We Got the FUNK: May 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014


I kept quiet the last couple days.  For no reason in particular, other than it is OFFICIALLY SUMMER and I go from being a crazy busy working mom to a crazier busier stay at home mom.  After a not so glamorous school year I was ready to kick off summer with my babies and so a friend of mine and I packed up our kiddos and headed out to the wonderful Denver Zoo and had a fantastic day.  The monkeys, OMG, the monkeys!  Seriously the photos I captured are just too adorable for words.  Enjoy our little trip!

Denver Zoo Monkeys
This little one just was so cute trying to take a nap

Denver Zoo Monkeys
If only we had opposable toes right?

Denver Zoo Monkeys
Awe these two just melted my heart

Oh and of course my little monkeys!

Eyan loved watching "Hesty" the baby orangutang

And then there is this little bossy pants.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Baby Milestone Photos

I am a photo loving mom, as I think most are in this day in age.  We want to capture every single milestone in picture or video...or both!  I really wanted Emberlynn's milestone photos to have a bit of a vintage feel with some crafty touches from yours truly.  I really love how they turned out and how you can see my tiny peanut grow up.

Krista Haffner Photo did an amazing job (as always) and if you are in the Colorado area you REALLY need to look her up!  She is accommodating and easy to work with and my kids just love her.

This is the final product and I seriously just love it.

Vintage, Milestone, Baby, Pictures, Purple, Green


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Talks With Teachers {Week 3}

As I wrote before I have been participating in these awesome weekly challenges to recharge my teaching spirit and help me focus at the end of what has easily been the hardest year of my teaching career.   

Talks with teachers, teachers club

This weeks focus was "Habits."  Our goal was to come up with a habit to help keep our sanity and share daily within our little Facebook group.

Yeah, so I failed miserably.  I thought about it all week and literally was so spent from the final week with students that honestly I think my only habit was pure survival.  To say last week and this year has been easy would be a serious understatement.  This year owned me and disappointed me and was by far one that I never want to ever repeat again.  I failed.  I didn't fail my students, I failed myself.  I had expectations and plans that were basically pushed to the side so that I would just be able to survive.  So when this final week hit, all my survival skills kicked in and it was just a massive goal to keep myself going to work.  For the first time in a long time work was actually work and I hated that.

So I think my habit (although very late in the creation) is to do things each week that help me regain my teacher confidence and build my teaching toolbox.  This week I am going to focus on staying positive.  I tend to self-talk a lot and can easily down talk myself into a crappy place.  This week I am going to really keep my self-talk positive.

I think it is a good long term habit.  Any particular habits you all care to share?


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Establishing a Bathroom Routine with Cottonelle #LetsTalkBums #SP

I now have a 4 year old!  He has been daytime potty trained for over 2 years now and although he is great at knowing when he needs to potty, he is terrible at cleaning himself and in turn gets rashes if he does not wipe properly.  It has been a daily battle in this household and he refuses to use baby wipes because "those are for babies," and he is clearly a big boy.  Enter our new bathroom routine!

Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Wipes and Clean Care Toilet paper

So lets talk bums.  Cottonelle has this incredible wet+dry combo that is seriously changing the way our big guy uses the bathroom.  Our bathroom routine used to consist of Eyan using the restroom and then yelling "I'm done, can you come wipe my bum?"  

With introduction of the awesome wet+dry combo, Eyan is now taking care of business and keeping a nice clean bum!  He loves that the flushable cleansing cloths are just for him because he is a big boy and the softness of the toilet paper really is gentle on his sensitive parts.

Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Wipes and Clean Care Toilet paper

The Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper are a fantastic duo that cannot be beat!  The wipes are soft and flushable and the container they come in is fantastic at keeping the cloths wet and clean until usage.  The toilet paper is also soft and gentle, and priced at around $10.00 for the 18 roll pack, that is pretty awesome too!  They are also available at your local CVS!

Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Wipes and Clean Care Toilet paper

These bum wipes helped us create a fantastic bathroom routine with our big guy, and they can help you too!  Everyone needs a clean bum and I would be remiss if I did not mention that I tried these babies out too and actually enjoyed the fresh feeling in between showers (you know the ones I barely get!...lol!)

