Family Friday 2/20/15 |We Got the FUNK

Friday, February 20, 2015

Family Friday 2/20/15

That darn cold that we all got over the last couple weeks made staring at the computer virtually impossible, so I apologize that I missed Family Friday last week.  I also lacked on taking photos as I was trying to get everyone (including myself) back up to a healthy state.  Here I am today, ready to share some cuteness with you all.  

The princess and her crazy hair in the mornings just kills me.

My sweet boy looks so cute and is always ready for the day.  Definitely a morning person.

Our grocery store has 1 cent horse rides, it is a MUST and the princess is always yelling "giddy up"

The boy (yes that is the time out stool and no he is not in trouble).  He loves doughnuts...ok we ALL love them. 

Our doctors office makes you wear masks if you are sick, the kids mask does not fit the princess and she also INSISTED on wearing this bib everywhere. 

How cute is my little man, even though this awful cold he is still smiling!  He was excited when the doctor checked his ears and found "angry Hulk and Batman!"  We love our pediatrician for sure.

That's all for us.  We are about to bunker down for snow-ageddon that is apparently supposed to hit good ol' Colorado starting tonight.  I am hoping that we get the 2ft that is projected.  I really miss the old Colorado winters that we had when I was a kid!  Hope everyone stays safe and has a great weekend.