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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Inside Smarts Premium Wash Bags

While I was completing the laundry room renovation, I cam across some junky delicates bags that I had been trying to make work for my nice sweaters and such.  They were awful and I knew that I needed something that was better quality and larger for my beautiful new machines.  After all, the reason we were purchasing new machines was because our other ones would not stay in balance (due to the joists in our floor apparently) and our clothes were getting tore up!  I was elated when coincidentally InsideSmarts contacted me to review their Premium Wash Bags!

Like I said, our old washer was tough on clothes and particularly my delicate blouses and sweaters.  I had purchased my old wash bags from a local department store and they were just not working so I stopped using them and shoved them in a drawer.  InsideSmarts Premium Wash Bags are definitely NOT going to be hidden in a drawer anytime soon.  These wash bags are high quality luxury mesh bags with a tough and reinforced rust proof zipper.  One package contains 2 large bags and 2 medium bags.  A large bag would EASILY hold a sweater (or two).  I also love that one of the wash bags is black and can be put in with my darks so that I do not have to use the same bag in my white load and chance bleeding.

One of my favorite features next to their size and durability is the zipper.  I had an issue with my OLD wash bags with the zipper getting stuck on other clothes and actually making holes in clothes. The zipper on these premium wash bags is awesome!  It is strong and reinforced so that they zipper is not dangling around with the potential to catch on other items.  It is also rust proof which is perfect because no one likes rust stained clothes.

These bags also come with a fantastic construction guarantee and their customer service is quick and respectful.  I really enjoyed working with them and hope that you consider them for your laundry bag needs.  Check out this video about the bag set to see them in action!

Make sure to check out InsideSmarts on their Website and Amazon!


Disclosure:  I received these products for free for review from InsideSmarts but I do actually love them, a LOT!