish Campaign.  However, all the opinions expressed here are my own."

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

FTT: Weight Check

As most of you know we've been dealing with the littlest peanuts extremely slow (or lack of) growth and the eventual diagnosis of failure to thrive.  Today we FINALLY got some great news!

Emberlynn gained 8oz in 18 days!  For someone who has barely gained an ounce in 4 months, this is a HUGE growth for her.  We went from 14.2 to 14.10!!!! She is still in the zero percentile, but we are getting closer to at least the 1%!

Emberlynn's growth chart...getting close to being in a percentile!  

Also we had to have her blood ran again to just make sure that the abnormalities from last time are normal. They definitely were not perfect, but they were much closer to the normal range.  Our pediatrician does want to run her blood one more time just to rule out anything super scary, so in about 5-6 weeks we will fight the tiny peanut for another vile of blood. 

Our next weight check is much further off pending the comments from the nutritionist and hopefully we can even wait until her 1st birthday!  Today was a great doctors appointment and one where we finally left feeling like we were good parents.  Hopefully the rest of them continue in our favor. 

Happy baby and daddy waiting for our weight check!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mothers' Milk Bank Colorado

Milk bank, breast milk, human milk, Milk bank

Did you know:
  • That 1 out of 8 babies born each year are premature and can be born with compromised immune systems, developmental delays, and nutritional deficiencies. 
  • Human breast milk contains well over 100 "ingredients" that provides babies with proteins, calories and most importantly the immune factors that formula just cannot provide.  More "ingredients" are being researched and discovered constantly and a recent one is being shown to actually KILL cancer cells! 
  • Human breast milk banks have existed for over 100 years.
  • One ounce of human milk can feed a NICU infant for a DAY!
  • Human milk donations can SAVE a babies life!
I had the awesome opportunity to tour our local Colorado milk bank and seriously had the best time and learned SO much!  I had no clue that Colorado even had a service like this available or that human milk donation was a "thing".  I am so excited to show you all that I learned and encourage any of my fellow nursing momma's with a freezer full of "extra" milk to donate to this awesome foundation!

The Mothers' Milk Bank Colorado is a non profit program of the Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation and was established 30 years ago.  Our Colorado milk bank does not just serve Colorado, they also serve many other states in the nation and are one of only 13 milk banks in North America.  95% of the milk that is donated goes directly to premature and sick babies in 117 cities nationwide.  They do not charge for the milk, only for processing and expenses related to this.  As a mother with a healthy child, I could also walk in and purchase some milk (with a prescription) for my child which is where the other 5% of milk that is donated goes. 

The process for collecting and distributing the milk is pretty awesome.  The science teacher in me really kinda geeked out on this.

First, the milk donors have to undergo a blood test, health screening and be willing to donate a minimum of 150 ounces total.  Then the donating mothers collect their milk in containers that the milk bank provides, freeze it and then sends them to the milk bank via convenient depots located all around the state (and nation)!

Donated milk.  The milk in the bags needs to be processed and the milk in the containers above is already processed and ready to ship to save a baby!  

Once the milk arrives at the milk bank it is stored in freezers, then pooled together into large flasks (seen below) and poured into sanitized glass bottles.  The milk is pooled together to get a quality amount of fat and calories that hospitals require and is tested for these components as well.  The milk is pasteurized and the bottles are then cooled and placed in the freezers.  The milk is also tested for bacteria and waits in quarantine before it is sent to recipient hospitals and babies!  Once the milk tests are done and the milk is cleared, the milk is distributed!

I took this through a window...this is a completely sanitary and sterile environment. 
Milk being packaged for distribution
The milk bank can provide colostrum, dairy free milk, fat free and regular milk.  They truly are an amazing resource for babies!

If you are interested in becoming a donor, and are in good health, a non smoker and are not taking medications please contact the Mothers' Milk Bank Colorado!  You do NOT have to live in Colorado as they have collection depots all over the nation and will work with you to get the milk. 

You can help save a babies life!


This post is not sponsored and was just something awesome I got to do!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Bucket List...Revamped!

