Kindergarten |We Got the FUNK

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Last night was a milestone in our household.  My big boy had Kindergarten orientation!  It was awesome and it solidified my reason for sending him to a school that is 30 minutes from our house (only 10 from my work though)!  My husband was convinced that I made the right choice and our little guy adored his new school, teacher and was finally excited!

all photos are super grainy...thank you crappy iPhone camera...I thought it might be weird if I had my DSLR

Orientation began with some introductions and expectations from students and parents.  The principal and the teacher both spoke and explained that they are a core knowledge school, which basically means that they teach common core but go into more depth.  The class sizes are small (no more than 20) and the teacher is great!

Our little guy will be going to this school with a few of his preschool classmates that also made it in! We are elated for him to have a fresh start but with some good friends and he is too!

My favorite part is that they school is rural and small.  It is a K-8 and there is only 1 teacher per grade.  The parents that have kids in this school already LOVE IT and the reviews online follow that same sentiment.  It is a family and is exactly what I was looking for with my children.  I went to a school like this and it was amazing.  I cannot wait to see how my little guy falls in love with learning!

Our little guy even went straight up to his teacher at the end of the tour and shook her hand and gave his FULL name.  He was very proud to introduce himself and really excited to start the year!

Then there was this.  What a beautiful ending to a day representing a new beginning in our lives.  

Hope your week is going well.  How was the adjustment for your kids entering school?