We Got the FUNK: February 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Getting too Serious Here

As of late, my poor little blog has been SO SERIOUS.  But life is serious.  Life is precious.  Life is a gift and in life there is only 1 guarantee.  You are guaranteed to die and with death comes pain and questions and heart ache.

However, my blog is one of my happy places.  So today I choose to share with you things that make me happy.

Obviously my children.  They really are my first thought in the morning and my last before I fall asleep. They are on my mind all day and the amount of love I have for them is insane.

All fancy for great-grammies funeral

My hubby.  Gah I love this man!  Most days he loves me too (God knows I am a tough, bossy, overly OCD kinda person).  You know who he loves more though which just makes me adore and love him more.  Them.

My family.  We are close.  We fight hard.  We love harder.  They are my rock and even though we are tore apart by our recent losses, we are there for each other regardless.

Circa 2004


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ever Feel Like Death Follows You?

Out of all my friends I alone have experience 3x the amount of death than any of them have.  I am not saying this to brag...in fact I wish with my entire being that I didn't buy outfits with funerals in mind or that I wasn't crying at work every few months because yet another loved one died or that my son was just used to attending funeral services (today will be his 5th).

Death follows me.  I would say in the last 5 years well over 15 people close to me have passed (including my miscarriages).  Death follows me.

Sometimes I get to a point in my life where I think, "whew, everyone is healthy, youngish and I think this will be the year that we go without someone dying."  Then I get a heaping dose of reality slapped across my face and with that, more loved ones are taken.

Last week we lost my grandma.  I put her slideshow together and was an entire mess.  Like ugly crying, hyperventilating, Eyan trying to comfort mommy type of mess.  I have no clue what has been happening around me because I am so tuned out.  Just OUT OF IT.  Today is her services.  I called my mom this morning to make sure she stopped by my house to grab a few things for the service.

Reality stepped in and slapped me stupid.  My moms tone was somber, she was obviously crying.  I checked in on her to make sure she was alright and then she said something even more terrible had happened.  I immediately jumped to my children...as any mother would.  She quietly mentioned a name through hyperventilating tears.  Not my children...but someone who I love and cherish dearly. Someone who I have spent numerous dinners, celebrations and holidays with.  Someone who is basically my brother.

I.Just.Can't.  My heart is broken even more.  When is enough actually enough?


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Excitement on becoming a Pull-Ups® First Flush Ambassador #CelebrateFirstFlush #sponsored #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Pull-Ups® First Flush Ambassador #CelebrateFirstFlush #sponsored #MC

I am SO excited to have the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for Pull-Ups® First Flush program. We are a Pull-Ups® family and although Eyan has been daytime potty trained for some time now, nighttime potty training is in full force (with quite the incentive for him as well)!  I will be chronicling our journey on nighttime potty training here over the next few weeks and am eager to share our struggles and successes.

As I mentioned we will be putting a HUGE incentive for Eyan.  Basically Jason said that when Eyan is fully nighttime trained, we will be heading back to Disneyland...yeah you read that right.  We are straight going to bribe the child to wake up dry.  We know he can do it.  It is not like he sleeps so heavy that he cannot wake up dry, it is just that he is lazy.  We kinda tried for about a week and he woke up dry EVERY single day that week...without the large incentive.  So we will be introducing the big Disneyland incentive, using some of the tips and resources from Pull-Ups® and hopefully have a fully potty trained little man on our hands!  This excites me beyond belief!

What we love about Pull-Ups® is their fit (very much like underwear), design (Disney!) and the fact that they have such a supportive community and so many tips to use with our big kid!  Their interactive website offers potty training charts, Disney character calls and even articles for parents to gain more information and ideas on potty training.  

I hope you will follow us on our journey as well as add any tips and resources you have used!  

Also please make sure to check out Pull-Ups® website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook for even more awesome information!


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Monday, February 24, 2014


I WIN!  (said in the most sarcastic, overwhelmed voice ever).

I was nominated to speak at our graduation ceremony for this years class of 2014....and after the students voted on the nominations...I won.  I AM TERRIFIED!

Like terrified of saying the wrong thing, not being my authentic self, being so nervous I pull a Pitch Perfect and vomit all over the damn stage.


Maybe I can do it behind one of those silhouette screens, or like a large curtain from the Wizard of Oz. Maybe I can record a video and show it to the kids.

