Family Friday 1/23/15 |We Got the FUNK

Friday, January 23, 2015

Family Friday 1/23/15

You guys, these last two weeks at work have been insane.  Students are being crazy and I feel like I am drowning just a bit in the chaos.  Hence the lateness in my post today.  I try to get them done in the evenings and scheduled the night before but that has just not been happening.  I have been getting home and trying to give my kids all my love and attention and really making the effort to stay off my phone and computer until bedtime (which has ended with me falling asleep and not blogging).  I apologize, I have a better plan for next week.

Because I have not been attached to my phone I have forgot to take many pictures.  We did another day at the skating rink and already both kids are doing 10x better then they were last week.  I did get a few pictures this time and the husband FINALLY has weekends off to spend time with us.  Enjoy some of our happiness!

Eyan with his skate trainer.  He is getting really fast and much more balanced.  I think this weekend we will try it without the skate trainer!

The princess skated a bit but really wanted to just cruz around the rink in the stroller.  Daddy pushed her and I was so excited to have everyone together sharing in some great family time. 
mommy & baby selfie!

This weekend is sure to be busy for us and I promise to take more pictures next week on family friday!  Should I start a link up?  Would you be willing to participate with something family friendly? No real rules.