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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Update on Failure to Thrive Complications

First, I just want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and love that so many of you sent. You have no idea how much those sentiments mean to us.  If you missed what happened, please check out my post about what was going on with our precious peanut here.

That bed head though!
We had our appointment on Wednesday and it actually went better then I was expecting.  I went in worried and expecting to leave with no answers and instead left feeling hopeful with a calm heart. Like all doctor appointments the peanut was weighed and measured and basic questions were asked.
I was elated to find out that we are in the 50% for height!  I knew she had gotten a lot taller but 50%! Then came the weight, I was praying that we were still around the 5-10% and was very happy to hear that we are right in that same area.  Basically, starting the appointment knowing that she is growing and doing well in that matter was very comforting.

Our first try with mascara!

Then we got into the crazy rash and vomit episodes and began to discuss family allergy history as well as reflecting back on the peanuts issues with reflux when she was tiny.  From this point we came up with a plan.

  1. Complete an allergy blood work panel to test for antibodies that could signal an allergy.  If anything came up high in this area then we would go see an allergist with the possibility for an x-ray with contrast or endoscope procedure. 
  2. Put the peanut back on the reflux prescription medicine to see if that makes a difference in the vomiting episodes and lessens the rash.
After the main appointment we headed to the pharmacy to get our reflux prescription and then over to the lab for her blood work.  My little peanut was super brave getting her blood drawn and hardly even made a peep.  The phlebotomists were more teary then my tiny princess and they showered her in praise and stickers and a sucker for being their "best patient of the day!"

We started the reflux medication twice daily and since then have not had any issues with vomiting (however, this will be something that we need more "data" on over a longer period of time).  In addition, we received the results of the allergy tests.  They were all negative which is honestly a relief in one way and completely frustrating in another.  It is a relief because as someone who suffers with food allergies I don't want my kids to deal with what I have to deal with.  It is frustrating because I feel like I am being "that mom" that is worrying over and making up something that is not there.  Our doctor was great and told me that with her it is good to be more vigilant and aware.  However, I still am frustrated.  I am hoping that the reflux really is the issue causing the vomiting and persistent rash and am eager to see how the next month goes on the medication. 

Thank you all again, I will keep you posted on what this next month holds!