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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The importance of water & infusing how to!

Water infusing and health are at the top of many peoples resolution list.  Like many, I know that we need to drink water and that drinking just plain water gets pretty boring.  So when my mom group decided to start chugging water like crazy ladies, I hopped right on that bandwagon.  

So I do not really do the whole resolution thing.  I am totally a goal oriented person but I also MUST see results.  In 2012 after a wicked bout with the stomach flu and my 2nd miscarriage, all occurring in a 3 day period, I walked away 10 lbs lighter and truly more appreciative of water than ever.  It was the only thing that I actually could keep down for weeks after without upsetting my stomach and aided in my 11 month (yes almost a year) abstention from sugary drinks and fast food. 

But why is water so critical for our body and what are some health benefits?

  • Our body is something like 60% water.  That in and of itself is a reason to drink it.  YOU ARE WATER.
  • Water can actually make you less hungry because it is filling!  I have always drank a large glass of water before a large meal as it helps me to control the portions that I could easily consume. 
  • Water is great for your skin!  Around November I noticed that I was having teenage breakouts and could not figure out why.  Then I realized that I had not drank anything but soda and a little water for at least 2 weeks.  My skin is still trying to recover.  
  • Water keeps you regular.  People poop, at least you better or you need to get to the doctor STAT!  You need to be regular, and that is all the poop talk I will give you today.  Want more info here, ask Dr. Google. :)
  • Water is great for your organs in general.  Again you are made of it, but your organs also need water to create secretions and allow your cells to stay healthy and hydrated.

However, water is boring!

Yes it is SO boring!  After drinking it all day for a week I was over it and wanted a dang soda.  But I didn't give in back in 2012.  NOPE, I just kept drinking plain water until it was all I was craving. 

Thankfully, when I hit that wall here soon, that perseverance will be unnecessary!  Pinterest helped me locate some information on infusing water.  The basics are that you put various flavored fresh fruits and herbs and even some veggies into your water to give it a natural, healthy taste.  When I searched "infused water" you would not even believe the amount of easy recipes that jumped off the screen.  

For a newbie however, it is probably best to start with the basics, so here goes:
  • You need a water bottle.  I have seen tons of people with a bottle similar to this one from Zulily.  I like that you can put your fresh fruit and herbs into the little chamber and then add water.

Water, Importance of water, infused water, how to infuse water, water infusing bottle
  • You might need a quick tutorial like I do and A Savory Feast has a great one!
Water, Importance of water, infused water, how to infuse water

  • If you are anything like me, you need it to be easy to access and these infused ice cubes seem like a super easy way to prep once and enjoy numerous times. 
Water, Importance of water, infused water, how to infuse water, Fruit infused ice cubes

I am five days in and already feeling better, gaining energy and feeling empowered.  What an easy goal to set.  They say it takes 21 days to create a habit so I only have 16 more to go!  

Jump on it and if you have a recipe, please drop it in the comments below!