We Got the FUNK: July 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Emberlynn Might have a Boyfriend

My friend Kelsi came by for a quick overnight visit with her adorable little boy whom I think Emberlynn might just love a little bit.  I mean look at these two little people and tell me they are not perfect for each other!

I almost did that thing where you overlap their photos to see just how adorable they would be, but then I thought I should probably wait until we are officially an arranged marriage.  Okay I joke and kid, but seriously these kids are just adorable!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Colorado Skin Cleaners Beauty Spa #SkinSpaWestminster #Review

Colorado weather can be so harsh to the skin and so many of my friends are addicted to facials and harsh chemical peels to help combat this.  A brand new beauty spa has opened in Colorado, and is offering one of the coolest and safest all natural facials around.

Colorado Skin Cleaners Beauty Spa, Facials, Eyelash Extensions, Waxing, Specials

Colorado Skin Cleaners Beauty Spa in Westminster Colorado is a fantastic place owned and operated by Karen Martiz who after moving to Colorado and struggling with skin irritation decided to research all natural and gentle methods to moisturizing and replenishing the skins natural glow.  Her new spa features the oxygen facial, waxing, eyelash extensions, bridal services and even an all organic spa room with special treatments!

We were invited to learn about the oxygen facial and see it in action and it was seriously so cool; I cannot wait for mine in the next couple weeks!
These pictures hardly do the facial justice, the models skin looked and felt extremely moisturized, youthful and beautiful!
The oxygen facial is really a great skin cleaner and moisturizer.  It is an hour long service that runs about $115.00 but is worth every penny.  They prep the skin and using oxygen, hydrating and anti-aging serums they bring the skin from dry and damaged to soft, supple and hydrated.  They use top of the line products to offer the best skin rejuvenation services in Colorado.

Karen is just about the sweetest lady ever.  She was very welcoming, relaxing and informative.  Her spa represents her personality and was just lovely. I loved the ambiance and simplicity of the Colorado Skin Cleaners Beauty Spa.  It was so relaxing with large windows, bright airy colors and a wonderful scent to the place.  Karen offers weekly specials and memberships as well as bridal services. I highly recommend checking them out for your formal affairs, or for a relaxing day.

Karen even had the event catered by The Squeaky Bean and it was delicious.  Seriously I have never tasted such amazing chips and the guacamole was perfection!  Make sure to check them out, her boyfriend is the restaurant owner and if this is just a taste of his amazing menu then I think I might be hooked.  Even the infused water was delicious.

They also are offering some amazing incentives for educators as well as friends. As a teacher I am most excited about the educator special!  If you utilize a skin cleaners service you will get 20% for yourself and you can reward the teacher in your life with a FREE spa treatment.  What a great gift that truly costs you nothing.  Also if you refer two friends you will get a free skincare service!  Shameless plug here, if you book a spa service please tell them Laura from We Got the Funk sent you, I will love you forever and ever and ever and okay you get the point.  Share the love!
I am so excited to experience the oxygen facial and a few other services that the Colorado Skin Cleaners Beauty Spa has to offer.  I hope you check them out too and tell them that I sent you! To get in contact with Colorado Skin Cleaners visit them on InstagramTwitterFacebook or their awesome Website!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Household organization

I get asked all of the time, how in the world I keep my house to clean, whilst I work full time teaching, blog, craft and of course parent my beautiful children.  I think this all boils down to not only my quick clean up methods but my organizational skills.  I firmly believe that everything has its place and if you are not using it toss it or donate it or organize it. So I without further adieu here are my household organizational tips. 

I figure I will highlight a few rooms and then some random areas.  It is nothing too fancy but it is what works for our space and is relatively cheap to organize all of this stuff.

Living Room:

Our living room and kitchen are the central hub for our family, therefore there are always toys and sippy cups and shoes and random junk everywhere and I pick up these areas at least twice daily (naptime and bedtime). The pick up is quick and easy mainly because everything has its place.