Time to write the most epic graduation speech ever.  EPIC (bahahaha right).

Help a sister out!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Viva Las Vegas!

Stole all my money!  But we had a great time!  I got ID' a few different times which always surprises me a bit because well, I'm a mom of two and almost 30!  One of the waitresses told me I looked 17 and her expression when she realized I was almost 30 was priceless.  We enjoyed the food and the gambling, and a show and our room!  It was beautiful and the view was amazing (as you can see from the photo above)!  

I finally caught up on some much needed sleep, but missed my kids terribly!  

Sorry all was quiet on the blog front!  I've got some awesome stuff coming up soon!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Life is just not fair

This morning after a short battle with leukemia, my grandmother passed away.  Life is just not fair sometimes.  This 84 year old women was not on any medication, was healthy by most accounts and just like that she is gone.  My sister and I were very close with her.  She went on most of our family vacations with us and sometimes even lead the vacations.

She was a blunt woman.  She endured more then many I know and raised 5 children BY HERSELF 50 years ago which was unheard of.  She was a tough lady.

So here are some of my favorite grandma moments:

  • When I was about 4 I sat on a curling iron and burned my thigh with 1st and 2nd degree burns. We had planned a vacation to Utah to visit my aunt and grandma took care to change the bandages and make sure I was comfortable the entire drive and trip there and back.  
  • When my sister was bit in the face by a dog, Grandma stayed with me and comforted me as I thought Ashley was dying.  
  • We went to as many Disney on Ice performances as we possibly could and as Ashley and I got older we took grandma to them too.  She loved getting the souvenir cup, but let us eat the crappy snow cone that came with it. The last Disney on Ice we went to was a little over a year ago at the Pepsi center and we LOST grandma!  We somehow kept both tiny kids with us, but she went to the bathroom and was lost.  After some wandering we spotted her and laughed.  
  • Grandma watched Ashley and I a lot and liked to play cards.  One time we were playing kings corner and it was pretty quiet.  Grandma said "lets get some music up in this joint."  We never let her live her ghetto down.
  • On our trip to the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Games, grandma just about whooped mine and Ashley's ass' for fighting over markers while making posters for our uncle Jondon.  I actually think Jesus intervened here and saved our lives :)
  • She love the holidays and had EVERY SINGLE holiday on display in her house year round. I never noticed this until Jason and I were visiting and he started playing "I spy" with all the holidays.  Literally EVER SINGLE HOLIDAY and a clock that had all of them on there too.  
  • She taught me how to swim and how to hold my breath for about 3 minutes underwater.  I used to be able to swim the entire length of an Olympic sized swimming pool underwater because of her. 
  • Every car she ever owned had some T-shirt on the seats to protect them and stuffed animals in the windows with country blaring. 
  • One time grandma was speeding like crazy and got pulled over.  I thought I was going to jail. 
Grandma I love you and I miss you terribly.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thoughts on teaching Teenagers

Teaching teenagers has taught me A LOT.

So at this point I have been teaching for like a million years...give or take 999,995 years.  However, I've coached at the high school level and worked in classrooms for a little over 10 years.  People always ask me if it's hard teaching high school.  I always say no.  It's not hard, it's excruciating and frustrating and exhausting...and wonderful.  Yes! Wonderful!  I love love love my job.

However, teenagers are an interesting genre to deal with.  Not quite adults, still children, and completely unaware of what real life is about to hand them.  Kinda like first time parents.  All these plans and ideas of what is to come, just waiting for the nice big bitch slap of reality.  

I fear the teenage years with my children.  I think most parents do, but I fear them even more knowing what exactly is happening in high schools.  You see in my classroom, my kids feel safe, they will divulge pretty much anything to me (which is a blessing and a huge burden as many times I have to turn them in).  My kids trust me.

So what are the things that I have learned?

1. Teenagers have no real filter.  Whether it is a rich school, poor school, rural school or average school, all those amazing morals and ethics you have taught your children about asking appropriate questions and good behavior can easily go out the window.  I have witnessed far to many inappropriate sexual conversations from 13 yr old freshmen about things that I have actually had to Google to find out the meaning and then follow up with reprimand.  They think it is cool and makes them popular to discuss insanely disgusting topics among each other...hey and bonus, sometimes that one special kid will brave it and ask me about certain topics.  Remind your children that overtly sexual conversations are not the messages they want to be sending and maybe throw some STD statistics in there to scare them too!

