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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hex Performance Products Review

A couple weeks ago I introduced you to the Hex Performance Product line designed to clean and protect your sports gear.  I lovingly refer to it as "laundry care for your sports wear", and like the packaging says it is a radical breakthrough in clean!
Hex Performance Products, Gear Laundry System, Sports Laundry Detergent
Although my last post gave you the basic info about each of the individual products I did not get a chance to do a formal review.  So off I headed to Target on the big unveil promotion day to learn a bit more about what HEX has to offer and grab up the product to try.

Hex Performance Products, Gear Laundry System, Sports Laundry Detergent

The product is in the laundry isle and easy to locate.  Its bright packaging is great and I also love that the prices are very reasonable.  Items range from $2.00 for the spray to $13.00 for the detergent.  In addition they offered very high value coupons at Target for $5.00 off so that was a bonus!

The gentleman at Target that was demoing the HEX was very knowledgeable and explained that there are three main products to the line.  First is the detergent which is easily dispensable and comes with a great measuring cup.  Although the bag looks small I assure you that there are PLENTY of washes that you will get out of this.  A little goes a very long way in this situation.  Next is the spray that is an in between work out way to keep your gear smelling fresh and clean and help rid it of bacteria that causes those stenches.  Finally is the Dual Action gear wash which is a power combo to attack those odor causing bacteria and protect your gear to add longevity. 

Hex Performance Products, Gear Laundry System, Sports Laundry Detergent

It was time to put HEX to the test with a pair of my sneakers that had never seen the inside of a washing machine (they are 2 years old).  I wear these things to work out, when we do labs in my classroom and working outside.  They are filthy as you can see in the photo, but worse, is that they smelled terrible!

I washed them with the Hex Performance Laundry Detergent and then dried them in our new dryer on the shoe rack.  When I opened the dryer door I was elated to quickly realize that my shoes DID NOT smell bad anymore, in fact they actually smelled pretty good.  In addition the detergent did get out some of the dirt.  Unfortunately my before and after photos look so similar because of the lighting that you cannot see the differences.  There are still some stains (because you know science labs stain everything), but overall the shoes are much shinier, cleaner and whiter.

Hex does recommend that you use this with your new sports wear and gear and continue to use it to ensure longevity and protection.  My shoes were 2 years old and I was very surprised that they were pretty clean and even more so I was elated that the stench was gone!

Make sure to check out HEX at Target and their Website!


Disclosure:  I was compensated for this post as always all opinions are mine.