  • Shoes go in the basket.  When the basket is full I just take it upstairs to the bedrooms and put them where they go.  
  • Remotes which seem to be a fun toy go in our nifty rotating remote organizer.  I kind of love this thing and it is easy to move all the remotes away from tiny hands when necessary.  I also keep charging cords in it.
  • Toys are the nemesis to every families life because they are bulky, noisy  and everywhere all the time. I purchased these square organizers for the play room, kids rooms and obviously the living room. Eyan has two drawers in the living room and Emmi has two.  They share the open spaces and each get a few large toys to keep out, as long as they fit in our designated toy area.I have found that ALMOST all of our toys can fit into these box organizers with a few exceptions.  Those larger few exceptions will either go on top of the organizer, or a shelf or in the play room (which by the way is super clean and organized too).   


I wrote about how I clean my kitchen quickly here and I am working on a deep cleaning series as well, but I figure a few people wonder what is going on in my cabinets.  So here you go.

  • Utensils: Little baskets in all our drawers are my favorite.  Keeps everything easy to locate and makes me so happy. 
  • Pots and Pans: I remember seeing somewhere (probably Pinterest) about how to store your pot and pan lids and saw that someone used a wire filing rack to hold their lids.  Yeah that totally didn't work for me, so then I saw someone use hooks and I was game.  I attached hooks to the inside of my cabinet and so far I am in love with this.  I used dollar store sticky hooks and they work decent.  I have had a few fall off, but nothing major. Oh and BONUS, those filing racks actually fit my pans really nicely, so I can stop putting paper towels in between them to avoid scuffing and scratching.
  • Mail organization:  Jason is terrible about bringing in the mail and putting it all over the kitchen, so I am immensely thankful for the fact that we have a built in mail/office area.  I sort mail immediately; trash the junk mail, bills and important papers in the top shelf and coupons in the bottom shelf. Once a month I pull all the bills and important papers and pay them and then file them in our filing cabinet. 

Laundry Room:

I am gearing up to redo this room in a yellow and Tiffany blue and am so so so excited, but until then this is my lame ol' country laundry room.  I would say about 95% of the time my laundry room is clean.  I know in many peoples house there are piles of laundry either clean or dirty and it ends up as kind of a dungeon.  I feel like the biggest reason my laundry room is always clean is that we have the laundry room on the same floor as our bedrooms AND, I only have 3 laundry baskets.  The 3 laundry baskets makes it very difficult for me to leave a load of laundry when I need to do more laundry.  Having the bedrooms and laundry  room on the same floor is crucial for me.  When we lived in our little apartment the laundry room was downstairs and I would almost never put the laundry away, it just sat in baskets forever.  Now I have no reason not to walk 12 steps to the nearest closet and hang up clothes.

  • Storage: Behind our laundry room door is a little storage space.  I keep larger cleaning items that I use throughout the upstairs as well as the pre-treating and laundry detergents.  It is all organized according to where it is used as well as what it is used for.  The top shelf if general random cleaning supplies, the middle shelf is ironing and floors, below that are pre-treating and dusting supplies and then detergent. 
  • Trash: I keep a LARGE trash can in here to empty the small cans in the bedrooms and bathrooms into as well as the lint trap.  That way on trash day the hubby usually has to grab the diaper pail and the large trash can. (Diaper pail is also in the laundry room)
  • Vacuum: We have a vacuum upstairs and downstairs which also helps motivate me to clean because I do not have to lug a vacuum up an down these darn stairs. 
  • Swimwear: Lastly I keep a tote full of CLEAN swimming stuff.  Suits, towels, floaties are all kept here.  That way all I have to do is throw it all in the wash and then no one cares if your suit is wrinkled so I just toss it in the tote.   

Random household areas:

Coat closet, outdoor toys, bathroom storage and shoes are all things that if not stayed on top of they can easily get out of hand.  My house is no real exception.  About every 3 months or less I have to go through these areas and reorganize.

