We Got the FUNK: September 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Festive Fall #DIY Wreath!

I tried to avoid the drive to DECORATE ALL THE THINGS, really I did.  Then I went to the dollar store and all hope was lost and my crafty side went crazy. 

So like I said this all started with a simple trip to our local dollar store and ended at the craft store.  I went to the dollar store to get some cheap strands of fall leaves to put on top of our kitchen cupboards because my kitchen just looks lame and I thought it needed a little something to make it feel a bit warmer.  I found a wire wreath and those fall leaf strands.  Then I had a brilliant idea to make a wreath and decided that a quick stop at the craft store would be a great idea...$6.00 later and it actually wasn't terrible!  I made this wreath for a total of $8.00!  YUP EIGHT DOLLARS!  I was pretty excited about that since the ones at the craft store were between $35 and $50!  Ain't nobody got cash for that. 


  • Wire wreath form
  • Cheap dollar store ribbon (to glue leaves too)
  • Leaf garland
  • Your favorite burlap WIRED ribbon
  • Letters
  • Glue and glue gun


  • Wrap the cheap dollar store ribbon around the wire
  • Cut a piece of the burlap ribbon and string across the middle and attach with glue.
  • Attach the letters to the burlap ribbon
  • Make a bow out of the ribbon (I literally just winged this and folded and glued and repeat!)
  • Cut the garland apart and strategically glue the leaves around the wreath to hide the wire and fill in the holes.
  • Attach the bow with glue
  • Hang and smile!

I fell in love with my wreath immediately and have received so many compliments on it!  I am pretty proud of my first DIY wreath and am excited to make my Halloween and Thanksgiving ones!!!  Look for those tutorials soon.  My goal is to keep them each under $10.00 which I feel is a steal.  

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Grad School

You know sometimes I look at something and I think that I can handle it, along with ALL my current responsibilities.  Graduate school was one of those things I was TOTALLY sure I could handle.

Right now, I'm avoiding my homework, I'm writing this post because I am genuinely disinterested in the two lame classes I am required to take.  I even think my professors are annoyed they have to teach them as one has passed off her discussion board moderation duties onto the class and the other hasn't checked in or responded in almost 3 weeks. It's very difficult to enjoy a class where even the instructor makes it seem like a chore.

So you ask, "why don't you take classes on campus?"  Well various reasons, but the main one being that I literally just will not sacrifice any more of the precious face to face time that I have with my babies.  You know after I get home from work, I have about 2 hours to spend with them (if that) before bedtime and in those 2 hours it's usually time to pack bags for the next day, cook, eat and clean dinner, baths, books and bedtime.  So five days a week my kids see me for 10ish hours and I'm supposed to just give up those hours to go sit in a classroom?

Even learning by osmosis is boring...Just kidding...on the osmosis part!
Grad school currently sucks, I literally fall asleep reading about things that truly are boring and that I will not use in my day to day practice.  It's difficult figuring out how to apply this junk when it's literally not applicable to my classroom. People I'm trying, I really am but I need some motivation. HELP! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Younique 3D Fiberlashes are my new LOVE #Review #Giveaway

I am part of an amazing mommy group and with their support I have really been working on making myself feel beautiful.  One of the moms in my group sells these fantastic 3D Fiber Lashes and offered them up for me to review.  I jumped on this!

One of my goals is to work on make up application in order to help me feel more beautiful.  I only really started wearing make up in the last couple years and I really kind of suck at it.  I do not have a skin care regime.  I literally put on cheap make up and wash it off when I shower.  That is it.

One of my main focuses is my eye make up application.  I think I have really pretty eyes and I love the color of them, so I figured those should be enhanced.  I realized last year that mascara and some eye shadow should ALWAYS be on my eyes when I leave the house.  My issue with my cheap make up is that it is just that...cheap.  It wears off easily, it flakes into my eyes and all over my face.  By the end of the day, my make up looks terrible, I look tired and really I needed something better that was fresh and vibrant!