Want some too?  Well head out to your local CVS and pick up this fantastic combo of the Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths and the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper.  Oh and do not forget to download this fantastic coupon for $1.50 off your purchase!  

Cottonelle, Coupon, Cleansing Cloths, Toilet Paper

You know how I feel about couponing.


Disclosure: I received this product free for review purposes, all thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own and were not swayed by any outside source.  This shop was compensated for this review. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Eyan's Belated Birthday Party

Turbo Invitation
Oh and look I am getting better at using Photoshop!  It may not be perfect but it doesn't suck either.  
Yup!  Only a month late.  In my defense, I had been planning the party since before Eyan's actual birthday.  He was adamant that he wanted a Turbo birthday party.  I knew I needed to make the invitation, come up with a meal plan, order the cake and decorations and pull off a nice low-key birthday party for my little guy. 

Like most things in our life, none of that went as planned.  I had originally planned the party to be may 3rd, but as the week approached, I had yet to design the invitation and well sucked at life.  So I chose the next available weekend and slammed the invites together.  Not to shabby!

I initially hopped on Amazon to order the plates and napkins and decorations, only to have 1/2 my order cancelled and only get like 8 of the 40 pieces I ordered.  Yeah...so then I searched other online places because of course there are no local stores (or even stores an hour away) that carried the Turbo theme!  Finally Party City online had them and on clearance!  Oh and guess who neglected to get photos of the food and decorations...#me.

I coupon folks!  So of course that meant scouring my circulars and mobile adds for the best ideas on food, and seriously it was like pure luck that everything taco bar was on sale AND I had a COUPON! So "Dos Bros Tacos" from the movie was born and for less than $30.00 for food & drinks for over 30 people!

Then there was the cake fiasco.  I can bake, I just didn't want to.  I had ordered the cake decoration pieces for turbo online a month earlier and was just going to take them to Target and have them throw them on a cake with some airbrushing and words.  Off I went to Target to find out that their baker had some sort of accident and the cake wasn't happening.  Now at this point I realize that I totally could have gone to another store, but confession.  I only like Targets frosting, everywhere else is far to gritty and gross and yuck.  So yeah I just grabbed some cake mix, frosting and food coloring and drafted a plan. 
Easy Turbo cake tutorial

I baked the cake, I took a toothpick and traced out a "4", I mixed some blue and red food coloring into my white cream cheese frosting to make blackish, and then made a bit of blue and red and green frosting too.  I then got to decorating and the final product is in the bottom right corner.  Not to bad for my first real "decorated" cake.  It was good too and literally there were NO leftovers!

So we ate tacos, delicious cake, opened gifts and had a lightsaber fight or two.  Happy Birthday (belated) to my little guy!


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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Piggy Paint {#Review #Giveaway}

Are you a mom who is looking for a safe alternative to traditional chemical ridden nail polishes for your children?  I myself am, and that is why I started researching those alternatives.  I came across an amazing company that is catered towards children and that is made of natural, safe ingredients.

Piggy Paint, Kid nail polish, baby nail polish, safe kid nail polish

Natural, non-toxic, odorless and kid-friendly.  Yeah those words are all up my alley and exactly what I received when the awesome people over at Piggy Paint sent me a sample to try out!  

First thing is the packaging.  The bottles are average size nail polish bottles, with a great quality brush and adorable label.  

Piggy Paint, Kid nail polish, baby nail polish, safe kid nail polish

The paint is exactly as advertised.  It is completely odorless, natural and non-toxic (water-based) with fantastic color selections including glitter, neons, pastels and even nail polish for puppies!

Piggy Paint, Kid nail polish, baby nail polish, safe kid nail polish
Holding the peanut still was nearly impossible.

My favorite feature is the easy clean up.  Let me tell you that painting the tiny peanuts toes while she is trying to move around and grab the nail polish brush and bottle from me, was a bit of a hectic mess.  I spilled polish on our carpet and her toes did not initially look as pretty as they do above.  The carpet clean up was super easy; I just quickly grabbed some nail polish remover and it cleaned right up without smearing into my white carpet.  I mean like you cannot tell that I even spilled it.  Using the nail polish remover on the baby was NOT happening so I just waited for it to dry (which happened in about 45 seconds I swear!) and then used a baby wipe to wipe off around her nail.  Seriously so easy!