  • Coat closet: We are lucky that our coat closet is so large.  I keep our travel luggage in here as well as all our coats.  The coats are organized by person.  We each have our own section so we know where to look.  I also have a basket on the shelf with hats and gloves (matching gloves are inside the hat which makes it easy to grab and go).  The large recyclable blue bag that you see hanging holds all of Jason and Eyan's baseball caps.  I also keep a vacuum in here. 
  • Kids area:  We have an area of our kitchen that is designated for our kids.  They have their separate dish cabinet, their outdoor toys and their craft drawers.  I just reorganized the outdoor toy section and put all the bubbles in a old shoe box, then put the kites, water toys and ball all together.  I love having these toys separate from the other toys for easy access for some quick fun.  Eyan and Emberlynn have their separate craft drawers that are age appropriate and are great for quiet time in our house. 
  • Bedroom closets:  I should have taken a picture of more then just shoes.  I have shoe organizers in almost everyone's rooms (baby girl does not need one yet for those tiny shoes).  I love them and they are wonderful.  I also organize ALL our closets by clothing type (jeans, t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, business clothes, shorts, etc) and when I have time or am feeling slightly neurotic, I may organize them by color too.  
  • Bathroom Cabinets:  I wrote about how I quickly pick up our bathrooms here.  However, I never addressed the cabinet areas.  Almost every bathroom cabinet in our entire house has the following under it: toilet paper, toilet bowl cleaner, disinfecting wipes, paper towels and extra hand towels.  However, our master bath is slightly different because we have more space.  Jason has his side and I have mine. There is nothing too special about these.  I have little baskets under mine and Jason's for the smaller items like colognes, razors and make up.  I also have these great little wire things to hold my blow dryer and straightener!  LOVE THEM!

If you are just starting to get more organized and make your life simpler, the key is to start small.  Start with the smallest room in your house and organize it.  It may just be a closet.  Choose a new area to organize each week and work your way to the bigger scarier areas in your house.  Make sure to keep your previously organized areas clean to ease your stress. I will tell you that it gets easier the more and more you do and you learn to live with so much less.  My rule is that if you have not used it in 6 months you donate or trash it.  It really does work!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.  Have a great day!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorite 7/25/14

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back to Blocks #Review #Giveaway

Sometimes I spend so much money on these really cool toys with all the bells (literally) and whistles and then my child falls in love with a spoon and I wonder why the heck I wasted all this money.  So I was elated when Back to Blocks contacted me and asked me to review their 12 block wooden block set.  I knew my babies would love these and the fact that they are a quiet toy was kind of exciting.

First of all the blocks are made out of poplar wood and are perfectly sanded and shaped.  They were easy for Emberlynn and Eyan to hold onto and build things with.  I was worried that the 12 piece set would be too small for them to share, but they played very well with them and it was actually a perfect little started set. The blocks are also very lightweight which was nice when I realized that Emmi may or may not have been hitting the poor dog with one of the blocks.  These blocks are also 100% made in the U.S.A!  I love that little tidbit because it puts more money directly into our struggling American economy!

I mean look how much they enjoyed these awesome blocks!

One of my favorite things about these blocks is that they actually inspired Eyan to be imaginative and creative.  He came up with the cutest game that really tests your critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

The game goes like this:
  • One person puts all the blocks behind his/her back (block holder) and then puts their hands behind their back and grabs one block in each hand.
  • Another person (block selector) has to choose one of the hands from the block holder person.
  • The block selector person then has to try to build the tallest, sturdiest structure out of the blocks they are handed.
  • The trick is that the blocks have to be placed in the order you received them and the block holder person can get a bit tricky and hand you some of the tougher blocks to balance.
We probably played this little game for an hour until Godzilla baby destroyed our fun and needed a nap. 

Back to Blocks is a wonderful company and is offering one of my readers a small set of 12 wooden blocks, just complete the simple Rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happiness Lately

Whew, last week was insane with sponsored and promotional posts.  I apologize, but there were a ton of deadlines and I am working towards using this little space to supplement our regular income.  However, this is and always will be my ultimate space to share life's up's and down's and today I think I want to share what is making me happy lately.

First off, I am getting much better with my DSLR, the only thing that totally sucks is that sometimes the natural light in my house sucks and my photos are a bit dark.  I have been really working on the editing aspect and although I am learning, that is a huge curve.  These photos below are totally #nofilter!

