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Monday, July 6, 2015

#SummerThemeWeek Recap of Discovery Week

So we are midway through my Summer Theme Week series, and I think I underestimated the amount of things we had going on outside of our lives that I needed to make time for.  The last couple weeks have been rough with some unexpected turns and challenges.  I am doing my best to keep up and keep planning but man, somedays are just not as successful as others.  Discovery week was pretty good, but midway through we made some changes, for the better!

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Movie Monday:  How to Train your Dragon was great.  The hubs even joined us for a nice time.
The peanut loves her movies and although I was hoping to just purchase snacks and save cash, the kids snack boxes together cost less than $10.00 which is still a deal so we have purchased those and the kiddos LOVE them.  You win some you lose some right?

Time off Tuesday:  While I spent 6 hours in front of the computer, slightly bored because well this weeks topics were not the most interesting, my kids enjoyed a fantastic day at grandmas, playing, riding ATV's, digging in the dirt and eating all sorts of great snacks. 

Water Wednesday:  Well the only water my kids saw was bath water because this is where our week changed just a bit.  A couple things came up.  First, I had to deal with some health stuff and doctors appointments and second my wonderful friends and I decided to plan a neighborhood party so I had to change some plans for the week to be in hostess mode.  No pictures for this day. 

Travel Thursday:  This day and idea of discovery took on a whole 'notha meaning after all was said and done.  I had hoped that we would have a great day shopping for the wedding and then come home and make some dragon kabobs and a fancy salad with my kids but well, if you read this post you will quickly realize that Thursday was just not happening.  On the upside, we did get shoes and jewelry for my sisters wedding so that is a bonus right?
Thoughts?  The dress is Plum Purple
Family Friday:  Well due to the change of plans for the weekend and our hosting of a party, instead of dragon hunting, we spent a day cleaning up our house, watching some movies, playing outside and prepping for the amazing weekend we would share with our friends.  Instead of it being Family Friday it was more of a family weekend.  We enjoyed a wonderful 4th of July with great friends and then spent Sunday in the mountains for a bit and then enjoying a nice home cooked dinner together with some Miles from Tomorrowland.  

So what is the plan for this week???

Well, we will still do Movie Monday (Penguins of Madagascar) and Time off Tuesday (grandma, grandpa and the great grandparent time with the kids while I do school work), but the rest of the week is most likely going to be dedicated to...


I am not sure how it will go, but we are going to give it a try.  I figure that she has shown a lot of interest.  Has several successes a week and is mostly ready, so when we run out of diapers this week, we will start potty training.  I was going to theme this week "Adventure Week", which is somewhat fitting.  I'll have a full report soon.   I have heard that girls are easier to train than boys but I am skeptical.  Guess we will see.

So tell me, how did potty training go for your kids?  Any difference between genders?