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Friday, January 16, 2015

Family Friday 1/16

I am so glad it is Friday.  Literally this week has been a bit crazy.  Home-life wise the baby has been refusing to sleep and I asked for and received so much great advice and encouraging words!  Thank you to everyone.  Eyan has had a rough week at school as well, as he didn't get his reading sticker because he was getting frustrated (most likely from the lack of sleep he is also dealing with).  We worked really hard on reading and sight words this week and he read 2 books yesterday!  I am eager to see how next week goes for him.

Work wise, it has been hectic.  Pig dissections have taken over my classroom and life and it is one of my least favorite things to do as a science teacher.  The kids kind of enjoy it but it is still so nerve wracking and hard to deal with the smell and nastiness of some of it for 3 full hours a day.  Don't get me wrong, it is totally cool and so educationally engaging but still, I have literally spent 6 hours of my life this week elbow deep in a dead animal, with little sleep myself!

Our weekend was fantastic and family full and I truly love sharing photos and memories of my kids with you all!  So welcome to installment 2 of "Family Friday!"  It may just become a habit folks. 

On Saturday, Eyan and I were talking about birthdays and the boy informed me that he wants to have a roller skating party.  If you are new here, you should know that my family owns roller skating rinks. I have literally been skating since I was about a year old and so have my kids.  Eyan however, is not as interested as I was hoping so I told him we were going to head to the rink and skate each weekend to practice for his party!  He did great on Sunday, falling only 1 really hard time on his butt, however, he cried and got over it and tried again.  I also taught him how to fall safe, so he practiced that a lot. I think by April he will be speeding around like a champion!

The peanut was my little daredevil and literally had no fear.  She just got right out there and had no problem.  I wasn't really surprised with this as she is my fearless, sassy girl.


Saturday night we had a date night with just Eyan!  He wanted to go to the movies.  We had a nice dinner at Qdoba and then headed to the movie theater for "Night at the Museum 3."  It was great and I might have cried at the end seeing Robin Williams in one of his final performances.  Such an amazing actor!

Overall, last weekend was full of family and love and enjoying my children.  I also am attributing it to why the peanut is not sleeping well.  Friday she went to sleep early, Saturday she spent the majority of the day with my mom (we had a family emergency on Jason's side to deal with).  She stayed at my parents house overnight and I am pretty positive my mom and her fell asleep together in her bed so that would explain why she wants to be right next to me a bit.  Sunday was busy, full of running around and skating.  She didn't get a whole bunch of mommy time so I am hoping that by smothering her in love these next couple days, that she will go back to sleeping better.

Prayers folks.  I had so much blog work to do this past week and just had no energy to manage it all without the sleep.