So a few years ago I wrote this post about my mini-bucket list.  Now as I am only 7 months away from my 30th birthday I thought it would be a great idea to revisit this list, add a few things and mark a few things off.
I have seen several blogger friends doing a 30 before 30 post and I love those, but realistically, I wont get a whole bunch of this stuff done before 30 so I am just keeping it as a bucket list.  What is great is that I can continue to add and subtract stuff as I want.

So from my previous post, here is my list:

1. Stay at my job and love it (Completed...3 years in progress and no plans to move!)
2. Have more babies (Completed...although we are done at 2!)
3. Get a passport (Completed!)
4. Go to Europe and visit, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany and any other amazing places with my family!
5. Take family pictures every year (Completed!)
6. Take Eyan & Emberlynn to Disney (Completed...but going back!)
7. Pay off my mortgage!
8. Take my parents on a vacation (kinda completed)
9. Take a second honeymoon to a exotic place just me and the hubby (Almost complete)
10. Save $30,000.00 just to have it...again
11. Finish the basement (Completed!)
12. Get a Harley Davidson of our very own (Completed!)
13. Renew our wedding vows with our kids as part of the ceremony
14. Spend $1000.00 in a single day on nothing but pampering and clothes for myself
15. Get a real psychic reading (cause that stuff is cool)
16. Get over my fear of flying...Never fly in a small plane though!
17. Go indoor skydiving (again fear of flying makes jumping out of actual plane impossible at this stage)
18. Swim with the dolphins again...except with my kiddo
19. Visit ALL 50 states (been to 18 that I remember)
20. Go to 5 concerts (been to 3)
21. Work on a Habitat for Humanity Home
22. Give back to at least 5 service organizations
23. Get back into a size 8...and stay there!  (Soo SOO close!)
24. Buy a farm and get some farm animals (horse, chicken, cow, goat)
25. Go on a cruise 

26. Build my blog even more
27. Debt free in 18 months
28. Paint our gigantic super tall living room!  
29. Donate $500.00 to charity 
30. More date nights with the hubby

I know there will be more things I want to do.  This list is ever changing and I am just excited to experience ALL of the things.  I want my family to be well traveled, well educated and above all spend time experiencing all of these amazing trips together.  From my childhood, I do not remember the day to day stuff, but I do remember the long RV trips for 3 weeks around the Four Corners area of the United States, the mule trip down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, DisneyWorld, chicken pox in Wisconsin, Mount Rushmore and cave spelunking in the Lewis and Clark Caverns.  Those are awesome memories and I just cannot wait to build those for my kids even more!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hungry Baby

If you have been following my Facebook, Twitter and Blog over the last few weeks you would have read about our little peanut and the issue we are having with her gaining weight (and height) and her recent crappy diagnosis of Failure to Thrive.  One of the things we had to do was talk with a nutritionist and come up with a plan.  We kept a food diary of every single thing that she ate for 5 days and then I shared that with the nutritionist.  The nutritionist told us that we are actually feeding her a TON (which BTW is not a change from before so I am highly suspect of the feed the baby more=more weight...she has always ate like crazy).  So basically I was just told to make the calories that she is eating "count," which actually means stop feeding her puffs like crazy and put butter and olive oil on everything.  I was also given the go ahead to try a few foods that I was very nervous about due to my own allergies (eggs, milk, bananas...food).

So one morning I braved it and gave the tiny peanut a bowl of scrambled eggs and toast...and well, she loved it! Enjoy the baby happiness, we sure did.

For Me?!?!?

Diving in!

Hand Full

Failure to Thrive, Feeding Failure to Thrive, Hungry baby
She ate her entire bowl...the went after her brothers plate and ate his too!

Yay happy kids!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Justin Timberlakes 20/20 Tour!

You guys JT's 20/20 Tour was nothing short of amazing.  It was probably one of the best nights of my entire life (my babies births and my wedding were better, but man this concert was a topper)!  I purchased my tickets in May as a Tennessee Kid, and thought we totally didn't have good seats.  I was excited just to go, so it didn't really matter if we were in the nosebleed section or if we were front row.  I have been a super fan of Justin since his early N*Sync days.  I literally have every single album he has ever been a part of (either as the main artist or a vocal contributor).  I DVR all his performances and might have a slight obsession.  My friends (ok pretty much everyone) knows that I call him my boyfriend and I secretly mourned the day that he and Jessica Biel married.  I think I might slightly love this man, so seeing him in concert was the Best.Thing.EVER!

