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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

That One Time my Sister got Married & The most EPIC Speech was Given #Giveaway

Last week was a whirlwind of insanity, beauty and love.  My little sister tied the knot to a man that could not be more perfect for her.   It was awesome and perfect and I still cannot believe that she is married.  This beautiful woman never wanted to get married, never envisioned her wedding and never thought she would find a man like her husband.  They are perfect for each other in every single way and I am just over the moon excited for both of them.

Rehearsal Dinner

We spent 6 days in the mountains preparing for this wedding and most of it I spent crafting (more to come on that) and the men spent taking the barn from a storage space to a beautiful wedding venue. My poor husband just about lost his thumb in the construction of this.  I just love him too!

I did not take that many photos (terrible reception and the craziness of the wedding left me without my camera), and the ones that I have are from other folks who attended the wedding but here are a few sneak peaks.

Isn't she Stunning

My Sweet Boy!  I made his vest and bow tie!
That moment she sees her Husband and my Daddy sees his baby girl

The Wedding Party (sans my crazy children)
Oh yeah and I made a toast.  A really amazing, epic, hysterical toast that I am pretty sure should just go viral so I can be on Ellen or something (ha)!  My sister challenged me and I accepted so for your viewing pleasure, check out my advice on marriage and my sweet rap to the tune of the Fresh Prince of BelAir.

I cannot wait to share more photos with you all.  Shoot, I cannot wait to see more photos.  It was a great week and although my entire family is exhausted, it was perfect. So to celebrate this momentous occasion with you my wonderful readers, I am giving away another $10.00 gift card of your choice to either Walmart, Target, Kohls, Kmart or Amazon.

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Tell me, what did you think about my wedding toast to my sister and brother-in-law?