My sweet sleeping Lily.  This girl just is a lover lately and has even been known to snuggle right up to Eyan while he is napping.

Oh our wild child!  Mia is still so beautiful, but darn this dog cannot stop fence fighting with our annoying neighbors dog.  Regardless of how many discussions and agreements we have had with said neighbor, nothing is being followed through with on their part, so unfortunately we had to buy a shock collar.  The fighting has pretty much ceased and I have only had to shock her 1x.  She understands the warning vibration and backs off.  We just need some peace and I am so fearful that Mia will kill the neighbors dog and then I would have to put her down that this is our last resort to create peace. 

Are you kidding me that I have a toddler and that she is this adorable?  I mean a sippy cup?  Those teeth? Her eyes.  GAH!  This one is going to be trouble and is already giving me a run for my money.  Her vocabulary and her motor skills have grown leaps and bounds in the last few weeks and although she is still so tiny she is just so fun and such a toddler!

This truck and my daddy and my boy.  This truck is my great-grandpas and my daddy had it repainted.  The interior was in mint condition and it looks so good.  Many camping trips were had in this truck and tons of memories.  My dad is passing this onto Eyan when the time comes and it makes me so happy.  

Cow Appreciate Day!  Can I tell you that I think I might spend next summer being super frugal for the fun of it.  After having a wonderful and fun day on 7/11, I was kinda hooked!  I loved participating in all the free stuff that 7/11 had to offer from free Slurpees at 7-11 to free meals at Chick Fil A just for dressing like a cow!  I am not kidding, I am already starting to look into this and doing a series next year and I am going to do two free and fun activities a week with my kids from here until I go back to work.

This boy.  He will always be my first baby and just makes me so happy daily. Lately he is just full of life and has such a gigantic imagination.  He adores play dates and snuggles.  I just want to hug and kiss him all day!

Hope we made you smile a bit today.  Happy day!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#Spellbinders Celebra'tions Collection #Giveaway

I am elated to bring you something that I just love to do and a little giveaway too!  


When I found out I was going to review the Spellbinders Celebra'tions Collection by Richard Garay I was elated.  I love scrap booking and papercrafts, so this was right up my alley.

Spellbinders was inspired by Richard Garay and his passion for paper crafts, event hosting and handmade greetings.  Spellbinders offers awesome crafts that are so easy to make and take from diecuts, to rubber stamps to embossing; Spellbinders has it all!

I was sent the Celebra'tions Collection with a couple examples and directions on cards and crafts to make. However, I had a particular event that I wanted to make a special card for and I wanted it to be more personalized.  My plan was to make a beautiful card for the new baby from my pseudo brother that passed away in late February.  They are having a boy and I was so excited to use the Celebra'tions Collection to make a beautiful, personal and colorful card!

The diecuts and pre-stamped items were beautiful and so easy to use.  The package came with everything I needed and made the card making process so easy.  All I had to do was find a little quote for the inside and that was easy!  I think my card turned out perfect!

Richard Garay and the wonderful people at #Spellbinders did not forget about you!  They are offering one of my awesome readers this adorable 15 piece clear polymer stamp set!  All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure: The Spellbinders brand provided me with a sample of Spellbinders Celebra'tions Collection in exchange for a product review.  However, all the opinions expressed here are my own. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cheesy Hamburger Rice #Recipe

As a mom, I need easy, quick and vegetable hiding recipes.  If you are a mom, you totally get what I mean. So let me present Cheesy Hamburger Rice, it is delicious and you will love it.  PIN THIS NOW!

Recipe, Cheesy hamburger rice recipe, #recipe, rice recipe, hamburger rice recipe

The Ingredients:

  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 package of Velveeta Cheese Sauce
  • 1 can of diced green chilies (mild is best for kids)
  • 1 can of mushrooms
  • 1.5 cups of steamed rice
  • Spices to taste
  • Additional veggies if you would like that also taste great are shredded carrots, celery, squash and even eggplant!  I try to put at least one of these in each time I cook this. 


