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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I dislike technology very much

This week in technology has sucked.  Like epically sucked.  Last week I did an update on my PC which has all my photo editing software and pretty much my life on it and well the keyboard didn't like the update so it stopped working.  Or so I thought it was the update.  I replaced the keyboard and nothing changed...keyboard is still broken.  I did a system restore (external keyboard still works and so does onscreen) and well, still broken. So now well, I do not have a home computer.

Luckily I brought my school Mac home and I love this darn thing, but it belongs to my school and it there is a lot that I cannot do on it because the school has outlawed that (like install photo editing software or Silhouette software which I use all the time).  So basically I can just type like I am right now and well that is why the blog has been so quiet.  I have tons to write about and crafts and recipes to share but well, they are really not useful without photos.

This also makes doing homework for grad school difficult so I am about 1.5 weeks behind in that world too.  You know because I didn't actually need to spring break right?

Another thing that I needed to do was help create a video for Jason's grandpa's funeral and was in charge of scanning all the photos in.  Well guess how many times I had to do that before I realized that I could only scan 10 photos at a time.  I literally worked on scanning 120 photos for 6 hours and it should have only taken about 2.

Oh and let's add to this whole situation with the fact that I just somehow formatted my DSLR camera card that has ALL the peanuts 2nd birthday pictures on it.  I am broken.  Literally started bawling to the guy at Mike's Camera, and I am confident the man thought I was crazy.

I think this weekend I will be purchasing a new computer for home and will probably go with a Macbook Pro, but you know $1500.00 is just so easy to come by.  I know that after going through several PC laptops over the past few years that I am so done with PC.  So if you have any ideas on what I need to get on my new MacBook Pro, that would be excellent!

Thanks for your patience folks and please if you have advice put it in the comments below!