Enter my trial with the 3D Fiber Lashes!  First of all, the application was easy.  It takes about 30 seconds longer then normal to apply these.  They are NOT fake eyelashes, this is actual mascara with some fibers added on.  I made a short video showing you how quick and easy they are to put on!

Second, the comparison of the lashes is proof enough that these are amazing and really give my eyes a vibrant volume and pop.  These lashes are LONG LASTING.  Confession time, I may have had a rough couple nights last week, and I may have not showered for 2 days (to clarify I showered the morning I put them on, and then not until the evening the next day)...and the 3D fiber lashes stayed on and looked amazing for those two days.  No reapplication, just amazing beautiful lashes!  You just cannot even compare these 3D fiber lashes to mascara.  They are gorgeous, long lasting and vibrant.

Removal is easy, they just wash off with your normal skin care routine.  Coconut oil is an easy remover as well as eye make up remover.  I just used soap and water and they came right off.  I got tons of compliments on my eyes and it felt amazing.  The lashes are super affordable at $29.00 a set and you can easily earn them by hosting an online party!

If you would like more information, to order or to book a party please contact my amazing mama friend Ashley on her website or Facebook!

Ashley has offered one of my amazing readers a chance to win a set of these fantastic 3D Fiber lashes, just by entering the giveaway tool below!!!

Good Luck!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Power of Hope {Guest Post}

This guest post by Alyssa Craig, spoke to me.  I feel like sometimes all we have is hope.

Hope is a powerful emotion. Martin Luther stated “Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.” A firm knowledge of what hope is and how to apply it in our lives can help us to find greater success in many facets of our lives. 
 Definition and RoleHope is when we have an expectation or a desire for an event to take place. It is a feeling of trust that a positive outcome is in the future. Hope requires a sense of optimism and positive thinking. As suggested here, we can use hope to drive our intrinsic motivation to achieve goals and expectations that may otherwise go unfulfilled.
 For example, research has shown actively hoping for achievements has lead students to reach higher GPAs. One particular study with law students revealed their hope for good performance in school was more indicative than their LSAT scores for the level of success they achieved through law school.
 Hope gives us the will to work harder to achieve the desired outcome. Those who are hopeful tend to put into place action plans that help them to make their expectation a reality. Hope is not a sedentary word - it is an action word.

 Hope vs WishThe terms hope and wish are often incorrectly thought of as interchangeable but they are actually two very different concepts. A wish is a hypothetical or unlikely to happen scenario, whereas a hope is, as stated above, a desired outcome in the present or future. For example, you may state, “I wish my feet would shrink so I could fit in those cute shoes” or “I hope the weather will be sunny this weekend.” One is a hypothetical wish for smaller feet (unlikely to happen) while the other is a desired situation for good weather (possible to happen in the future). Therefore, hope is much more powerful, leading to results.
 Hope in Trying TimesAs we go through the hard times that will inevitably fall upon each and every one of us, hope can be a powerful source of strength to help us get through. Try some of these suggestions:
      With hope being a word of action, make a list of what you can control in your situation. Is there something you can be doing to either rectify a problem or speed up the resolution? If the situation is completely out of your control, what can you do to change your attitude to be more hopeful? Remember, you always have control over how you react to a situation. Once you have your list, act! Make the changes necessary and you will see your hopes realized.
     Hope is also a word about the future, so look forward and recognize how this hard time will benefit you. Will you be stronger or more patient? Do you now have more empathy to help others through similar trials? Do you now have knowledge that will keep such situations from happening again? Think of what you hope to gain from this difficulty.
     Use your previous experiences as motiativation to increase your hope. Think back to where you started and what actions you have taken to be successful in the past. Being able to see your progress will give you more hope in your ability to make it through this difficulty.
 Teaching Children to HopeThese hard times are not limited to adults. Children go through trials of their own and many have to learn early in life how to also harness hope. Here are some ways to help your children learn the power of hope and how to increase it in their own lives:
      Help your children to set realistic goals. Those that are too easy or too difficult to achieve will not be helpful. Giving children an opportunity to look at where they want to be and set a plan to get there, will increase their hope for future achievements.
     Be honest with your child of the reality of trials and challenges.
     Be encouraging and motivate your child to achieve at their highest potential. Show them they have the capability to master their goals.
     Last but not least, be a good example to them of hope, both in good and bad times.

