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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Recap 2015

Did anyone else just feel like Easter snuck up on them?  It sure did over here.  I am always over prepared and buying little stocking stuffers and basket items throughout the year, so when I realized at 11:30pm on Saturday night that I completely forgot to buy Easter candy and all my son wanted was an egg hunt, I was slightly frantic.  The day turned out wonderfully and was spent with family, enjoying food, laughs and playing.    Here is a quick photo recap of our wonderful day!

I am a big proponent of having items that are crafty and fun, so my kids got kaleidoscopes, bubbles with cool glasses and bathtub paint among a few other items.  I collect throughout the year particularly when things go on clearance. 

Egg hunt #2 

The boy is a pro!  We did this last week with our family and so all he wanted to do was another egg hunt!

Checking out the basket items

The boy loved the kaleidoscope. 

How cute are these two!

All the little cousins in my family.  OMGEEE are they not so cute.  

Hunt #3

At this point our candy factor increased by a factor of 10. 

We had a blessed Easter, hope yours was the same!