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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Love. Marriage. Babies...5 Tips for #TTC

In a few short days my little sister will be walking down the isle to the man of her dreams. These past few weeks have been insane but wonderful. We have had several events to attend and the one question that my sister keeps getting is "So when do you plan on trying for a baby."

I remember being in her shoes 7 years ago and that our answer was an uncomfortable, "We aren't sure yet, we'll probably just let it happen". Then it did and all at once it was a baby, and then days later, it was not. Heartbroken.

Over the next several months we learned why it was called "trying" to conceive because honestly it is "trying" in every sense of the word. It was trying on our relationship, there was the physical aspect of trying, the immense sense of failure when success just didn't happen each month and then more trying. That pretty pink plus sign on a somber day in August 2009 (the day after we laid my mother-in-law to rest) was the most uplifting moment after a long period of "trying".

Through those long months and on our next round of trying for baby #2 (3 & 4 respectively), I did much more research and really prepared my body and mind for another little one. Our struggle to TRY to conceive was difficult but worth every single moment. I have always spoke out about pregnancy loss and tried to be a voice for those that have been through and will go through loss. It is a very personal situation for parents to go through and honestly I just want to be there to help my friends, family and readers through every stage.

I came up with some great tips for trying to conceive that I truly believed helped us get pregnant and stay pregnant.

  1. Exercise: Light exercise (strenuous can actually hinder your ovulation), will give you energy and help your body become stronger. Some studies have actually showed that exercise can increase fertility! Pro tip: Do this with your partner. It is good for him (or her) too!

  2. Relax: Every single time we got pregnant, it was when we were relaxed and enjoying life. The two successful pregnancies happened when we had "given up" trying.

  3. Eat Right: Look at pregnancy this way; a baby is essentially a parasite and feeds off of you, make sure that you are eating well to create a healthy environment for the best parasite you will ever have!

  4. Time it: Period and ovulation trackers as well as ovulation tests can be very useful. Many also swear by temping and checking cervical mucus to track ovulation. If you know your body well, this can make timing a baby much easier.

  5. Use Fertility Aids: Taking a prenatal vitamin, using acupuncture therapy, and using a lubricant like Astroglide TTC all can be very useful in promoting fertility. Prenatal vitamins make sure that your body has enough folic acid (essential for neural tube and brain development) as well as other nutrients to support a baby. Acupuncture can help to holistically to reduce stress, increase blood flow and help your endocrine system work appropriately. Astroglide TTC personal lubricant promotes sperm motility because it has the same consistency as cervical mucus.

The tips listed above were useful for us and I have passed those onto my sister already. I also may have snagged her some ovulation tests, pregnancy tests and Astroglide TTC because I mean obviously I am ready to be an auntie and clearly I do not remember those uncomfortable days of trying to conceive! In all seriousness, starting a family is a personal and beautiful decision and although I am elated to hopefully snuggle a tiny niece or nephew, I also know that my sister and (future) brother-in-law will come to that time when they are ready.

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