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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to School Teacher Meme's

Wow, seriously wow.  The first half of the school year is over and the second half has just begun.  It is day four and already I am feeling the crunch and stress of the amount of work ahead of both my students and myself.  To combat this, I decided to do a round up of funny teacher meme's and relate them to my classroom with a couple funny stories for you!

THIS! Literally when I realized on Sunday that I actually had to return to work on Monday I was so upset.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time off with my family and kids and I know how hard it is to have everyone readjust to being back in school.  Case in point:  The tiny peanut has been fighting bedtime like crazy and tonight told me, "mama no work". 

I mean obviously!  This is actually a huge pet peeve of mine.  Yesterday as my students were fully engaged in our conversation on sleep and homeostasis, I asked the class to raise their hand if they thought they had a "biological cock...CLOCK, I mean CLOCK."  Yes I had a freudian slip of epic proportions and they were all listening very clearly.  Take that day 2 back.   

My students are working on a really cool unit on our online platform and I am a super explicit and clear teacher when directions are given (ok like 95% of the time).  In addition to the directions be typed out step by step (with screenshots!), I also go over the directions with them...still kids refuse to read when they have tuned out...This is my literal face. 

Typically my kids get to choose their seats...its day 4, I have chosen them for these little minions.  Dear me, let's hope that the rest of the year goes smooth.  

Regardless, this is a fact and although I am exhausted, my students are wild, my husband is sick and my kids miss the heck out of our time, I love what I do.  In addition, Jason now has weekends off starting THIS weekend!!!