 Hope is an underutilized tool that can be helpful in our everyday lives, as well as in times of hardship. By learning how to use it and apply it for ourselves and our families, we can realize our dreams, develop strength of character, and find ourselves more successful in life.


Disclosure:  This is a guest post, not written by me

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Y3W: Mommy's Time Out

I really don't drink that often...but apparently when I do, I choose to break out the shots and take group selfies where I look completely shocked.  

Oh well, every mommy needs an occasional time out to have jewelry parties and laugh with friends over silly things like "fat free cream cheese!"



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Keep Moving Forward

Hey everyone,
  • Lately there has been some fantastic things and great news happening to our family, however, with all of that there is of course that variable of perspective and challenge that comes.  I can't say much, only that I ask for your good juju, thoughts, prayers and whatever else you can send this direction.
  • Also I would love love love for you to share my little blog with your friends and family.  You all have no idea how much you mean to me and how much support you have given me over the last 3.5 years.  There has been numerous times where I considered about quitting and just walking away but stayed because one of you sent me a beautiful message or told me how much you enjoy my little piece of the interwebs.  I see so many blogs go "dead" all the time and it is really a bummer.  The only way these little blogs stay alive is through YOUR support and YOUR shares, so go ahead, follow me on all my social media accounts, share my posts, PIN my pictures and as always, know that I appreciate it and if I can help you out in anyway, just let me know in the comments.
  • Tell me what you guys want me to write about and I am all yours!!!  I love crafting and recipes and cleaning. My deep cleaning series was supposed to kick off in August, however, life stepped in (as it always does) and I feel like it is better placed before the holidays and all the crazy cleaning we do to get ready for family members and friends to visit.  Sometimes it is difficult to come up with great posts; writers block actually exists, ideas are super helpful.
  • I have a great review coming up with a fantastic product and a giveaway that the ladies of my blog are going to LOVE!  That is coming this week, so make sure to check back. 
  • I have been sick with this awful cold that everyone seems to be passing around for a week and literally there are days I feel like super woman and then there are days like today where I could crawl into bed and sleep for years.  
  • I think at this point today the quote below kind of speaks to me.  So much is happening, dwelling in the past is no good, we all must keep moving forward!


Monday, September 22, 2014

18 month Update

Oh you know, it is only September 22nd and Emmi turned 18 months on the 11th so I am less then two weeks off from this update.  Sometimes keeping up with this child is rough, in more ways than one.

At 18 months:

