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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekend Trip to Estes Park

This weekend, as a final summer get away we took a little day trip up to the mountains and played tourist for a bit.  Estes Park Colorado is a beautiful place known for its Elk herd and the Stanley Hotel from The Shining among other things.  However, to native Coloradoans, Estes is simply a nice place to get away for the day, do some shopping, eating and enjoying the scenery.

Driving up the mountains their was a crazy amount of haze that was a real bummer.  The fires around us from other states have left our state pretty hazy and unfortunately I didn't get any photos that were worth sharing.  However, as soon as we got up to Estes and started wandering around we had a few little photo opportunities that we just couldn't pass up.

My boys ready to get our snack and shop on

The peanut and I.  Somehow she enjoyed being a "backpack baby" for the day
Estes is a big artsy community and has some great sculptures.  This columbine (Colorado's state flower) is one of my favorite!

These metal sculptures were fun for the kids to look at and some of them were really silly.  Slightly out of our budget or we would have came home with a giant rooster.

We definitely did a bit of shopping.  The kids fell in love with those Russian Nesting Dolls, the hubby bought a jacket and I grabbed up a great little purse but my most favorite purchases were the Salt Water Taffy and the Ice Cream!

We had a very nice day and minor complaints from the tiny folks in our lives.  They were on a sugar high probably from the amount of candy, taffy and ice cream we consumed but they still slept great! I am always so thankful for the fact that we only live a hop, skip and a jump away from some of the most beautiful mountains and great mountain towns in the world.  

Have you been to Estes Park?