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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Casa Bonita...We Survived

If you have watch South Park you have seen references to Casa Bonita.  The Disneyland of Mexican Food.  Except that you only go for the entertainment because the food is still just tolerable.  Saturday we packed up and met some family for a birthday celebration to this splendid place. 

Casa Bonita Honest Reviews, Casa Bonita Food

Casa Bonita is on West Colfax in an area of Denver that is a bit sketchy but they are trying to bring back.  Since my last visit it has been repainted and cleaned up a bit so that was nice to see.  Its exterior is unforgettable and really very pretty.  

I woke up on Saturday feeling like I got hit by a freight train.  The hubs knew that I was not about to eat the food at Casa Bonita (even though that is your "ticket" in), so he sent me to shower and surprised me with a Santiagos burrito, a bagel and some Starbucks in that controversial red cup everyone seems to be up in arms about.  I managed to pull myself together and was pretty happy with the way I looked.

We packed up, stopped by the store to grab a gift and then drove 40 minutes to our destination. When we walked it I was immediately overwhelmed with that smell.  It is a smell that you can only recognize once you have been there, but every person who has experienced can tell you what it is. We went through the lines, ordered our food, picked it up and walked our trays of food to the dining area.  This is what you pay for people.  Honestly, the entertainment is great and the details have not changed since I was a kid.  It is a stunning place and has a lot of little areas to check out and things to do.  

We caught a few of the skits that they do.  My kids favorite was the gorilla skit where he runs around.  The cliff diving was pretty awesome too!  Check out my mad InstaVideo Skillz. 

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The kids food was actually decent.  The fries were pretty good and the cheeseburgers looked good.  My kids were over the moon with all the things to look at.  This place does not skip on details.  We checked out the different dining areas and the entire place.  My kids loved the mine dining areas and the arcade.  We spent the majority of time in the arcade.  Word to the wise, you really only need like $5.00 in tokens because the place is so crowded and hot that you will not want to stay in there as long as we did...$20.00 and 2 hours later. 

Casa Bonita Honest Reviews, Casa Bonita Food

One thing that Casa Bonita does well with the food is the Sopapilla's.  If you are like me and you eat nothing else, eat a sopapilla...shoot eat the entire basket.  They are so warm and fluffy and sweet and perfect.  I wanted a to-go box for just these.  My hubby and his family said the food was pretty decent this go around and that is actually was better than they expected...I wasn't going to test it.  Really bad experience when I was a kid there. 

Casa Bonita Honest Reviews, Casa Bonita Food

We did have a great time at Casa Bonita.  It really is the Disneyland of Mexican restaurants and has so much fun to offer.  The price was good too ($45.00 for our family of 4).  I know in a couple years we will be back for the tolerable food, good service and fantastic entertainment...and those Sopapilla's.  

Have you visited Colorado and Casa Bonita?  Thoughts?