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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What's Been Up Man; How's your Day?

It has been a few weeks since I did a big check in with everyone and since then TONS of people have been asking me questions and just wondering what is up with life in general.  So here goes:


People I did it.  I actually decided to commit to getting my body back.  Two days ago I started the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 4.0 and although I feel like hell and my muscles are screaming and there was sweat in areas I didn't even know could sweat.  Bottom line is I feel different.

In two days I feel energized, motivated and although I have clearly not lost a lb or an inch, I know that I will.  I have 90 days of this but honestly this is just going to be life now.  I fit in a quick routine here and there and although I am NOT dieting, I am making better food and portion choices (minus the 1/2 dozen cookies I consumed for teacher appreciation week)!

I am almost done with semester 2 of graduate school.  I literally have 2 discussions and 2 papers left to finish!  Time to rock it out and slam this semester shut with a perfect 4.0!  Next year at this time I will be completing my degree and graduating!  Seriously, I can see a light. 

Finally, I have only 15 days of teaching left.  This is crunch and go time.  Literally, I am busting my butt to prep my students for finals, cover the last bits of curriculum, wrap up our budget and start cleaning and organizing my room for next year.  Let the deep clean begin!

So what else has been up with the family?

My boy is still having behavior issues but the thing that just broke my heart yesterday into a MILLION pieces was when we were driving home from his babysitters, he started crying and telling me "I don't have any friends".  Which essentially is what it feels like to a poor little guy who has no preschool right now.

My kids go to a babysitter who only watches them, and he only has his sister to play with.  They tend to fight over everything.  Although my babysitter is the BEST person ever and she does a lot of fun stuff with them, the poor guy just needs some bigger kid playtime.  Here we have been doing all this positive reinforcement and all the boy needs is a friend.

The hubby and boy went fishing this weekend and he caught 3 HUGE trout!  It was a reward for him.
I guess that is probably the root of his awful behavior lately.  Man do I feel like a bad mom.  I have a couple ideas here so hoping that he starts to feel differently in this aspect.  I know school will help for sure.

He is my little Iron Man; resilient and a fighter. 

Last, the tiny peanut crossed into a HUGE realm of growth for us.  She is at around 22.5 lbs!  You guys we passed the 20 lb mark.  For those of you new to this saga, my youngest has issues growing and is over 2 years old now.  She is itty bitty.  They have no reasons behind her lack of growth, but they do have some clues.  We just continue to work towards figuring those out.

This outfit tho...The boots, I mean seriously!

I am ready for summer, I am ready for life to be calmer.  I am eager to get some of the real planning and organizing going for my sisters wedding and I am MOST ready to spend more summer days with these two.

disclaimer: The kids like playing with medical masks...no one is actually sick

So what's been up with you?