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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Marley Coffee

Last month, I was able to check out an amazing company, doing amazing things, and producing a fantastic and delicious product.  Enter Marley Coffee; as in BOB MARLEY and his son ROHAN!

I was so lucky to be chosen to visit their headquarters here in Denver and try out their coffee and learn more about the awesome things they are doing for the environment, community and world as a whole. Bob Marley always wanted to return to farming, but with his untimely death that dream was obviously not complete.  Bob's son Rohan founded Marley Coffee after purchasing 52 acres of prime coffee bean real estate and carried on the dream.  

The Marley Coffee company is certified organic and dedicated to improving the lives of coffee farmers and their families which is awesome.  I love that Rohan Marley is giving back to the land that his family and his dad cherished so much.  The farm is sustainably grown and produces 100% arabica coffee. Looking out for the environment and the world as a whole while running a business that is giving back to the poor island area is commendable.  

Marley Coffee offers single serve K-cup compatible capsules as well as ground a whole bean options. I tested out two of the amazing flavors; Mystic morning and Catch a Fire!  The catch a fire was spicy but in such an amazingly delicious way.  It tasted so good as I snacked on dark chocolate and really warmed me up.  Mystic morning has been great and is quickly turning into my favorite go to coffee.  

I do not have a Keurig, but many do.  I see no reason to waste more materials and fill up landfills just to have single cup of coffee made, when I can make a single cup in a regular coffee machine with much less waste.  Marley coffee noticed this issue too and has began addressing it with the new EcoCup that unlike other K-cups it can be recycled! Woohoo!  That right there is awesome and innovative.

Marley Coffee is easy to find at your local store!  It is carried in over 50 stores nationwide and is expanding internationally as well.  What I love most is that they are part of Waterwise Coffee Project, which is dedicated to bringing clean water to Ethiopia as well as contributing to which encourages people to take action and live responsible and sustainable lives!  Giving back, living and farming sustainably and living life with a purpose.  Those values make it easy to choose a new coffee for my morning routine!

Check them out, you will not be disappointed!


Disclosure:  I received this product for free for review.  As always opinions are my own.