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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

10 more days

In 10 more work days my year as a school teacher is over and my summer as a full time mama starts. I am seriously so ready.  Today our seniors checked out and finished their finals.  I literally got nothing done today.  I have 60 papers to finish editing to be returned tomorrow for kids to fix and return.  I am exhausted.  I am tired of being a teacher and done with this school year.  For no particular reason.  This year was good, challenging like always, but good.  I learned more about myself as I always do, but I am done.  I am mentally checked out with those seniors. 

I mean right...this is literally how I feel every dang day.
To combat this, I have been trying to work out and eat better.  I have actually been doing pretty well making good food choices and have completed 6 of 9 workouts.  I slacked at the end of last week and hope to make those up this week.  I did notice that I had more energy and higher productivity with the workouts and eating so I know that what I am doing is helping.  Bonus, my back pain that was awful and made for getting out of bed excruciating is almost non-existant.  That right there is enough to make me continue the work out torture.  So just keep me in your thoughts people.  I have got to do this.

Hopefully she doesn't kill me for posting this, but my colleagues and I got a great opportunity to head to our local museum for some specific science teacher education workshops.  It was awesome.  Inspiring and I walked away with great ideas.  Also, dinosaurs. 

So then this happened and we got to really break in our basement.  This was about a mile or so from our house.  Yeah I mean it is small and probably would do minimal damage but damnet I was scared.  Also our tornado sirens didn't even go off so that was great.  It only lasted a couple minutes and then all was fine.  It did touch down in a field, but no one was harmed. 

Then there was this sweet moment where I glanced back at a stop light and realized that my kids are just as ready for summer as I am.  My little guy has no interest in sleeping...ever, I mean unless we are edging towards summer than getting his 40+ lb body out of bed, down the stairs into my SUV and then back out of the car, up some stairs and into our babysitters house is getting harder and harder.  However, I know that I will miss this, so I love and cherish these moments. 

Oh and these boys, the two that push each others buttons but love so hard.  Man did I get lucky.  How damn lucky am I? So even when I am exhausted, done, worn out and over it I have to remind myself that I am doing all this for the right reason and 2/3's of those are in the picture above this.