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Monday, May 11, 2015

DIY Photo Vase with HP's MyPrintly #CMYK

So my mom has started to read my blog which is why I could not share our Mother's Day gift until today.  I knew I wanted to do something with candid photos of our family for her and that was about it.  After a run to the store I found the perfect vase and decided to personalize it for her.  She LOVED it and I couldn't wait to share it with you all!

I love to decorate with photos and with that I also love to take photos.  My kids and I snap pictures like crazy.  I think I just love to look back on the memories and remind myself that life really is good. Our family is lucky and we do live an amazing life.  Photo memories are a great way to showcase those reminders and with that, creating photo memories that are useful is at the top of my list. 

When I saw the vase that just simply said "Live, Laugh, Love," I knew that it encompassed my vision of sharing those moments where we did just that.  I combined that with some quick prints of our favorite photos and some Modge Podge and went to work. 

  1. First I selected and printed about 30 photos using the website and downloadable application.  
  2. Next I used my orange tape runner to attach the pictures to the outside of the vase. 
  3. Finally I coated the pictures and the vase in Modge Podge (next time I am NOT using the Matte finish though).
  4. To ensure that the photos stayed attached to the vase, I used some wax paper to roll the vase up and keep those pictures stuck in place while it dried.
  5. I allowed the Modge Podge to dry.  One coat was enough and I probably should have stopped because it got to be too "matte" but I put another coat on as I know that my mom will use this vase. 
  6. The end product is a great personalized gift that took minimal effort and captures our families love. 

This adorable project could not have been done without my friends over at HP's MyPrintly.  This website and the downloadable Photo Creations application for both my smartphone and my computer are great.  I put together a little video showing you how to access the site and the application and how to create a simple card. 

The steps are easy and if you want to take a peak at how I set my photos up to print so small for the above project, check the 2nd box below. 

Basically, upload your photos, create something awesome and PRINT!  You can print at home or have them shipped to you and the options are endless.  Make sure to check out MyPrintly and Create Memories You Keep (#CMYK).

In addition, HP is running an exciting giveaway with EASY entries for a chance to win one of three HPEnvy Printers!  

All you need to do is follow @MyPrintly on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest OR Instagram (just one is necessary) and fill out the entry form at the link below.  You have until Friday May 15th to enter and only US residents are eligible to win!  

Good Luck Folks!


Disclosure:  I was compensated for this post, but the photos, opinions and videos are all mine.  I pretty much love MyPrintly.