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Monday, February 9, 2015

Top 10 #Printable Easy Valentines Treat Ideas!

I don't know about you, but last night, I totally realized that I needed to get my stuff together and make sure I had my little man's Valentines goodies ready to go for his class party on Thursday!  I already had my plan, but now it is time to put that plan into action tonight.

I figured there were other parents out there that were also needing to get a Valentine together for their kids parties as well, so I decided to make it easy on you and bring you a list of 10 EASY Printable Valentine ideas for kids.  ENJOY!

In case you missed the one that my little man is sharing with his classmates, take a look at how adorable these "Bookworm" gummies are!

I absolutely adore this play-dough valentine from Censie over at Building Our Story!  Great for kids imaginations and non-candy!

If you are feeling particular crafty, these amazing pretzel rod arrows are sure to be a hit at any Valentine's day function.

I almost made these Sip Sip Hooray straws for my little guys party.  How adorable and also love that it is another non-candy option.

Lego's are a big trend in my house right now, so I know that these LEGO Valentine's would be awesome for the kiddos.

Censie also nailed another candy-less Valentine idea with the Glow Stick idea!  Also bonus, they sell a tube of like 10 at the dollar store so these are super cheap to make!

I loved the bubble Valentines, that are super simple to make.  Bubbles are always a welcome item in my house!

I have an affinity for funny mustache meme's and this adorable and easy mustache themed valentine has a special place in my heart!

My kids just discovered the whoopie cushion and had a few hours of fun, so when I saw these Whoopie Cushion valentines I knew they would be awesome for kids.

Finally, I could not get enough of these super cute Love Bug Jar Valentines.  Seriously, I mean stop it, they are too cute!

Remember that these all have printable options so just click on the links and save yourself some time!