2. Teenagers NEED your attention.  No seriously "friend" them on every social network (also be up-to-date on new trends in social media), have all their passwords, ask them how school went and actually listen.  Giving your kids freedom and trust is good, but your kids, are still kids and I have seen and heard too many kids getting into trouble and say "my parents don't care if I party," "my parents have no clue what I say on Twitter," "my parents don't care enough and trust me."  See your kids are equating trust and caring in a way that I truly think is negative.  If you "don't care"  you must "trust".  If you really care then you will not "trust" in the terms that kids are now defining.  Yes this is more work, but parenting is the hardest job ever and you are failing if you are allowing your kids to define you as "not caring".  Now to add to this little section, I also believe that allowing your kids your real trust and only using those passwords and stalking sessions when you absolutely suspect your child of lying is crucial.  Yes teenagers need their space, but they need safe space.  Let them know that you trust them and you care and that is why you are all up in their business.  Stop being their friend!

3. Teenagers are angry toddlers.  Yes, yes they are.  They will get angry and overly dramatic over anything.  However, there is always a reason for the tantrum.  Like for instance the WRONG red colored pencil.  That actually set a boy off in my classroom.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that their brains are still developing and the hormones in them are all crazy.  What I have found is that if I play into their dramatics, they get more dramatic and just need a time out...and then I need to listen.  I found out from "colored pencil kid" that his mom had just found out she had cancer and "nothing was going right for him."  Give them a bit to calm down but PLEASE make sure to check back in with your kids.  The tantrums are their way of letting everyone know something is not right, and they NEED you to check in.

4. Teenagers need to learn the value of work and earning things.  Out of the 175 kids I see daily about 15 of them understand the value of working for something...the others are proud when they break their 5th iPhone 5s, are settling for C's and D's when A's and B's are easily attainable and are choosing social media over studying.  Oh and parents are inadvertently supporting this.  You are the ones supplying the fancy new phones, clothes, cars and whatever else your kid needs to "keep up with the Jones'" and become popular.  I rarely have a kid whose parents have actually punished them by taking away cherished items...mainly when kids are "grounded" they are still allowed computer and phone privileges (at least I am told).  Take their phones away people!  Allow them to have phone time for a designated time at home and then MAKE homework time, communicate with their teachers (kids are good at lying and saying they do not have homework...they always have homework).  No joke, my biggest issue in class are phones and lack of work because of social media.  I take their phones...they get to work.

5. Teenagers need more love. Our current socialized society is brutal.  Social media is terrible for teenagers and I truly think that when Facebook was for college kids only it was a much better thing. Bullying is happening even to the most popular kids and suicide is becoming even more rampant. Combine the stresses of teenager-hood, social media and the fact that parents always seem to show love through frustration and our kids are feeling less loved...and making drastic decisions.  This is by far the hardest balance.  How do you monitor their social media, allow them to build themselves up and gain freedom and real trust, learn the value of work and love them with consequences?  To this I have no answer, it truly is based on the individual child.  All I know is that my parents always talked to us about how much they loved us and how angry and sad they would be if we took our own lives.  At my lowest low as a teenager my thoughts of suicide were easily swayed into the choice of life because I knew how much my parents loved me and I just could not leave them.  Truly hug your kids every day (10x a day if necessary), tuck them in at night (even in high school) and talk to them every night (meaningful discussions), punish them but reward them...do both equally with love.

Our future really is these kids.  Give them EVERYTHING you have.


Monday, February 17, 2014

What's happening?

Well it's been busy and my children are slightly driving me crazy! 

So here is what's been happening:

Emberlynn puts anything and everything in her mouth...I predict many ER trips in the future with this little daredevil. 

Eyan got a haircut and seriously steals my heart daily all while testing my patience!

I tried to buy soft soles shoes for Emberlynn in the 0-6 month smallest size as I am sure she will be running here shortly.  Yeah that didn't work.

The peanut decided sleep was overrated and chose to stay up to 12am watching the Olympics!  

Bath time is too fun at our house.  

