Family Friday 1/30/2015 |We Got the FUNK

Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Friday 1/30/2015

I promised to take more photos this week!  What a great week it truly has been.  We were very busy and although this weekend is no different is is still great quality time for my little family.

Friday we went to the National Western Stock Show and the little princess was in heaven and therefore would not stay still for any photos.  The boy though, he posed and was so happy the entire time.  We only spent a couple hours but truly had a nice time with the animals and each other. 

Saturday was insanely busy, Eyan and I had hair cuts, then a birthday party and then we headed up to the mountains to eat and basically were not home for 12 hours.  The pictures I took were insanely awful, so there are not even worth posting.  But with all that craziness, it lead us to a lazy Sunday morning snuggling on the couch, watching cartoons and eating breakfast.

Like the last 3 Sunday's we hit up the skating rink for some practice and my parents decided to join us.  Eyan did so good and literally it made my entire day to see him skating with my parents.  

I also got some skating in!  ROLLER DERBY THAT IS!  The last couple weeks I have been back at it and feeling like a new human!

The rest of the week has just been work and hanging out at home with a little sisters birthday celebration in the middle of it.  I snapped a few pictures of the kids just being cute and now we gear up for the next week.  I think this year is just going to be busy. 

Thanks for taking a peek into our week.  I would love to see what your week has looked like too!  I decided to start a little Family Friday Link Up.  Feel free to drop your link below!