  • She is RUNNING, after her brother, her dogs, her food, to her mom, just because, down the driveway, away from her mom,  You get it? She is busy.
  • She is chatting up a storm.  Half the time you have no clue what she is saying and then the other half, she is clear as day and speaking in sentences.  Today she told my aunt "I want mama" after I took her brother on the skating floor and left her for all of 10 minutes.  She repeats pretty much anything she feels like repeating but I better not dare ask her to repeat it in front of someone. 
  • She is my sister.  No I am not joking.  They are two peas in a pod with their mannerisms, attitude and head strong personalities.  She gets what she wants when she wants it or YOU will hear about it.  Pro tip: she actually loves my sister a whole lot and runs to her all the time!
  • She is sleeping awful.  I thought she was my perfect sleeping baby, but instead in the last few weeks her adjustment to me heading back to work has not been great.  So far she has been up 6 times since I put her to bed 2 hours ago.  God help us folks. 
  • She is my most favorite little girl in the ENTIRE world.  She lights up my day and makes me smile, she makes me a better mom and has taught me patience that I apparently didn't learn the 1st time around.  She loves her brother more then anything in the world and he feels the exact same way.  She is independent and I can respect the heck out of that.  She wants to do things and learn things her own way and living in a world that is not quite her size yet this is a challenge but she is conquering those challenges and I am so proud. 
  • She LOVES Mickey Mouse.  Like has a routine in place and can ask for him so sweetly that you are willing to watch 6 episodes (of which she actually watches only 6 minutes TOTAL), just because she asked so sweetly.
  • She is a hungry hungry hippo.  The girl eats, and eats, and eats, eats, eats.  Today I am fairly certain she ate my entire pantry.  I have never seen a kid eat like she does.  She loves food, where the food goes, no one is quite sure but man does this kid love to eat.  
  • She hid pacifiers from me.  Well technically just one and it is not one of those gumdrop ones that we had been using the past year, so when I found it in her bed it was world war 3. Basically this battle will rage on with me probably losing for quite sometime. 
  • She has her daddy wrapped around her tiny finger.  They growl and yell and wrestle and then snuggle and watch Mickey and eat all the food together.
  • She has grown folks.  from 16.15 at 15 months to 19.4 at 18 months!  We are in the 9th percentile!  I mean NINTH folks, like almost to double digits; like if you line up 100 babies she would not be the last.  This is a big deal. 
    • It is a big deal because we are officially out of the FAILURE TO THRIVE diagnosis and on to the growing normal toddler stage!
    • It is a big deal because my 18 month old almost looks 18 months.  
    • It is a big deal because just a few months ago she was rocking 3 month clothing and today we are comfortable in 9 month clothing and moving toward 12 months!  Her shoe size jumped from newborn to sizes 2-3 (depending on the shoe).  She now wears size 3 diapers (slightly big) and she is much too tall for those 12 month pants (so now to fix the waistbands on all her pants).
    • It is a big deal because we are medication free!  
    • It is a big deal because she is healthy, she is happy and she is perfect and we could not be more blessed!
Thank you to everyone for all your support through these past 9 months.  It has been scary, it has been tough, at times not having answers almost destroyed me, but to see where we are now and to know how many of you were rooting for us, really helped.  Thank you again!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Jamberry Nail Wraps {#Review}

I just found my new love.  Jamberry Nail Wraps have found a place in my heart and I couldn't be happier!  

Jamberry nail wraps are easy to apply vinyl heat seals nail wraps that are easy to apply, easy to remove and make your nails look fabulous!  I was hesitant to try these because even acrylic has a difficult time sticking to my nails without lifting.  I also just thought they were a cheesy sticker...then I tried them and learned how naive I was.

First of all, the wraps are made of a high quality vinyl and come in hundreds of awesome designs from the classic french manicure to this fun chevron style and even sports teams!  The adhesive is strong and is sealed using heat.  If for any reason they start to pull up you just re-seal them.  They last for about 2 weeks and look great the entire time. 

The application process is ridiculously easy and only takes items you typically have laying around. All I needed was some wood cuticle sticks, rubbing alcohol to prep my nail, scissors, a blow dryer and a nail file.  To do all ten fingers it took me about 10 minutes total! 

My concerns about them being a cheap sticker were laid to rest after week 1.  They still looked great, my nail growth was awesome and I felt prettier!  My students and friends were commenting about them all the time and I just fell in love.  I only had an issue with 1 nail that I had to keep sealing.  I found that if part of the wrap was touching part of my cuticle then it didn't seal as well.  Once I remedied that situation the wrap was great! Another great feature is that each sheet of wraps comes with enough to do 2 full manicures and 2 full pedicures for about $15.00 each sheet!  You can't buy one set of the cheap sticker type at target for that!  What a deal.  I've got my eye on some holiday themed ones right now for that price. 

I love these so much that I am hosting a party over on Facebook with my amazing consultant Lauren! Please join for fun, games and chances to win free wraps! 

If you are wanting to host a party, it's easy and all done ONLINE!  No need to dress up, no need to clean, no need to make food, just browse and order via the party.  Contact Lauren and click on the host button at the top.  You will not be disappointed!