Like I stated above, the nail polish was easy to apply and easy to remove.  In addition, I really appreciated that it was quick drying.  To dry and set it quicker you can also use a blow dryer, but honestly her nails dried so fast that I didn't feel the need to.  Also the nail polish LASTS!  Emberlynn is starting to walk but she crawls a lot more then she walks.  She drags those little toes too and in the 6 days she has had the polish on, there is minimal chips (like maybe 1 or 2 very small ones).

I also tested the paint out on my nails.  Nail polish almost never lasts more then a couple hours on my nails.  Piggy Paint lasted 2 days (no seriously that is a record, even the professional gel manicures only last a day or so) without a noticeable chip!  When it finally did chip it was so easy to remove.  All it took was a cotton ball and some everyday rubbing alcohol.  You can also purchase their eco-friendly nail polish remover for easy removal as well.

I cannot tell you the amount of compliments and inquiries that we have received over the peanuts toes! People seriously loved them and were so curious about the natural and safe component of Piggy Paint.  

Are you one of those curious people?  Well today is your lucky day.  From now until June 30th, Piggy Paint is offering my readers 15% off your purchase with the promo code piggypaint5!  In addition, one of my lucky readers is going to win the adorable Little Miss Firecracker gift set that is great for Memorial Day or 4th of July festivities just by entering below.  Good Luck and make sure to check Piggy Paint out on their website, Facebook and Twitter!

Piggy Paint, Kid nail polish, baby nail polish, safe kid nail polish

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure:  I received these products for free for review.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced or swayed by any outside source. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eyan's big boy room debacle

This is the before picture of Eyan's room.  I already miss my baby boy's nursery.  I am such a sappy mommy when it comes to my babies growing up.  However, Eyan was quickly outgrowing his toddler bed and realistically if we wanted him to continue to feel like a big boy and nighttime potty train and stop fighting us at bed time then it was time to change up his room.

When we purchased both our kids bedroom sets we purchased the full convertible bed with the toddler rails and full size bed rails.  We were prepared for this whole growing up process and knew that all we had left to purchase for the next 18 years as far a furniture goes was a nice mattress.  So we headed off to the mattress store, scored an awesome full size bamboo pillow-top mattress for a great deal and headed home to assemble.

Both kids fell asleep so Emberlynn went into her room and we put Eyan into our bed while we put together his big boy bed!  We dismantled the toddler bed and brought the bed rails up from the basement and got to work.  It was going well and then we realized that the genius' at the manufacturer neglected to put the hardware into the box (yes it needs separate hardware, yes we tried the crib hardware first).  So we were at a standstill and it was 11:00pm.  Jason slept on the couch and I snuggled up to my little guy.

The next morning I went to work calling the company and getting it all sorted out, with both the company and Babies R' Us (who were very understanding and helpful).  I also managed to move the box spring and mattress up the stairs by myself and just decided to lean the headboard against the wall while we wait for the parts and to put the box spring and mattress on the floor.
Hello crappy iPhone Pictures!
After an entire month practically, Babies R' Us received the parts and we were able to finally put Eyan's room together!  The bed is ridiculously high, like higher than my California King and even I have to climb up to get in, but the boy loves it and stays right in the middle.

The finished panorama view.  Can you spot Eyan?


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Monday, May 19, 2014

Talks With Teachers: Week 2

Week one's challenge was to just reflect.  Which I did here.  Week two challenged us to make a list of Summer activities.

1. Spend quality UNPLUGGED time, with these two 

2. Get full use of our zoo and museum memberships and catch shows and exhibits we have not spent time doing.

3. Finish renovating the meth camper and take our first family camping trip!

4. Plan and execute an epic but budget friendly 30th birthday bash!

5. Purge my house of unnecessary crap.  

6. Continue to grow my blog as not only my personal little share haven but a secondary income.

7. Establish a real date night with the hubby!  I miss that man!

8. Continue to work on flipping my classroom and growing in my practice as a teacher.

9. Spend more time with friends.  Reestablish those friendships.

10. Try 1 new recipe a week!  Time to spice things up. 


Friday, May 16, 2014

On Loss and OCD

If you have been following along for any amount of time to my little piece of the interweb, you have probably gathered that we have experienced far too much loss in our lives.  One of those that I pray to avoid pretty much every single waking moment of my life is the loss of one of MY children.  It is probably the single most selfish thing I pray for daily and at the same time am so terrified of losing my babies that I just cannot even process living without them.