The kids fight over stupid toys and already I am starting to figure out ways to curb this.  Dear God she is strong headed and he is ornery.  Help us! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

#OshKoshBgosh #Coupon

Do not forget that this weekend OshKosh B'gosh is have a huge Presidents Day Sale!  Make sure to use this coupon in stores or online!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cheap Family Wall Display

Cheap Family Wall Displays

So like many of my readers I have seen those beautiful family walls on Pinterest and really really wanted one. I had the perfect spot and then I started pricing out the cost of canvas and fancy clocks and vinyl sayings. Yeah it wasn't pretty (even with promo codes and coupons).  So I improvised, and created the wall you see above for under $50.00!


  • Cheap picture frames/shadow boxes:  I got mine at Michael's for $17.00 on sale Buy 1 Get 1.  So I got 4 frames.  BONUS:  Teachers always get a percentage off too so it was actually cheaper for me!
  • Pictures: I printed mine as a 5x7 at Target for $4.00
  • Clocks: I got mine at the Family Dollar of all places.  Only paid $5.00 a clock! 
  • Vinyl + access to some sort of die cut machine (Cricut, Silhouette): Michael's also has sheets of this for $9.99 a package (comes with 2 large sheets).
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Printer
  • Thread & Needle


  • First I went to Google Maps and typed in the hospitals and location of our wedding. I obviously did each one individually and then I copied them and pasted them into Microsoft word, turned them grey scale and added a clipart heart shape around the hospital name/wedding location and then printed them off.
  • Next I took some embroidery floss and separated it into 3 strands (instead of 6) and stitched around the heart outline.
  • Then I opened up my Cricut software, downloaded a digital cartridge (My Community Classmate) and cut out the clock and date out of scrap paper I had laying around. 
  • I also used scrap paper to put a border around each picture and some random scrap booking corner stickers that I found at Michael's for $0.99!
  • I glued everything down and put it in the frame.
  • For the vinyl I also used my Cricut and vinyl and cut out the word "Family" "joy" and "love" and the two hearts.
  • Jason helped me hang everything and Voila!  I am pretty much in love!  I still want to add "Moments paused in time" under the clock in vinyl, but mostly it is perfect. 

Cheap Family Wall Displays

Much more affordable.  It is not exactly what I was wanting (I really really really wanted to use old pocket watches in place of the paper cutouts and nix the larger clocks, but I digress).

Show me your family walls people!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

11 Months!

Yes!  28 days until this tiny peanut is ONE!  Updates on the birthday plan coming soon (plus some giveaways)!

She is still tiny but I think we are finally 15lbs.  She still wears 3-6 month clothes and size 1 diapers.  

She eats everything possible but is still nursing a lot.  I can only pray my supply keeps up with her for just a few more weeks (more to come on this).  We are supposed to introduce organic whole cows milk next week, but only minimally.  She has 8 teeth and gets them in multiples...gah!

She is a fast crawler and pulls up to standing on EVERYTHING!  We finally put the baby gates up and she gets pissed that she is trapped.  She also has a play area that is "fenced in."

She loves her princess Ariel dolly and playing with her brother.  She kinda says mama and dada, but only when it's convienent for her.  She likes Mickey Mouse and dancing.  She is a little bossy Diva.  

She is starting to sleep better, but still has rough nights.  She makes us laugh and imitates us and grunts which is just the cutest!

Oh and this:

Gah and for some more cute:


Monday, February 10, 2014

Couponing for the busy person

Couponing For the busy person #Coupon

One of the biggest comments I get from people when talking about couponing is their lack of time.  We are a busy society and when you are running from here to there and trying to keep your finances in check, couponing can fall to the wayside...or completely off your radar.  I wrote this post about how I coupon a couple years ago (you know when I had one kid and apparently more time).  Most of that information is still great, and when I have time I follow it completely. However, my life is a hot mess lately and my time is limited.  If I get a chance to look at the coupon circulars from the newspaper each week, that is pretty much a miracle.

So I thought I would update you all on how to coupon when your time is limited.  I will let you know this takes about 1.5 hours total (instead of the 3-5 it would take each month), but you do need to do a couple things.

