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Friday, June 26, 2015

Let's Get Real Here

Summer.  As a teacher and a parent it is a cherished time.  I get to be home with my babies, and catch up on rest and see all my friends and family that I really do not get to see much during the year.  It is great...unless of course you are a busy mom of two small children who writes a semi-successful blog (that you absolutely adore and is your only "me" time) and of course you took 7 credits of graduate school because you like torture.

Everyone has been asking how I am doing it all.  The truth is, not much sleep, a lot of frustration a lack of attention to my husband and help from some amazing people with the kids.  Let's get real here, I cannot wait until the first week of August because I am so OVER this summer class stuff. Prior to starting this summer session I spoke with each of my professors and asked specifically for time commitments and let them know where I stand with time.  Each and everyone of them responded with a reasonable answer that made me safely sign up for classes believing that I really only would need about 7-10 hours a week to work on school.  What an utter and complete lie.

Maybe that was the initial plan however, that is NOT how it is going down.  My 1 credit class has me write several papers a week.  This week I have written 9 papers...9 folks, all over 3 pages in length. One of my 3 credit courses actually is holding up her end as there is only 2 short 1 page papers to write and a 3 hour Skype like video conference and some discussion boards.  The last one though, whew, it is killing me.  There is projects and group discussions and research papers and annotated bibliographies and video conferences and chapters to read and summarize and labs to design, write, carry out, report and analyze.  Sometime last week I almost just gave up.  How do people do it?  How stupid was I to do this?

Then I realize that I am over a month in and I am doing it, I am getting stuff done and getting great grades.  I have the support and that by this time next year all this frustration an annoyance with workload will be done and the reward will be worth it.

Now if only the sleep, and husband neglect issues could solve themselves.

Anyone else successfully navigate and over committed schedule?  How did you do it?