This is a common emotion for most parents.  I think this fear is very real.  As a parent I am totally a realist with my kids.  I explain to Eyan exactly how people can be bad or that cars will hit and kill you. Sometimes I am too blunt with him, but he also knows and has a plan for pretty much any crazy scenario that I can think of to teach him to avoid (fires, strangers, streets, predators, wild animals, etc.). This little "tick" is one of the characteristics of OCD. The "obsessive" portion specifically.  I have been completely criticized for the urge and need that I have to completely protect and prepare my young children for any "worst case scenario".  I am ok with that.  Very ok.  My kid(s) know how to react to a situation, even if they will never ever encounter it because I hover.  I quiz Eyan on his name, my number, our address, Jason and I's real names, how to react when a toy goes into the road or if someone you do not know comes up to you and tries to take you somewhere or even who to find when you are lost.  We are currently working on the issue of people that are not strangers or pretend they know us and are really bad people.

Eyan can literally tell me all of that and more.  This summer I plan to have a fire/tornado evacuation plan set as well.  Right now I have my own personal one to get both kids, the dog and even the fish to safety in less then 2 minutes (NO JOKE).

Having OCD is difficult.  It is hard not to obsess over every sad news story or possible threat to my family or the world as a whole.  My best defense is being prepared and sometimes it is the only thing to calm me and my incessant worries.

A few dialogs I have with Eyan are below:
Me: Eyan what happens if you are playing in the front yard and your toy goes into the road?E: I get a grown up.
M: What if there is no grown up around?
E: I let it get ran over
M: What if it is your most favorite toy in the whole world?
E: I still let it get run over.
M: That is right because I will buy you an even bigger and better toy if you stay out of the road!
(This discussion took place after I read the heartbreaking story of #RedballoonsforRyan)
Me: Eyan what happens if we are in a store and you get lost?
E: I find another mommy with kids and tell them my name and your name.
M: What if a stranger approaches you and grabs you?
E: I yell "your not my mommy/daddy"
M: Do you fight them?
E: Yes, bite, scratch, scream, punch and hurt them.
(This discussion evolved from an experience I personally had of two woman trying to literally abduct myself and my sister when we were little)

I know that these are worst case scenarios, and believe me I am not purposely trying to raise a fearful child.  In fact Eyan is far from fearful, he is aware!  Awareness is something we can all teach our children.

Till next time I decide to share my vulnerabilities (you know like next week or tomorrow).


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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Graduation Recap & Speech

A few months ago I told you all that I was chosen by our 2014 senior class to give the keynote speech along with another teacher.

I was slightly terrified, but more than anything I was honored.  For SIX weeks my colleague and I met and wrote and edited and edited and rewrote and then edited and then submitted and then hated our speech so we rewrote and edited again.  Okay so you get the gist right, basically we put a lot of time and thought into our speeches.  We finally decided to combine a portion of our speech as requested by a LARGE majority of the senior class and what we came up with was pretty good I think.