1. Go online and sign up for your local Sunday newspaper.  I almost never read it, I just go through and the ads very quickly every Sunday and pull the SmartSource (SS), Red Plum (RP) and Proctor and Gamble (P&G).  Sometimes I glance through them, but most of the time I put them in an organized pile in my kitchen office area.  Max 3 minutes 4-5x a month.
Couponing For the busy person #Coupon

2. Download your store apps (connect your store cards) and sign up for their emails.  We are a smartphone society...use it to your advantage!  Whenever I am bored, I quickly scroll through my coupons on my King Soopers app and add them or I jump on Targets Cartwheel and load them that way.  It is pretty awesome and I do not know about all of you, but when I am unwinding at the end of the day, I lay in bed and do this. It takes all of like 5 minutes.  I am a HUGE fan of my apps because when I am in the store and forget to bring paper coupons, I can use the app to scan the UPC and many time a coupon pops right up and I can use it right then!  Beware though!  If you have a paper coupon for a larger value then the digital one on your app, the store will honor the digital one first and typically NOT the paper one.  Also I have found that when stores double coupons, they will NOT double the digital coupons, only the paper ones (King Soopers is this way).

Couponing For the busy person #Coupon
1. Apps!  2. Bar code scanner/in app search bar. 3. Mobile Card
3. I do one BIG shopping trip a month where I have made it my goal to only spend $275-300 each trip then I will do a couple very small ones (like for milk and produce) once a week (spending less then $20.00 is my goal with these).  When I prepare for the big trip, I usually come home from work, grab my circulars and go through page by page.  Here is the trick.  I have NO interest in buying items I will never use.  I only coupon for items that I continuously use.  Occasionally if something looks particularly delicious, I will clip the coupon, but usually I only am clipping coupons for what I use.  I only clip coupons once a month so I make sure that I know what I am getting low on and look for those coupons.  I tend to save the most money with toiletries as well. (This usually takes about an hour with kids trying to get my attention, the hubby asking 500 questions and me trying to play on FB and Twitter...I am sure it could be less if you get more time to yourself).

4.  If you are a big shopper of Target, they tend to have some fantastic coupons on their website, but you MUST go online.  What I love is that you can combine their store coupon with a manufactures coupon and then use your cartwheel as well.  Any store that I have shopped at always lets you use both a store coupon from them and a manufacturer coupon on a single item.

5.  I try not to buy items that are not on sale and I always check the clearance sections of stores.  When an item is on sale I will typically stock up (buy 2-3 and pray I have coupons for that), if it is not on sale, I hold onto the coupon and bring it next time.  You can check your stores ads prior to going so you do not have to haul a bunch of coupons you do not plan on using, but come on...like I have time to do that :)

6.  I also coupon for restaurants and entertainment.  Those $10.00 entertainment books are actually a great deal so if a kid asks you to purchase one, jump on it!

Couponing is trial and error at first and you have to just jump in.  Stores are making it easy for you to save money, it may not be huge, but savings is savings.  Try a few of these and let me know how it goes!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

5 laughs! 2/8/14

Let's go!  

1. Took Eyan to the monster trucks, he yelled "I love you Grave Digger!"  Kinda reminded me of the time I yelled "I love you Justin (Timberlake)!"

2. Emberlynn can stand now!  Then she has no idea what to do and cries.  Super cute.

3. If I tell Emberlynn to stop doing something, she will purposely do it.  You know like chew on the remote control car...or those poor dogs. 

4. My students are funny.  Yesterday I was teaching about DNA replication and how the DNA "unzips" then I showed them with my jacket.  Well that must have inspired one of my special boys because as soon as I ran to my desk in the office, I came back to "I'm too sexy" playing and that special boy pretending to strip...I was gone for all of 30 seconds.  These kids are faster then babies!

5. Then there was this
A rock that the tiny peanut found (seriously we vaccum daily..WTF?) I took it out and she cried for the damn rock again! Pica? 

As always linking up with Melissa over at www.the-mommyhood-chronicles.com

Friday, February 7, 2014

Lifestraw {Review}!

Lifestraw #Lifestraw

My AP Environmental Science kids have been studying water and water pollution lately.  We came across these awesome Lifestraws from Eartheasy.  My kids were chomping at the bit to try these, but unfortunately our budget did not allow for this (since we submit prior to the school year and this smart teacher had never heard of these).  So I went ahead and researched these awesome straws and contacted Eartheasy.  They immediately responded to my request to review and quickly sent over 2 straws for my AP kids to test out.  It was pretty much the best day of class ever!  We laughed, were awed and had a fantastic time testing these straws out.