Disclosure:  I was sent these nail wraps for free for review, but honestly my undying love for them is true and I can't wait to get my hands on more!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The perfect graduation party for a Physicians Assistant

For the last 2 years one of my besties in the entire world has been in a very intensive PA (physicians assistant) program.  She finally did it and graduated on Friday and had the most adorable graduation party I have seen!
No clue what is happening to the colors in this picture?  But Shawna and my babies posing with our gift!
My mom and sister and I gave Shawna a cool gift to help her survive those long days on her feet. There was wine, champagne, pedicure and facial stuff, bath balls, and a little jewelry all squished in this antique doctors bag!

But our gift although really cool, was not near as cool as the decor of the party, courtesy of Shawna's mom and aunt!

1. Scrub for sign in book rather than a picture!
2. The food labels killed me: she had happy pills (m&m's), specimen cups (goldfish), Laxatives (mini kitkats), Hearts (jelly hearts), arteries (licorice), aspirin (dinner mints), the regular diet, IV fluids, and of course Iron drops (wine) and flu shots (jello shots)!  It was adorable!
3.  The card box was also too cute and my boy really really wanted to play with those!

What an adorable party with some great ideas.  I am so proud of my friend for all that she has accomplished!  GO SHAWNA!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Y3W: Saturday Morning Musings

Saturday morning cartoons, breakfast (grits yo!) and happy kids. 

I got to take a couple minutes to get myself fancy for my besties party!  I am kinda just in love with everything fashiony in this photo.  

After the party (recap to come) my kiddos and I snuggles up and took some selfies.  Gah, the cuteness...now if only they would smile!

So what are your musings of the week?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nap Schedule?

People, the afternoon preschool struggle is real.  This boy (my sweet little handsome man), is a holy terror after school and is killing us on the nap front.  Here is what our schedule is looking like.  We need some advice on tackling the no more naps that pre-school is taking place of.

5:45am: wake up and head to Jen's. Eyan is NOT a morning person that early and is quite the grump. 6:15ish: Jen feeds the hungry peanut and Eyan snacks too.
7-11: Playtime & lunchtime (at this point the boy is NOT tired, not even a little, in fact he is usually sweet as pie)
11-3:30: Pre-school time
3:30ish: I pick up the now crazy, grumpy, aggressive little boy.

From then on it is a literal battle of whiny complaints because he is ridiculously tired.  Sometimes he takes a quick 15 minute nap on the way home and then wakes the second we pull into the garage and refuses to take a nap.  It is killing us.  To add to this, he is struggling going to bed at 8:00 like we always do and he is fighting to sleep in his bed.  He sneaks into my bed 99% of the time.


We were stopped at a stop sign in the middle of the country when I snapped this photo.
Doesn't he just look exhausted?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Taking Time for Myself #MymikesMoment #MC #Sponsored

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for mike’s hard lemonade. I received a Circle K gift card to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Mom time around these parts is few and far between.  Our schedules make it difficult for either Jason nor I to get much time for ourselves.  Our family is always on the run, always moving.  My weekends are booked from here until probably death.  There are those moments though where I get a second to enjoy myself.  Where I am the focus and it really is my time.  Cooking dinner or driving home from work with the music blaring are those times each day that I get a moment to slow down and breathe.  
#mymikesmoment is enjoying a crisp beverage and cooking dinner for the family while watching the Broncos WIN!
Since I was of age to drink I have always enjoyed mike's hard lemonade.  It is one of my go to drinks because it is crisp, refreshing, light and the taste is smooth.  I will tell you that it is not my most favorite of the flavors that mike's has to offer though.  I am particularly in love with the mike's hard pink lemonade.  It is my mom and I's favorite flavor and is only featured seasonally!  In fact when I told her I got selected to work with mike's she was more excited than I was. 

I really enjoy mike's hard pink lemonade, not only for the taste and quality product, but for their continued support of breast cancer awareness.  I love to "Drink Pink" and know that when I am enjoying time to myself I am also helping contribute a little to breast cancer research.  Since 2009 mike's has donated over $1 million dollars to fund research and that is awesome. 