I went with my sister, one of my best friends and her sister (who is also a great friend!).

Our seats were ahhhmazing!  The pictures truly do not do them justice!

That is the stage right behind me!  Only a couple rows away!

Then the show started...and he was there...and I was in Heaven!

He is pretty

Those stairs extended into our seating section (like 5 ft away!)

Nice backside!

I look drunk (totally sober BTW), I look chunky, but damn I am HAPPY!
Like I said, we were close...LIKE 5 ft from him!  Here is a short video of my sweet boyfriend. 

I wish I would have brought my camera, but my posse said they would all go back and next time I will bring a damn camera so that everything is not so grainy!  I danced the entire night.  I learned that I might be a super fan as I was the only one in my section that seemed to know ALL the words to EVERY song that he sang and I also decided I might go on tour with him as a backup dancer because lets face it, I am pretty much a badass.  Best Night Ever!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Justin Timberlake will be gracing the stage at Pepsi Center this evening and I will be there!  After 8 months of waiting and getting so excited tonight I get to mark one of the biggest and best events EVER off my bucket list.  I have high expectations and literally cannot hardly teach without thinking about how amazing tonight is going to be.  I cannot wait to see him.

Literally all my students are trying to figure out how to get him to my class.  Best. Day. Ever!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oh Eyan

My son,

You are inquisitive.  You are challenging. You are smart.  You are stubborn.  You son are my everything and my most favorite boy in the whole wide world. 

Yesterday you wanted to be a big boy and help feed our fish.  You fed them all the food (a brand new container).  You also fed the doggies fish food.  You my boy are too sweet and caring for the animals.  

Unfortunately, one of our poor fishes couldn't handle the contaminated water (even though I cleaned the tank), and passed today.  RIP little fish guy! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

DSLR. Getting Better

So I have been messing around with this DSLR camera and I think, I figured out the "automatic" functions.  I signed up for a beginner class on my camera this weekend and hopefully after this weekend I have an even better grasp on this little guy.  I really really want to be a pro at this before our trip to Mexico this summer.

Here are a couple.  I took some of Eyan but just haven't uploaded them.

Mia, Lily, Dogs, DSLR
Lily & Mia.  This is seriously the clearest picture of Mia EVER.
Baby, Teeth, DSLR
Those TEETH!  
Tell me it is getting better.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

5 laughs

As always, linking up with Melissa over at www.the-Mommyhood-chronicles.com for our top laughs of the week.

1.  Student: so red means wrong?  Me...hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (to be fair, this is an extremely smart kid who missed 2 questions out of 26, guess he wasn't used to seeing wrong answers).

2. My sister took Eyan to get his haircut yesterday.  He then said he was going to spend the night at her house with Zeusy (dog).  Then he said he was actually staying at grandmas but was sad he couldn't sleep with Zeusy there. Then told his aunt to pick him up Tuesday (probably so he could sleep with Zeus).  When I asked when I get him he responded "I'm not a helicopter!"  So I'm not sure if he is moving back in or moving in with Zeus...either way he is not a helicopter.

3. After about 40ish weeks the tiny peanut has learned to self entertain and play with her toys longer then 30 seconds.  As of late she just sits there talking and staring at stacking cups.  Some serious conversations happening there.

4. Jason and I got hungry for some crab.  So on a whim we drove up the mountains to our local gambling town for the buffet.  We had Emberlynn but Eyan was with grandma.  As I was walking towards the buffet with Lynnie, this older lady stops me and says "she is so dainty."  I thanked her all the while thinking oh if you only knew.  About five minutes later were back from the buffet, Emberlynn is face deep in a plethora of food and that same lady walks over to see her again and says "well dainty may not apply to meal time" then gives us a wink and walks away.  We both just laughed. 

5. Wednesday we had the practice ACT going on.  One of my teacher friends was cleaning out her desk (after 5 years) and found some awesome foam 3D visors in the ocean theme (I got the shark) and an unopened bottle of Everclear (not for drinking, it's used for DNA extraction).  So myself and a few other teachers threw on our ridiculous hats, walked down to our bosses office and pretended to be lit off the obviously unopened bottle of Everclear.  The office ladies bout died when they saw us. 