While checking out Eartheasy'w website I came across this information which was so informative and awesome!
LifeStraw is the award-winning personal water filter, designed to provide you with safe, clean drinking water in any situation. The ideal water filter for hiking & camping, travel, emergency preparedness & survival, LifeStraw makes contaminated or suspect water safe to drink.
My favorite part of this though is this:
Lifestraw #Lifestraw

For every straw purchased, one is donated to a child in Africa to be used for an entire year!  How fantastic is that!

The straw filters a lot of different pollutants and bacteria like E.Coli, Salmonella and Giardia.  Although I would have loved to culture some of the water in the wetland area around our school and then use the Lifestraw to filter this water, my administration was not exactly supportive of this.  So instead we used various household products and filtered them.  My kids tested coffee grounds in water, cornstarch in water and salt water.  The results were seriously amazing.

Lifestraw #Lifestraw
Coffee Grounds
Lifestraw #Lifestraw
Lifestraw #Lifestraw
Results!  MUCH CLEANER!  Taste was not coffee flavored either!
Let me tell you, this product was fantastic.  Both the cornstarch and coffee ground water filtered perfectly. The salt water did not filter very well, as desalination is very difficult to accomplish with a filter.  Also the straws were very easy to clean.  My students just blew out the bottom and rinsed under water and they were clean!  The only issue my students had was learning how to use the straw.  You would think that it would be easy for AP kids to figure out.  The directions come with diagrams which we followed, but we found that you needed to fill the straw with water first before we had them spit out the water so we could see what it looked like!  Other than that, it was a wonderful product, great experiment and honestly a great cause to support and all for just $19.95 a straw!

To order a Lifestraw or for more information on their amazing humanitarian effort, please visit their website


Disclosure:  Lifestraw sent us 2 straws specifically for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my and my students and were not influenced by an outside source. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Leukemia is not a diagnosis any family wants to face.  Regardless of circumstances, terminal diagnosis' are just plain heartbreaking.  My grandma was diagnosed this past weekend and my heart is breaking.  Please pray for her as we all help her transition and cope with this devastating diagnosis.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spring Stylin' with #OshKoshBgosh #MC #Sponsored

I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating.

OshKosh B'gosh Spring Fashion #OshKoshBgosh #sponsored #MC

OshKosh B'gosh is seriously my new favorite clothing store for my kids!  From the window display to the friendly associates to the most adorable spring line of clothing; my trip to OshKosh was ahhhmazing!  The new spring line is bright, light, fun and makes me so eager for some sunshine!  They are featuring a nautical theme as well that I just about lost my mind over.  I headed in to look for some less frumpy kids styles and boy was I wowed!

OshKosh B'gosh Spring Fashion #OshKoshBgosh #sponsored #MC

Let's start with the store.  First of all, the associates were so welcoming and helpful.  As I was loading up my arms with clothes, they were quick to grab a shopping bag and help me carry it with a bit more class.  They were super friendly and very responsive to my questions about sizes and styling.  The store was bright, very clean and so organized it made this OCD mama feel at home.  The store was sectioned off very nicely, allowing me to easily shop for Emberlynn in the Baby B'gosh section and then move to Eyan in the Toddler section.  I didn't need to spend time looking all over the store for sizes, everything was in a specific section according to your child's size and the sizes were ordered from smallest to largest, which I loved!
OshKosh B'gosh Spring Fashion #OshKoshBgosh #sponsored #MC
For the baby in my life, I was pleasantly surprised to see baby girl clothing that wasn't all pastel pinks and purples. The launch of the new Baby B'gosh line was eye opening and a breath of fresh air!  I was immediately drawn to these adorable whale leggings and this anchor tunic.  The design is perfect, but more importantly the clothes are functional.  Emberlynn is the most active baby I have every had to change and having clothes that are stretchy (but strong) and catered towards a mobile child was awesome.  I particularly loved the buttons on each side of the collar.  The Baby B'gosh line was pure perfection and the sizes were great (0-24 months)!  I have complained several times about baby clothes for extremely tiny babies (mainly 0-6 months) being lack luster, however, Baby B'gosh delivers and I LOVE that it was not all onesies and pants.  My most favorite outfit out of the haul has to be the blue baby doll dress (pictured below)!  I had one kind of like this when I was a baby and just had to have it.  Emberlynn loved crawling around in this and actually cried when I took it off.  #babyapproved!