I am always running around and it can be difficult to take time for myself and to remember to grab something for me. Most of the time I just swing by my local Circle K and pick up some of my favorites.  Circle K is convenient and always a clean, well-stocked store with friendly associates.  I always grab my mike's along with some of my favorite snacks for both me and the kids (oh and sometimes the husband too)!  Luckily I snagged some pink lemonade this week too, while it is still in season from now until sometime in October.

For me it is important to Drink Pink and really support breast cancer research.  I lost one of the most special people to my mom, myself and Jen.  Jen's mother, Nancy died of breast cancer and it was a tough fought battle.  She gave it her all and although she lost her battle she left us all with memories and love and determination to be better people and do better things.  I miss her daily and I KNOW that Jen misses her like crazy.  Nancy and my mom used to enjoy mike's hard pink lemonade together.

I hope you join me this month and DRINK PINK with mike's hard pink lemonade.  Also please check them out on twitter, Facebook and their website for more information. 


Disclosure:  I was sent a gift card to Circle K to purchase mike's hard lemonade, however, my opinions are my own and I do actually love this delicious malt beverage.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Trappers Day

My daddy is a softy and loves his family.  He also loves his old cars that he has restored over the last 30 years of my life.  All of these cars have a story, all of them he continues to register, plate and keep running.

Left to right: 1959 chevy Pick up, El Camino (forgot year), 1969 pontiac firebird, 1965 chevy pick up. 
Each year the little town that my parents, sister and Jen live in throw this huge celebration about the towns trapping heritage, complete with a car show, parade, town pig roast, vendor fair, kids area, silent auction and a few other events!  

My dad called weeks ago to plan a day for all of us to hang out at the car show, enjoy the day and have a nice family time.  We all packed into these beauties, and drove a few miles, parked and really did have a great family day!  My kids were spoiled as usual and truthfully kept getting stolen from me by grandma and auntie to go have fun while I answered questions about cars and hung with my handsome hubby and daddy. 

The baby enjoyed the large balloon for a real long time and that my friends is the ONLY picture I remembered to take of my children having a blast at this awesome day. 

Next year folks...next year I will take ALL.THE.PICTURES.  

Regardless the kids had a great time, my daddy had a wonderful time showing off all his loves (cars and family) and we had a great time visiting and celebrating with some fantastic people!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding Planning Pt 1!

So something I did not share with you about my sisters engagement is that we all knew and have been kinda planning little things here and there.  They both knew they wanted the wedding to be set for next summer and that a year is a short time to plan a wedding with a guest list of upwards of 400 people.  So the new fiance', gave us the go ahead to start some tentative planning while we awaited the proposal!

One of the things we needed to sort of get nailed down in the location.  Ashley's fiances' family has a beautiful mountain house tucked away in a historic mining town here in Colorado.  Obviously this is their first choice, so we headed up there one weekend to check out the possible location and see what decor and theme we really needed to focus on.

We Goofed around for a little bit before getting down to work

Auntie Ashley and the peanut checking out the reception space which is currently a storage pole barn.

This will be the reception area with food, dancing and liquor.  There is also an upstairs loft which may be used as well.  What is great is that this barn is HUGE so if there is inclement weather, the ceremony can be held right in here. We have great ideas for decor and now just need to start collecting and executing.

And this...this is where my sister and her fiance will become man and wife.  In a beautiful prairie, with loved ones around and some gorgeous fourteeners to make this picture perfect. 

We are getting excited.  The next couple weeks we plan to nail down the dresses, centerpieces and a few other items.  What a happy time in our lives as we blend two families!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Car Seat Safety

As of late some events have happened that have truly made me look at how safe my kids really are in the car with me.  With the loss of my brother due to a car accident in February, we all started to pay more attention to seat belts and car seats.

What I realized was that my kids were mostly in their car seats correctly, but a few small mistakes could have easily cost them their lives and would have ruined me had an accident happened.  I think when we as parents start making those major safety item purchases, we look at the highest safety rating and make sure that we install the seat correctly, but most of us probably do not take the time to read the actual manual to the car seat.

