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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Random Happenings

Today as I sat on the phone with the transportation department for my sons school I realized two things.  First, my baby starts school in 12 days which means I start school in 14.  Second, we are entirely unprepared.  Mostly due to the fact that we have been so busy this summer.  So for the rest of the summer I vow to do this:

Extra Snuggles!
This one, well she is starting to become quite the princess Diva.  I think it might be an actual issue and therapy will probably be needed.  Parents you know what this is in reference to...FROZEN. During potty training week we had a huge meltdown like I have never witnessed over an Elsa shirt. Basically the child will only wear Frozen clothes and well, I am in huge huge huge trouble over here. 

Already in the checkbook
To prep for the wedding took a bit of pampering.  No problem, I am a girly girl at heart and really enjoy a nice day at the nail salon, however most of the ones local to me are not super great.  I heard recommendations about this amazing salon about 30 minutes from me and seriously it was worth the 30 minute drive.  I mean just look at how pretty it is.  It pretty much made my entire week.

Plus it smelled good and had a coffee and candy bar!  I am never leaving.
The last few weeks we have been enjoying nature in more ways than one.  We had a mama bird decide that my husbands plant hangers were a great nesting spot and have enjoyed watching our baby birds grow!  They are just so cute, although they will not let us get very close to them, that is fine.

In final random news, I am already missing the beautiful mountains of Colorado.  Living on the plains is great and all, but being right up in it is just breathtaking.  

The wedding broke our budget so for the last three days we have not left the house, which is probably why I am missing all the fun of last week.  I am really excited for payday tomorrow to you know, pay bills and then be broke again!  Life is crazy, busy, amazing and frustrating all in one.  I submit my last final for this semester tomorrow and have a good month break off from graduate school.  It will be super nice to just kick back a bit!  Otherwise I think that is all the randomness I have for today.  I should probably get dressed, or not.

How are you spending your Thursday?