Family Friday 2/6/15 |We Got the FUNK

Friday, February 6, 2015

Family Friday 2/6/15

Remember that time I fell off the face of the Earth because my immune system has turned against me?  yeah, me too.  Tuesday I felt like death and by the end of the school day I was fuzzy and feeling awful. Wednesday morning I attempted to get up and instead fell UP the stairs and decided at that point that I probably shouldn't operate a motorized vehicle so I called in a sub and spent the entire day on the couch feeding my children crackers, fruit and chocolate milk as a meal, with some cereal as well.  I had no energy and a migraine that made it impossible to even look at my phone without almost crying.

Enter Theraflu.  That magical concoction tastes awful but after drinking it and actually sleeping the night away I woke up Thursday morning alive and able to function.  Which brings us to today, I hardly took any photos but there was some notable moments this week to share.

1. This amazingly hysterical family photo circa 1993 of my dads side of the family.  Notice my sister and I rocking those velvet matching dresses... oh and my parents amazing MATCHING MULLETS! The 90's were so so good.

2. Emberlynn has found a new hobby, called dress up.  She loves to make herself pretty.  This little thug is brought to you by my sweet little girl who is getting more and more funny each day.

3.  Oh and these!!! Guys I am becoming a professional blogger or something (hey a girl can dream!) Thanks to my awesome designer Tiffany Kuehl, I have some great business cards and am elated to actually pass these out!
I should be back at it next week.  Definitely going to take the weekend to really rest and pull myself back together all the way.  I can't wait to share more of my crafts and recipes next week.