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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Top Posts of 2014!

You knew it was coming!

This little blog has grown so much over the last 3 years (OMG almost 4!).  Last year was a big year for us and I anticipate this year being even bigger!  Check out some of my top posts from 2014!

Boot Lace Socks, Pet feeding station, DIY Cone Trees, Daisy Ranch Cottage Cheese, Quick Cleaning Tips, Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas, Tips for traveling to Disneyland with small kids, Failure to Thrive, Car seat safety

DIY Lace Boot Socks: I loved making these and I wear them all the time.  The amount of compliments that I get is crazy.  It was super easy to make too!

Pet Feeding Station: The best update to our house was the build in of this pet feeding station.  With two large dogs.  I loved that the hubby and I created this together and that it really makes my house look classy.

DIY Cone Trees: These were a bit of a Pinterest fail initially but ended up being a great project and an even cuter decoration for Christmas.

Ranch Daisy Sour Cream: Huge hit in our house and with only 2 ingredients it was a great addition to our healthy snacks!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips: My household cleaning series took off this summer.  I plan to add more rooms and tips this upcoming summer.  If you are interested in more than the bathroom you can check out some basic organizational tips, quick kitchen clean up and quick living room clean up tips too!

Cream Cheese Chicken Enchilada Nachos: Whoa!  Just Whoa.  This post BLEW UP and people LOVE this recipe.  Easily our families favorite recipe and super easy to make in a crockpot.  PIN THIS NOW.

10 Tips for Disneyland:  We are a Disney family.  I am pretty positive I have our next 4 Disney vacations/cruises planned out until the kids are 8.  It is critical to have some idea of what you are getting into as Disney is busy and traveling with small kids can be a challenge.  Check out some fantastic tips here.

Failure to Thrive:  One of the biggest and scariest issues our family dealt with last year was Emberlynn's diagnosis of Failure to Thrive.  Many families are getting these broad diagnosis' and no one really talks about it.  If you want to read more about our journey through her lack of growth you can start at the beginning here and here and catch the updates here, here and here and the "fix" here

Car Seat Safety:  If you have small kids in car seats, this is the post to check out.

2014 was a great year and sorting through all the posts was super difficult to pick which ones were the best to include, but I went with the ones with the most views and Pins.  Hope you enjoy!