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Monday, August 3, 2015

Easy Ham, Cheese & Pickle Kabobs

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I took my little man school supply shopping yesterday for his first year in "real" school. I failed to realize two things. First, it was lunch time and second, we had to be at a birthday party later so I needed something quick and easy to calm the tiny folks and fuel their energy for the awesome party. Enter these adorable Ham, Cheese & Pickle Kabobs.

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I am a busy mom, like most out there.  It is tough to keep my schedule and the kids schedules together while making sure that naps are had, meals are healthy and sanity is saved.  Today was a prime example of the chaos.  I knew we had a birthday party, I knew that this last week of summer (enter sad face here) is full to the brim with other fun and adventures, and I knew that my kids would be hungry at some point.  

We woke up, had some quick breakfast and got ready for the day.  This is probably where life went wrong as my daughter would not let me brush her hair, my son would not get dressed and the hubby was still snoring away the day.  So 2 hours after I began my attempt to go school supply shopping, we finally left. 

This late start put us into lunch time and 15 minutes late for our birthday party.  I rushed home to drop off the crayons and grab the presents and my kids were whiny and unruly.  So I grabbed the Hillshire Farm Naturals Honey Roasted Ham, some cheese and pickles and made a quick and delicious snack for my kiddos. 

Hillshire Farm Naturals, #hillshirenaturals, Easy kids lunch kabobs, how to make kabobs, lunch meat kabobs.
  • Roll up 2 slices of Hillshire Farm Naturals Honey Roasted Ham
  • Using small cookie cutters, cut some shapes out of the Colby jack cheese.  Pro tip: If your block of cheese is really thick, slick it in half before cutting out the shapes. 
  • Slice up some small pickle snackers into bite sized pieces.
  • Slide ham, cheese and pickles onto a kabob skewer and enjoy!
Basically my children devoured these and I didn't even get a photo because by the time I gave them their kabobs and went to put away the rest of the ingredients and wipe down the counter, they were gone. 

I feel good feeding my kids the Hillshire Farm Naturals line.  The Honey Roasted Ham is scrumptious with just the perfect amount of sweet and salty.  The packaging is nice and easy to store and there is SO much meat in one little container.  I made 4 kabobs with 8 pieces of meat total and still had 6 pieces of meat left in the container!  For $4.50 a container and a 0.75 coupon from the Just4U Safeway online portal I definitely think this product is worth purchasing again.   Grab your coupon while supplies last, you have until 8/9/15!  

Hillshire Farm Naturals, #hillshirenaturals, Easy kids lunch kabobs, how to make kabobs, lunch meat kabobs.

In addition, The Hillshire Farm Naturals lunch meats are 100% natural, delicious and guaranteed.  No joke it is actually guaranteed!  Hillshire Farm® is offering an Love it or We'll Eat It guarantee.  If you love it, they will donate a sandwich to someone in need if you don't they will get your cash back to you.  Just check out their website and leave your feedback!

I know that I will be including Hillshire Farm Naturals for my kids lunches (and mine too) from here on out and I will most definitely be clicking that "love it" button to give back to someone in need.

Hillshire Farm Naturals, #hillshirenaturals, Easy kids lunch kabobs, how to make kabobs, lunch meat kabobs.

What do you think?  Would you try the Hillshire Farm Naturals line?