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Friday, January 9, 2015

Family Friday!

This little blog that started out to be all about my kiddos and life, has not been featuring those sweet faces this week.  I think it is time to share some cuteness with y'all!  I have missed these little faces all week and although I see them in the morning and at the end of my work day, it is just not enough.

I love his little "focus" face.  This week we started the actual search for a kindergarten that can fit his needs.  In speaking with his preschool teacher, Eyan is going to probably need some gifted and talented services and a more rigorous curriculum.  We are 9 days into 2015 and the little boy has already read 2 books...with this face I am sure.
My little daredevil and those cowboy boots.  She has had the hardest time adjusting to me not being home all day.  Hoping that next week goes a bit better.  I already cannot wait until the summer.
These two and their ATV's.  They love riding at grandma and grandpa's house.  I think if we let them, they could actually live outside and play all day.  
I don't know what it is about this picture; maybe the fact that Eyan is explain to me what the ship is doing, maybe it is the look the baby has at him but I love it.   They rarely take baths together as Eyan loves to shower, but last night, they just played and giggled and it was wonderful. 
After another vomit episode, I was done with Emberlynn's hated car seat.  We upgraded her to a purple Size4Me Graco and she loves it.  This photo has my heart this week too!  Love how Eyan is just so happy and the peanut is clearly saying "cheese"
I miss them.  After a crazy week back, and hardly spending much time enjoying life with them, I am EAGERLY counting down the minutes to the end of the day bell today to hurry home (ok maybe not so much because I almost died this morning on black ice). 

Happy Friday Y'all.  I would love to see your candid photos today so share your links below!