Family Friday 3/6 |We Got the FUNK

Friday, March 6, 2015

Family Friday 3/6

I took a week off, but I am back!  This week like most has been crazy and like always it is Thursday night as I am writing this, avoiding the 7 chapters of graduate school homework I need to complete by tomorrow and trying to catch up on Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.  Why not procrastinate a bit more and share some of the fun we have had lately. 

The peanut turns two on Wednesday...yes people she is almost 2.  We had our 2 year old photo shoot scheduled for Sunday and in true procrastinator fashion, I sewed this dress she is wearing at the last minute.  I wanted to send a photo to my mom to show her my skills.  She would not smile until the hubs and I got into the photo with her.  

Saturday the sister and I went to try on MORE bridesmaid dresses.  We found one finally and it actually gets ordered today!  However, when we were done, we picked the kids up from our parents and headed to her house to redecorate a bit and have some dinner.  My sister gave the kids styrofoam to play took 2 hours to clean up and is still stuck on the clothes and being found all over my car and the house. At least these two had the time of their lives'.  The boy was quoted asking "Can I go to aunties to make it snow again?"  

Sunday the peanut had a fever and would not allow anyone to hold her aside from me.  So we all snuggled up, watched Big Hero 6 for the millionth time and just enjoyed some unplugged quality time. (Something I am really working on at home).

Did I mention that this boy had a horrendous cough and it was irritating the asthma issues we already battle.  He found his old mask from when he was a baby and decided that he wanted to use that to do his breathing treatments instead.  I just love him!

That was our week, how was yours?