So without further adieux:
B: “The paramount interest in oneself, for money, for material goods, for security, must be replaced by an interest in one another — an actual, not just a vocal, interest in our country; a search for adventure, a willingness to fight, and a will to win; a desire to serve our community, our schools, our nation. Because we know that our happiness will come not from goods we have but from the good we do together.” Those lines, spoken by Robert Kennedy in 1959, reflect the young men and women seated in this hall. They reflect not only the service of our future military members, but the success and innovation our scholars, the sacrifice of our future police officers, the courage of our future firefighters, and the heart of our future teachers, social workers and public servants. Let us stand, now, and applaud all those students choosing a selfless path. You serve our country in vital ways and for that we thank you.
 You know, 14 years ago, when I bought that old Honda, picked up my friend at the train station in Indiana, packed that car with everything we could possibly fit before driving right here to Boulder, I didn’t imagine I’d be standing here. Still in my ‘20s, endless possibilities before me, possessing a strong sense of adventure, and a healthy amount of curiosity and naiveté, I set out to begin a fresh chapter of my own life. And now, as you all embark upon your own fresh start in life, I will offer just a few pieces of advice before Mrs. Funk and I share what we’ve learned from you:
 1.      Take risks! Make them calculated risks, but I’m convinced exciting opportunities and results come to those who take chances in life!
2.      When you fail—and yes, you will occasionally fail—learn from it, don’t be soft, and demonstrate grit!
3.      Be patient in figuring out who you are and what you want in life, but be open to all possibilities. You’ll find your passion—it might just take some time.
4.      Remember what Ferris Bueller said. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
5.      And as your social studies teacher I would be remiss if I didn’t implore you to be informed, engaged and active citizens of this great nation—our democracy depends on it and a free society requires it!
  Funk: When we started this teaching adventure we were naïve, sure that we would be the ones giving the lessons. We now realize that is truly not the case.  You all have taught us far more than we could have imagined.
 You have taught us humility, patience, and perseverance. You have taught us that, inside, each person is essentially good; that the desire for and right to respect is universal, and that when inspired; each of you can do incredible things. You have challenged us just as we have challenged you, and have left an indelible mark on this school.
 It has been a privilege to teach all of you, and to have been, taught by you.
 We wish we could honor all of you with the infamous “shout out,” but we only have time for a few!  Here goes!
 F: [several students names] and the rest of my 8th hour chemistry class that initiated me into Horizon, one word….Measure.
 B: Thank you to [student] who reminded me that it’s best to start each day with a smile and to maintain a positive attitude as much as possible. It can be infectious!
 F: The [student] Brothers made me realize that having siblings in my class turns me into a parent who just randomly shouts a name and hopes the kid answers to their siblings’ name.  I apologize but really this is hard…you know because you are both boys and have hair, never mind the fact that you are in separate grades and class periods.   Thank you for not hating me for this daily mistake.
 B: To [student] who made me realize through his passion for cheetahs, wolves, the military, cars and even tattoos, that I should remain open-minded and adventurous in all facets of life — staying curious and fully exploring all the interests I might have.
 F: [Students] & a good majority of the senior class: TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!  I love the spirit many of you brought, keep that going.
 B: Thanks to [student] who reminded me that I can make a difference AND validated what I do each day when she told me she wants to teach history—and what a phenomenal teacher she’ll be.
 F: [student} and the rest of my AP Environmental Science kids taught me that Poke E Man stands for Pocket Monsters and is actually pronounced POK E’ MON.  On a more serious note my AP Environmental Science kids taught me more about being passionate about my choices then they could ever fathom.  Thank you.
 B: To [students] — and yes, I refer to you as a group of 3 — who taught me to not to take things too seriously and to always find the fun in any situation. Oh, and [student], I think you tried to teach me some lessons on proper shoes and fashion at one point, too, but I might have forgotten some of that…
 F: All my students have proven that hysterical YouTube videos of treadmill falls, watermelons to the face and “hide your kids hide your wife” make great “fillers” and lead to some amazing relationship building.   Thank you, you have easily turned a rough lesson into some teachable moment that I will never forget.
 B: To [student] who reminded me that Superheroes and GI Joe always have been, and always will be, way more exciting than the drama of high school! Thanks, [student], I had forgotten that after almost 30 years…
 F: Kids will accidentally call you fat (probably among other things)…some days we all need a wake up call, so today I chose to do my hair, and I hope you appreciate it [student].
 B: To [student] who made me realize it’s possible to remain patient, calm and focused in the most frustrating situations surrounded by negative people.
 F: [students] & company: proved that experiments can go terribly wrong and your water can turn freakishly black but it is all about the attitude and respect.  Respect the fish you destroyed, the other classmate’s smells and make the kid with the stuffed-up nose change out the water.
 B: [students]: You have proven that beating the odds is possible.  We are all proud of you and inspired by your perseverance.
 F: [students] you three have challenged me and shown me that above all, friendship matters.  Oh and also 

