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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

End of Preschool and Teacher Gift ideas

So right after our Valentine's day party at little misters school, his teacher announced that she was being promoted and that preschool would be closed temporarily so a new teacher could be placed. Little Misters school is non-traditional but amazing and accelerated, so finding a new teacher this late in the game that can challenge these kids is critical but if it doesn't happen, then it is an early summer for our little class of 8.

I apologize for the grainy iPhone photo. 
We knew the end of our close knit group of kiddos was coming soon and although 3 of them (my guy included) will be at the same school next year, most are going their separate ways and this will most likely be the last time our kiddos will be together.   The large majority of our little class has gone to preschool for 2 years together and attended each others birthdays and developed very close friendships.  Our teacher has been great and worked with these kids at their own levels, differentiating material so that each kid feels value and excitement about what they are learning.  She worked her butt off and at the start of the school year decided that her 4 year olds were ready for a bigger challenge and started to teach them to read.  My little guy can read simple books and site words like a champion and I owe that to our awesome teacher.  We will definitely miss her (however, we will get to see her because her kids go to the same school that mister man will go to in the fall)!

So before our kids had to say goodbye, the parents got together and decided to make her a little gift and have a little party.  We planned to meet the last hour of class on the last day and present her with a little vase that had fake flowers in it with the kids faces at the center and their thumb prints as little bugs all over the vase!  I did NOT come up with this idea, but loved it so much I thought I would share it with you.

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One of the mom's showed up to school early the day before and snagged kids as they came in and had them put their finger prints on the vase in their favorite color and then drew little legs and antennas to on each thumb to turn them into bugs!  How adorable is that.  She also took pictures and then cropped the kids photos onto each flower in the kids color of choice.  I also loved that she added the little quote about teachers.  It says "Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime."

The one idea that I did have was to create a little personalize dictated letter to our teacher from each individual student.  Our teacher always writes what our kiddos say about various pictures or stories that they are working through and sometimes they are funny, so what a better way to repay her, but ask our kiddos some simple questions and write their answers down and give them to her.

Teacher vase gift, teacher printable thank you note for preschoolers, preschool teacher questionnaire, Preschool thank you note.

The above questionnaire is PRINTABLE!!! Feel free to steal it and fill one out with your little people.  Our teacher loved the personal letters and silly answers.  One of mister mans was that his favorite part of pre-K was whistling.  He can't whistle :). 

We are eager to see where the rest of the school year takes us and even more excited for the start of kindergarten in the fall!

Do you have any great teacher gift ideas???  Comment below and share a link.