OshKosh B'gosh Spring Fashion #OshKoshBgosh #sponsored #MC

Eyan is always the hardest for me to dress.  He has never taken an interest in getting himself dressed or picking out his clothes and honestly styling a boy consists of jeans and T-shirts (most of which seem to be inspired by some animated character).  OshKosh helped me stray from the animated characters (I love my jeans people!) and does not disappoint.  They made it so easy to find clothes (and accessories) for Eyan that I almost bought the entire spring line...almost!  Again the nautical theme with bright colors was huge, but I also loved the accessories.  The skater shoes were my favorite.  They have a strong sole and seem very durable.  I am trying to save these for Easter, but the boy keeps putting them on because he tells me "they are soft like slippers."  I also loved their jeans as they had adjustable waists.  I have a tall skinny boy, he wears 4T, but needs a 3T waist, the adjustable waist is pretty much a life saver.  Then there was the hat and tattoo inspired shirt.  I.Just.Can't.  Do you see the adorableness of this, what you are missing is the even cuter canvas surfer shorts he is sporting.  Of course living in colorful Colorado, we need to be prepared for any weather...even in the middle of spring so this cute light-weight boys hoodie is the perfect spring attire to grab on a cool day.

OshKosh B'gosh Spring Fashion #OshKoshBgosh #sponsored #MC
I.Just.Can't.  He is so perfect and LOVED modeling the clothes...note his "model" face!
I had $100.00 to spend in the store and with store sales, an awesome coupon (come on people, like I would shop without one) and the help of the associates, I was able to get 3 outfits for each kid, a pair of shoes for each and a couple accessories!  Literally my bags were stuffed and my heart was happy with savings and cuteness and excitement.  Oh and bonus!  I also got $20.00 in rewards cash which I am totally spending on these bicycle pants.

Are you ready to shop yet?  Well you should be!  As an added incentive, OshKosh is offering all my followers 20% off a $30.00 purchase coupon (can be combined with sales too) that can be used online or in store from now until March 12, 2014!  People you are seriously missing out if you do not check out the awesome spring line OshKosh and Baby B'gosh are offering.  You can even find a store using their easy store locator!

No need to print this either, just show it to your associate or type in the promo code at checkout!  

Oh and one more cute outfit, that I just could not leave the store without.  Eyelet top with matching shoes and the gorgeous orange pants!  There are no words...GO!  NOW! SHOP! #OshKoshBgosh


I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating. All opinions are my own.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Miscarriage Weighs on the Heart

Gah, in an overwhelming moment as the tiniest peanut just would not sleep and only wanted me to hold her as she did baby yoga on my chest I just cried.  I wasn't crying because of the lack of sleep...I was crying because these moments are already fleeting far too quickly.

Then it hit me.  Sunday (Jan 26.) was baby #3's (angel baby #2) 2nd birthday.  Well I guess that is how you look at it?  It was the day the miscarriage was complete and I was empty.  Did I even tell you all that as I went through almost 14 weeks of pregnancy with that baby, even knowing (s)he was not meant to be, I prayed everyday that they (the doctors) were completely wrong and that I would go into my next appointment and see a beautiful, developed baby with a perfect heart rate.  Yup...heart.broken.

In the world of families trying to conceive and miscarriages becoming far to common place the feelings I just described above are probably pretty common.  We just want medicine to be wrong and faith to fix it.  

Over the last several months way too many of my friends have had to deal with the loss of a pregnancy or child.  Each time it happens to them, I just retreat a bit and pray and talk with my little angels in heaven.  For me it's therapy.  There is not a month that goes by that I do not think about the two angels that never made it into my arms...even with two beautiful babies that did.  Miscarriage is hard.  There is no magic cure or words to help. No child will replace the ones lost...distract from the pain...maybe, but replace...NEVER. 

I am genuinely sad for all my friends experiencing a loss.  I know the anger (at God, your body, your friends that have kids, your husband, etc), I know the emptiness, I know the depression, I know the sense of failure and lack of worth.  Miscarriage is hard.  Miscarriage is defining.  I am not the same person I was prior to our losses.  I am more empathetic, more appreciative, more understanding.

My heart is always a bit heavy when I hit these reflective states.  I yearn for those babies that were never meant to be, as I think all parents do.  It is always a good reminder for me to snuggle my babies a bit more, to live in the moment and to have faith.  Faith is also defining.

To all my friends that are learning to live your life with a heavy heart, know that I am here for you.