6. Bonus: I took my AP kids out to the wetland and pond area behind our school to do some water testing.  Unfortunately the water was frozen super solid (like 7-10 inches...teacher fail).  I managed to find a hole in the ice by pulling out a 2L bottle someone had thrown in there.  The hole wasn't quite big enough so I walked out about 5ft off shore (water at that point is only maybe 2.5ft deep) to grab a large landscaping brick to make the hole bigger, only that thing was frozen into the ice. So I walked back, as my students watched from the ice edge. All the sudden the district groundskeeper comes running towards us yelling at all my students to get off the ice...they were only on the edge not even 6 inches...they moved I come back in, he accuses us of polluting and then when I tell him I am the teacher and we are actually testing the water for pollution, the man says "sure you are."  I guess the hot pink gloves and hat along with my jeans and tennis shoes probably made me look 16.  The groundskeeper then barged into our office 2 seperate times to tell on me. My boss just laughed. 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finished Basement!

After 1 full year, our basement is FINALLY FINISHED!  Ok so we actually have had walls, plumbing, electrical and real usable space for a year, but over the last couple months Jason and I have really started to turn that space into an area that we can all enjoy.

Our basements boasts the following amenities: a large living area with a man cave side and playroom side, a full bathroom, a spare bedroom with dual closets that also is my office, storage like you would not believe and a happy place for all to live!

You may remember back in November when I shared some slightly crappy photos of the kids play area here.  I figured that now that Jason and I have put pictures on the walls and added furniture (still missing curtains and a few more decorative touches for the man cave), it was time for an update.

Living room (man cave/playroom):

Living room, man cave, playroom
This is the view as you come down from the stair case.  You can see the kids play area on one side.

Living room, Man Cave, Hunting, Camo
We are going with camo and hunting stuff but comfy.  The loveseat is Lane and is separate rockers and recliners and I have no clue what the two chairs are as they are temporary gifts until we can really decide on a few recliners.  A little mismatched, but it looks fine for now.

Living room, man cave, fishing
We need to agree on some window curtains, these stark white walls are killing me. 

Man cave, fishing pole, pictures
This is a Pinterest idea that I stole.  This is my Great-Grandpas old fishing pole and pictures of the hubby fishing and hunting and our boy!

Man cave, hunting, fishing, entertainment, Duck calls
We LOVE this fireplace entertainment center.  I have some upcoming crafts for around the TV,
but for now the antique duck and Willie the Knome will have to cut it.  Also my hubby thought
it would be cool to hang all his duck calls up and the tags...not to shabby!

Nothing too exciting here, but it is pretty!


Spare Bedroom/Office:

Bedroom, Office, Craft Room
I LOVE my office furniture!

bedroom, office, craft room
The large bookshelf is mainly for all my wonderful crafting stuff.  The hubby must love me.

bedroom, office, dual closet & seat storage
We also have a bed in here and the dual closets make for fantastic storage.  Also the sitting area there lifts up and there is more storage!  I LOVE STORAGE!

There is really so much decorating I want to do, but just do not have the time or money to do just yet.  Eventually all my little crafty projects will get done and I will just feature them here on the blog!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DSLR...makes me feel stupid

We bought a used DSLR camera (a Canon Rebel) and I have never felt so technologically inferior in my entire life.  The nice man that sold us the camera (actually 2 cameras!) also sold us 4 fancy lenses, and spent about a half hour trying to show me all the functions of the camera.  It was awesome and at the time I totally was taking it all in...then the baby started fussing and the little boy was becoming impatient and the husband was hungry and we were way far away from home.  My mind shifted and now I cannot remember a single thing about this camera (except how to turn it on)!

Technologically inferior may be an understatement.  I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to adjust things and take a really awesome photo.  Here is my best (unedited, because I have yet to get the software)...please laugh, cause honestly I've got some learnin' to do.  If you have any pointers or good sites or videos on DSLR photography, send it my way...clearly I need it.

DSLR, Dog,
First shot that came out clear!  
DSLR, Cute baby
Emberlynn making faces at her daddy...not too shabby
Eyan watching Turbo.