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Monday, November 30, 2015

24 Days of Elf on The Shelf Ideas

I said I would not do it.  I was so creeped out by it.  You know the idea of a sneaky little Elf hiding and being mischievous around my home.  Lying to my kids and playing up this whole idea of coercing them into behaving.  I said I was not about that life.  Then my sweet kids saw those darn Elf's and that was it.  They asked for Elf's, I was suckered in and so now I must commit to this.  It may be a complete flop but to keep myself on track I came up with 24 Days of Elf on the Shelf ideas that are simple, creative and fun. 

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Let's just keep this short and get right too it!
  1. "Donut Worry, Santa Sent Me"-Our Elf's will bring donuts for breakfast with a welcome letter.
  2. Slumber party-Elf's will party it up with some other household toys
  3. Cowboy-Elf's will be riding our daughters toy horse
  4. Frozen Tea Party- Elf's dining with Olaf, Elsa & Anna 
  5. Felt Christmas Tree Lights-Elf's will add lights to our felt play Christmas tree
  6. Nutcracker Attack- Elf's will be held hostage by our nutcrackers
  7. Gingerbread House Attack-Elf's will toilet paper the kids gingerbread house
  8. Snowball fight- Elf's will have a snowball fight with other toys in the house
  9. Dog Food dilemma- Elf's will eat dog food with a funny note
  10. Movie Night- Elf's will watch a movie on the iPad
  11. Picasso- Elf's will paint and sip
  12. Brush Your Teeth- Elf's will deliver new toothbrushes 
  13. Mountain Climbing- Elf's will scale the Christmas Tree
  14. Homework-Elf's will do mini copies of my sons homework
  15. Elf Cruise- Elf's will be buckled up and ready for a cruise in the car
  16. Book a night introduction- Elf's will bring a stack of books wrapped to read each evening 
  17. Book bag campout-Elf's will campout in sons backpack
  18. Laundry Room Fun- Elf's will do some doll laundry
  19. Transformers Visit- Elf's will have a massive party with the transformers
  20. Countdown- Elf's will create a Christmas countdown paper chain
  21. Dr. Elf- Elf's will get a check up from Doc McStuffins
  22. Elf Treats- The Elf's will snack on some candies and bring the kids something tasty
  23. Sledding- Elf's will sled
  24. The Night Before Christmas & Hot Cocoa-Elf's will leave the book and Hot Cocoa with a goodbye letter. 

There you go, there are my ideas.  I am going to post a weekly recap of what we did with pictures and link back to this post.  I am not sure that I will successfully pull this off, but I think most of these are pretty easy to do in just a couple minutes an evening.

So is your family welcoming an Elf?