Recipe, Cheesy hamburger rice recipe, #recipe, rice recipe, hamburger rice recipe

Recipe, Cheesy hamburger rice recipe, #recipe, rice recipe, hamburger rice recipe

  • Step 1: brown the ground beef in a large sauce pan.  I like to add whatever spices my family likes (particularly garlic salt and pepper).  While you are browning the meat, steam your rice.
  • Step 2: Mix in the veggies and chilies into the meat.  Sometimes it helps to add in a bit of olive oil if necessary. Cool them until they are soft and tender. 
  • Step 3: Mix the steamed cooked rice into the meat and veggie mixture. 
  • Step 4: Pour the Velveeta cheese into the meat and rice and mix well.  Season to taste. 
  • Step 5: EAT THIS, Eat all of this because it is the most delicious thing ever!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorite 7/18/14

Camilla and I are back to link up our favorites of the week.

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This weeks Friday Favorite is Nicole over at Confectionalism who shared the most delicious Cherry Cheesecake ice cream recipe ever!  Ok pretty much everything on her site looks amazing.  I would bookmark her now!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Colorado Renaissance Festival

So after a long weekend of garage sales and family time, I convinced my poor sick mom to get off the couch and share a day with me at the Colorado Renaissance Festival!  We had a pretty good day too!

Sometimes iPhone pictures don't suck, I am pretty proud of this one!
I had been planning for this day for weeks.  I remember being a kid and my parents taking us to the Renaissance Festival and getting flowers in our hair and watching the jousting.  It was seriously so so so fun. When the opportunity to take my kids to the festival arose, I jumped on it and was hoping that Eyan particularly would see the magic that is Larkspurshire!
So I figure I would hit on a few key points as I have a bunch of friends that are going this summer with little ones.

1. The drive to Larkspurshire was not terrible until about 1/2 mile to the exit, and then traffic was super slow.  A drive that should have only taken about an hour took almost 2, with 1 hour being stuck in traffic waiting to park.  We even left an hour early to get there!  Oh and where they have you park can be confusing to get into if the parking guy is not paying attention to your lane of traffic.  We had to turn around, on a curvy mountain road in my gigantic Denali.  The parking portion once inside the venue was organized and easy and they have shuttles to take you to the front gate (packed full though...so we chose to walk)

2. Tickets are just about $20.00/person and if you can pre-purchase, I would because that line didn't look to exciting, but we were able to walk right up to the gates with our tickets!

3.  Food was fun and pretty darn good too, but be prepared to pay, some food is priced reasonably and some is not.  We had some bagel sandwich things that were DELICIOUS and priced well along with the token turkey leg (slightly overpriced).  They also have free food samples like roasted cinnamon almonds and pickles to try out!

4. They do have rides for the kids all over Larkspurshire.  All of the rides are manually moved by people! Eyan went on a bunch of these and I was amazed at how easy the ride operators made it look.  The rocking horse ladies moved that horse flawlessly!  The rides cost anywhere between $2.00 and I think I saw $6.00 each. You can also ride an elephant, llama and camel, but I am SO against this and Eyan was not happy with me. 

5. Entertainment.  I will say that I was thoroughly entertained all day.  Literally from the moment you walk in everyone is in character and the whimsical music just gets you in a good mood.  As we were walking a violinist bent down and serenaded Emberlynn and then gave her some of the "Kings Gold."  Everyone was very nice and helpful and it was just fantastic.  The shows that we did watch were extremely entertaining (I particularly loved the hypnotist)!  Everyone goes to see the jousting and it was pretty good, a bit short and some of the acting was silly, but overall it delivered and Eyan just thought it was awesome to run at a guy with a stick on a horse.  Bring a blanket to sit on though because the ground was a bit wet.