We have purchased about 6 car seats and I have NEVER read a manual for any of them.  I took an infant safety class where we learned how to save our child from choking, install our car seats and keep our guns safe.  Not once were we taught how to actually put a baby in a car seat.

There is actually a technique people and YES you would easily get this information from reading your manual.  But alas, you are probably like me and reading those things seems tedious and boring. So here is what I have learned about car seat safety and proper installation of both the seat and the baby.

1. Your nurses WILL NOT check to see if the baby is in the car seat correctly before leaving the hospital (unless of course you have a NICU baby, then only sometimes do they check).  You need to be educated, every single person I have asked about this has said that their nurse didn't even check.

2. Nothing should be placed over the original carseat or between the baby and the straps (unless it specifically comes with the seat). i.e.:

  • No covers of any kinds (the car seat covers, the bundle me covers, homemade ones...ALL BAD)
  • No bulky coats or jackets (this is one rule I actually knew, so I do not have a great photo, but imagine a huge coat or this blanket under the straps)
  • If it did not come with the seat it doesn't belong between baby and straps (those adorable owl shoulder strap covers are a no)
  • The basics being that anything that allows for a small space between baby and straps can allow baby to slip out.
3. Pay attention to STRAPS & CHEST CLIP placement.  This one is super key!
  • Straps: should pass the pinch test (if you can pinch them at the shoulders, they are not tight enough. Lap straps should be tight across the thighs and NOT twisted.  Shoulder straps should be AT or BELOW the shoulders if child is rear facing and AT or JUST ABOVE if forward facing.  
  • Chest clip: should be at the chest!!! Literally armpit level.  If it is lower, then the straps are too far apart and in the event of an accident the baby can slip right out.  

4. Forward-Facing VS. Rear-Facing

This is heavily debated and advice is ignored all the time.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends rear-facing until 2 years old.  If you want to know why, just head to Youtube and search car seat accidents forward facing.

There is SO much more I could cover, but honestly if you are anything like me you want the cliffs notes version.  I found a good one at Healthy Children and it is worth the bookmark and read!


Disclaimer: This IS NOT a sponsored post.  Just compelled to help my fellow parents out so that they do not make the same stupid mistakes that I did.  We all want our babies alive and healthy and NONE of us would purposely try to hurt our babies. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fruit Shoot-Have a Ball #Stunthunt #sp

I have really been into more creative play with my kids.  I think it is really fun at Eyan's age because he is just now starting to pretend and make voices up for his toys.  Just today the little guy was running around pretending to be Iron man while the hubby with HULK SMASH (said in a grumbly hulkish voice).  I find that Eyan is much more engaged in play when we take something simple and make it challenging, competitive and fun.

We have been focusing more on this type of play at home.  I think this is part of why I felt the need to get rid of the Facebook news feed and give my kids more time.  Eyan and Emberlynn need me to play, to laugh, to challenge and to encourage them more then ever.  I was missing moments and not okay with it.

We have started to play more with each other and less with technology which is why I was elated when I was invited to work with Fruit Shoot to promote their latest campaign.

Fruit Shoot is celebrating the imaginative adventures of children by hosting a really cool contest. Fruit Shoot is a fun, hydration drink for kids of all ages with a no-spill cap, no fructose corn syrup, vibrant fun colored bottles and delicious flavor!

Competition details:

1. Visit the contest homepage to upload a video of your kids showing off their best tricks, stunts, and super-cool abilities with a Fruit Shoot bottle and any ball. To qualify, please make sure your video is under 30 seconds. Check out the stunt video we have already souped-up for inspiration!

2. Share your video with friends and family and encourage them to vote for your video.

3. Every week, we’ll chose a winning video, give it the full-on Hollywood special effects treatment, and release it on our contest homepage for the world to see!

When you enter your video you will receive a FREE bottle of Fruit Shoot and when you purchase 6 bottles any other time, you can submit them for a Waboba ball!

What an awesome way to encourage imaginative play with your children.  I cannot wait to see if our video wins!


Disclosure: Thank you to Fruit Shoot for sponsoring today’s post, but my love for their juice and endorsing children’s imaginations is all my own!