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Monday, January 12, 2015

#DIY Rustic Winter Snowflake Wreath

I am just loving having the seasons and holidays grace my entry way.  I created a beautiful and frugal Fall wreath in October and am elated to bring you my DIY Rustic Winter Snowflake Wreath and a quick and easy tutorial too!

Rustic Winter DIY Wreath, tutorial, snowflakes, mesh wreath

The mesh decorative wreaths are all the rage right now at the craft stores and fairs.  They are pretty and fun, however, the price tag is ridiculous in many cases.  I took a peek at one of my friends wreaths as well as a couple at my local craft store and came up with an inexpensive and cute winter DIY wreath using this adorable mesh!  

Rustic Winter DIY Wreath, tutorial, snowflakes, mesh wreath


  1. Metal wreath mold (Easy find at the dollar store!)
  2. Pipe cleaners 
  3. 2 rolls of the decorative mesh material (I only used one)
  4. Hot glue
  5. Decorative winter features (wooden snowflake cut outs and the beaded garland are on mine)
I bought all of these items at the after christmas sales for 70% off or better and only spent about $5.00 total on this entire wreath!  Pro tip: shop the sales and prep for next year!


Rustic Winter DIY Wreath, tutorial, snowflakes, mesh wreath

  • Top Left: Cut the pipe cleaners into about 3 inch lengths (it took me about 10 pipe cleaners to put this wreath together)
  • Top Right: Begin by using one pipe cleaner piece to adhere the mesh material to the wreath mold.  I wrapped mine around the inside wire first and then made it stick with a dot of hot glue. Continue molding the mesh around the wire frame working from the inside to the outside as you go around and around.  Make sure to fill in any holes.  It would have been much better had I had 2 rolls of mesh, but if you position your mesh correctly it can still look full.  You will continue to use the pipe cleaners to affix the mesh to the frame. 
  • Bottom Left: Hide the ends of the pipe cleaners as best you can with more mesh and continue to fill in holes.  Make sure to make it appear bubble. 
  • Bottom Right: Flip the wreath over and make sure that all of the pipe cleaners are well hidden.  In this picture you can see that some are very well hidden and others are way to apparent. 

Rustic Winter DIY Wreath, tutorial, snowflakes, mesh wreath

  • Once you have secured all your mesh and made your wreath full, it is time to add some decorations.  I purchased the garland and then cut it into pieces that I could stick into the wreath and wrap around the wire frame.
  • Left: Part of my cut garland ready to be put in the wreath.
  • Top right: Place your decorative features around the wreath.  These can also be used to fill in any holes that you were unable to with the mesh.  Use either more pipe cleaners, hot glue or even the wired garland itself to affix it to the wire frame.
  • Bottom right: Fluff your decorative garland and mesh. 

Rustic Winter DIY Wreath, tutorial, snowflakes, mesh wreath

  • To give it that rustic feel, I added various wooden cut outs of snowflakes using hot glue.  

Final Thoughts: 

In total this project took me about 15 minutes to complete and definitely could have used another roll of mesh and some better placement of the snowflakes.  I wish I would have hung the wreath first before I glued the snowflakes down so I could see how it would actually lay and where the flakes would look the best.  

I absolutely love the feel of this, but it could easily be updated and made fuller in the future!  Not every project is perfect and that is completely ok, make it your own!