6. Shopping.  I really enjoyed browsing all that Larkspurshire had to offer.  It was interesting to see that there were so many new permanent buildings and that the tents that used to be there were pretty much non-existent.  Eyan really wanted a toy, so we found a little toy shop called Nostalgia and Whimsy and both kids got to pick out a toy.  Emberlynn of course found a little dolly and Eyan surprisingly found a pirate doll he wanted. (I am not one to choose toys based on gender, if my kid wants a pink bike or a doll, go for it).  I loved this little shop and the shop owner was awesome.  She sews all the dolls and then hand paints the faces on right in front of you.  The dolls are all made to last and are easily washable.  Emmi has been sleeping and carrying hers around everywhere!  I recommend that you stop by this shop if you visit!  Most of the other shops were great as well, but not as exciting for my kids as there were a lot of clothing and jewelry and armory type stores. 

Couple final thoughts to end this.

  • My kids were far too young to really enjoy this and therefore I was more stressed at times then I would have been.  Also some of the language that is naturally thrown around there was a bit ummm...inappropriate (particularly the tomato throwing insult game that is right next to the rocking horse ride...my kid didn't need to here the B word 5 different times).  I get that it is all part of the entertainment, but I think it might be best to wait to take them again until they are old enough to appreciate the history and understand language appropriateness. 
  • Strollers are stupid.  Lots of people had them (me being one) and it was the dumbest idea ever.  You are on the side of a mountain, seemingly walking up jagged streets the entire time, in huge seas of people.  It was more exercise then I had in 5 years and my poor stroller was struggling.  I would recommend a baby carrier or leash to get around. 
  • This will be expensive.  With tickets, food, entertainment (rides) and a souvenir for each child I spent almost $200.00.  Just be prepared.  You can get discounted tickets here!

Overall, we had a nice Sunday in the mountains enjoying all the Colorado Renaissance Festival had to offer.


This post is sponsored.  I was given free tickets for admission in exchange for an honest review.  As always all ideas, thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own and were not swayed by an outside source.

Kulcar Solar Car Cooling System

I was contacted during this past winter to review a "cool" product called Kulcar. It is a solar powered car cooling system designed to keep your car cool during the hot days.  Naturally it was the dead of winter so I opted to wait until our summer time to review it and am excited to show you it!

Kulcar, car cooler, solar car cooler, solar cooler, Kulcar solar car coole

Colorado summers can be extremely hot and the temperatures inside our vehicles have edged to almost 130°!  I love the remote start feature on my Denali for this exact reason.  My kids never get into a hot car in the summer (of course I never leave them in them either).  However, our two older vehicles do not have the luxury of remote start so we have resorted to the old fashioned window shades which do an okay job but not great.

When Kulcar offered to let us try their solar car cooler I was pretty elated!  It arrived a couple weeks ago right before our trip and unfortunately I did not have time to test it out then, but when we got home I immediately installed it on Jason's truck.  The installation was easy and the directions were very clearly drawn and explained on the inside of the box.

Kulcar, car cooler, solar car cooler, solar cooler, Kulcar solar car coole
Directions for installation
I thought this car cooler would be a lot more difficult to install, but as you can see in the video, I did it by myself with basically one hand and it was a pretty quick installation. 

The Kulcar solar car cooler was installed when the outside temperature was 87° and the inside temperature of the truck was 111°.  I made sure to angle the solar panel towards the sun so that the Kulcar fans were running and left the truck for over an hour.  I was hoping that the car cooler would bring the inside temperature down, but instead it maintained the 111°.  I did however, check our other vehicle that was parked right behind this one and the inside of that little car (same color interior) was 124°.  I was glad to see that in the dead heat of summer the solar car cooler did at least maintain the interior heat and did not allow it to heat up any further.  The next day, the truck never got above 100° and it was 92° outside, so I think that it works best when it is installed in the morning before the day gets super hot.

Overall, my impression of the car cooling system is positive.  The system performed exactly as described, it was quiet, easy to install and maintained the interior temperature well.  I was hoping to see a decrease in the temperature, but after Jason read the directions a bit more, a truck like his would need 2 car cooling systems to actually decrease the interior temperature.  With that information I am confident in this solar cooling system.

For more information on Kulcar, please check them out at the links below!

This is a sponsored post.  I was compensated for this post.  As always all ideas, thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced by any outside sources.