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Monday, August 24, 2015

#GoosebumpsMovie Fan Sweepstakes! #Sponsored

7th grade, R.L. Stein and reading by flashlight with my friends.  The Goosebumps series of books and subsequent TV show were my life.  I was hooked on the stories of mystery and a bit of horror. My friends and I would read these stories and then chat about the possibilities of those storylines happening.

I am so thankful they never did as some of those stories were scary...even now at 31 I think some are scary, but I loved them.  I was super excited when I heard that the Goosebumps movie will be coming out in October and really elated when I was asked to share the Goosebumps Movie Fan Sweepstakes with my readers!  What excites me more is that Jack Black is playing R.L. Stein and I just love him as an actor.

The Goosebumps Movie Fan Sweepstakes is fun to enter and unlike any I have entered before.  It has games and challenges and even some badges that you can earn to get closer to winning some awesome prizes.  The one I would be most excited about is the call with Jack Black himself! Some of the other prizes are:
  • ·       Signed Goosebumps books
  • ·       Skype call with Slappy (a Goosebumps character)
  • ·       Tickets & a trip to the movie premiere
  • ·       Goosebumps Creature Makeover
  • ·       Props used in the movie
  • ·       Hometown screening of the movie

To compete in these challenges and become a member of the Goosebumps Movie Fan Zone, make sure to click here and participate in the monthly challenges.  They are very easy and fun!  Also be sure to share the hashtag #GoosebumpsMovie on your entries!  Good Luck!

Have you read the Goosebumps books?  Which is your favorite?


Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post that may contain affiliate links.  I received compensation for promoting this campaign.