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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I haven't been up to much...wait that is a lie.

Life has been messy lately.  Not perfect, not awful, just messy.  It has been tough but not terrible.  It has challenged us but not destroyed us.  It has just been life.  Literally, the ups and downs and day to day which almost feel as if we have not been doing anything, except we have.  We have been living and man are we luck to live this life together. 

The kids and I spend a lot of time snuggling in the evenings.  Really though, mommy has no energy have working all day and I just curl up and my amazing kids, snuggle right up to me.  3 people on a loveseat is pretty snuggly.

This boy, he has absolutely been a dream.  School has been freaking amazing for him.  He is excelling and proving that school is where he belongs and confirming that we made the right decision putting him in a school that is no where near our home with fantastic educators and challenging curriculum. 

The girl has been a challenge.  The terrible two's are molding into the threenager movement.  I realize we are still only two but clearly these next couple years will just be a blur and all I will remember is that no matter how hard I work to create adorable outfits, my daughter has her own style which consists of glittery hello kitty shoes, santa pajamas, pink zebra sunglasses and a coach wristlet.  I mean clearly I will need to watch her when she is a teenager sneaking clothes out of my house. 

Then there is her obsession with make up and making mama pretty.  It is darn adorable, but the girl is sleeping the majority of the time that I am getting ready and I barely wear make up as it is, so I am not sure where this obsession is coming from. 

My sister got a fitbit so I got one too.  No I am not lying, I literally bought one because she did and I just thought that maybe it will help me get my darn diabetes under control.  I am mess right now and I hate to admit this but my sugars are not being controlled well because I am not being good about exercise and food intake.  I am hoping that this fitbit helps me be aware how much I am active and encourages me to work harder and challenge myself.  Day one I hit my steps goal and then the subsequent days I didn't even get close.  Must push harder here. 

Then I decided to go check our garden for fresh veggies to pack for lunches to promote healthy snacking and realized that our tomato plants are ridiculously large and taller than I am.  #VeggieSelfie, should start trending any minute now.

However, the kicker is that I of course managed to snag the back to school sinus infection.  I fully believe this is due in part to my immune system struggling because of my Vitamin D levels, but also that our schools ventilation system has not been cleaned in about 200 years so all that junk is in the air and gets up in my business causing the sickness.  Saturday sort of sucked, Sunday was terrible and Monday was survivable. 

I am not a big fan of eastern medicine and homeopathic approaches.  It must be the hard core science girl in me.  However, I was willing to try just about anything to destroy the sinus infection and be healthy enough to make sure that I could get my homework and housework done on Monday.  My friend suggested this triple play of herbs and I will say that in 24 hours I felt human, I was functional, I was alert enough to get work done and my symptoms seemed to have subsided.  So I thought I would share that these herbs and homeopathic approach, appear to have contributed to my immune system kicking in full gear. 

We are just taking things day by day, trying to cross things off our to do list and get back into our school groove.  It has been a new sort of adjustment with the boy in school, the baby potty training, the hubby's schedule and my hectic work and grad school commitments.  I am eagerly awaiting May when graduation happens and I can cross one thing off my list of life goals. 

How is life treating you?