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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shopping Smart to Support Schools #BTSLikeABoss {ad}

It is crazy to think that in 3 weeks I will be heading back to work for the school year and my oldest will be starting kindergarten!  This year is a momentous year for us with some big changes.  Namely full day kindergarten.  So it is time for me to get myself and my kiddo Back to School Like a Boss.

Back to school, Walmart, shopping, Box Tops, Kleenex, Scott Tissue

How is it that my little baby boy is already 5 and starting FULL DAY Kindergarten.  His school only has this option and although I am nervous, I already love his teacher, his school and he has some friends in class already.  It should be a wonderful experience. 

With Preschool the back to school shopping was minimal.  We paid tuition so all the school supplies were covered and basically I just needed to get him a little backpack, some sunscreen and a few new shirts and pants and shoes.  It would take me quite a bit of time to get it all done, and I would be running to a few different stores to find the best prices. 

With two kids and a busy summer, running from store to store is just not going to happen.  I need a good one stop shop for everything on our back to school supply list.   Walmart is my go to school supply store to get us back to school both in style and in budget.  What is even better is that I can also get everything on my list and support our little school as well by shopping smart for Box Tops! 

Box Tops for Education is a nationwide loyalty program that gives ten cents for each box top collected back to the schools.  It is a fantastic way for parents and community members to give back to schools and Walmart carries one of the largest selections of Box Tops products that I have seen. 

Back to school, Walmart, shopping, Box Tops, Kleenex, Scott Tissue

What is more is that Kimberly-Clark products have a fantastic amount of items out right now with huge box top points.  I purchased the Kleenex and the Scott paper towels and toilet paper.  The Kleenex and Paper Towels will definitely be going back to school with my little man in a few short weeks.  Kindergarteners are boogery, messes and I know his teacher will appreciate both the items and the box tops!

If you are looking to get #BTSLikeABoss, make sure to check out Walmart and help give back to your schools with Box Tops.

Do you collect Box Tops?