B: To all of you who were students in our classes and questioned or pushed us to become better people and teachers — Thank you as well!
 F: Perhaps you have spent the last twelve years of your life under the mistaken impression that school is just academics, that it is little more than books and tests and teachers and seemingly endless homework. School is focused on learning, of course, but the greatest lessons are not those that came out of a textbook. The greatest lessons are life lessons; school, more than anything, has taught you how to deal with the realities, the difficulties, and the challenges of growing up.
 Each of you has had your fair share of these realities thrown at you, whether it was getting lost finding your first classes here at Horizon, arguing with a close friend, malicious gossip, or the careful and difficult balance of work, school, family and extracurricular activities.  But you overcame each trial, and exit today stronger for them.
 You leave this institution ready to face your next challenge. But do not fool yourself into believing it will be easy, or that the hardest is behind you. School is not the greatest challenge you will face; not by a long shot. The next stages of your life will be fraught with actually growing up; you will face great difficulties and tough decisions, the sort that no one wants to make. You will face frustrations, and fear of the unknown.
 But do not be afraid. There are ways to combat these challenges, and I know you guys can do this. Invest in your intelligence and your future. Work hard. Know that those stumbles will lead you to even bigger and better things. In the face of adversity, look to the positive and take away only the silver lining. You can and will become the person you are meant to be, but you must sacrifice and make those tough decisions. Change your thinking and take charge of your fears. Don’t make excuses, don’t justify. Grab those bootstraps and pull yourself up.  You can do this.
 B: Finally, Class of 2014, as you embark upon adulthood, pursuing whatever path you choose, be confident, as Mrs. Funk said, knowing that you are prepared to meet the challenges before you. You’ve had a lot of support along the way, and now it’s time to assert your independence. With that, I close with another quote from Robert Kennedy, who spoke to an audience in a segregated South Africa in 1966 when he said,
  “Our answer is the world's hope; it is to rely on youth. This world demands the qualities of youth; not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease. It is a revolutionary world we live in, and thus,…it is young people who must take the lead.” Class of 2014, thank you very much, all the best, and go take that lead!
So there it is.  Already an irate parent has emailed to tell us what terrible uninspiring people we are and how embarrassing we are among several other things.  KARMA...Just KARMA.

Here are a couple other photos that our principal encouraged during her PHENOMENAL speech of using technology at appropriate times.

Did you make it through?  Care to share your opinion?


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WW: Tired Teachers


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Project...Camper

So last year Jason and I found this amazing deal on Craigslist for this huge camping trailer with "minor" things to fix.  These were the pictures on Craigslist.

So I figured we would re-upholster the furniture, replace the carpet and in general update the look. The bones and layout were great and the size was also wonderful.  But looks were deceiving and even when we went to purchase the camper it was slightly more disheveled then we both expected.  But the deal was good...really really good and the fixes all seemed very minor.  So we purchased and figured we would spend a couple weekends fixing it up and that was it.  Last summer we spent about $300.00 on fabric, and decorative pieces...then we decided to pull up the carpet.

We found that there was some sort of a fire.  Upon closer inspection we also found that the entire camper was tilted and that the rims and tires on the camper were what caused the fire...which shorted out much of the electrical and warped the entire floor.  We also found out the fridge was not working properly and that the toilet was broken.  Quickly this was becoming very expensive so we decided to just part it out.

Fast forward to last month and our cancellation of my birthday trip to Mexico.  We needed to focus our energy on something exciting since it seemed as though our fun was gone.  So we took another look at the real issues and decided to really see if this was fixable on a budget.

This is the mess Jason created...It is much more organized now

bedroom, we have carpet!
Upon further inspection (so far), we have fixed the camper tilt (seemingly easy), found a killer deal on a new fridge, will be putting in another sub floor to fix the warped floor.  Jason checked the electrical and everything actually seems good (will be double checking again) and we just need to buy rims for the camper (found great tires!).  Once the floor is in, we will be painting and adding the window dressings.  We are going to scour RV junk yards for a toilet and some other tiny fixtures.  I will keep you posted...this could get crazy.