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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I feel better

I took a week off.  Not just from blogging but from housekeeping and homework and had a weekend all to myself.  It was great and honestly, just what I needed to really get myself back in the swing of life.  I forgot for a moment that life is more than schedules, homework, grading, bedtimes, dinners and a clean house.  Last week helped to reground me and this past weekend sealed that. 

I spent last week really taking in the views around me.  I saw the nature that we get to enjoy in beautiful Colorado daily.  These little bunnies are all over our campus and so cute.  

I took in every sunrise and sunset that I could manage too.  Colorado has the best ones.  These pictures do not justice to the beauty that I enjoyed last week. 

I let my house go, and instead just destroyed the house with gun fights, puzzles, baby dolls, legos and tea parties.  

We took the kids to my schools homecoming game and ate complete crap for dinner.  Nachos, pretzels, soda and hot dogs.  It was fantastic.

I took care of myself.  The hubby gave me a mommy weekend off.  For the first time in several months, I had no responsibilities.  I was kicked out the house and told to go enjoy a weekend, see my friends, pamper myself and rejuvenate.  I did, I SO DID.  A facial, new glasses, nails, massage, shopping, friend time, coffee and more shopping.  What was even better is that I had won a lot of the items mentioned above or had store credits and gift cards, so there was little financial guilt there.

The best part though, the actual dinner my husband and I enjoyed last night.  It was phenomenal.  Not for any particular reason other than we were able to talk, to reconnect, to just enjoy.  I love this man.  

You guys, it was necessary.  I absolutely feel better.  I am clearly back to blogging and just ready to take on the next few months.  

Tell me people, how to you take care of yourself?