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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Diet Changes, Diabetes and Accountability

This past week I have spent a lot of time arguing with my doctor and asking for some specific blood work because although I know that I am a type 2 diabetic, I have been doing a lot of research as of late and although I am not a doctor, I am a scientist.  I understand the difference between peer reviewed medical journals and online forums and I know my body.  With that said, I was super upset to receive these results.

My A1C came back at 6.3 and my average blood glucose level came back at 132.  Clearly in the last six months I have not been doing a great job managing my symptoms.  I know why.  I spent the first six months of the year trying to lose weight and eat right and I was still gaining weight.  My doctors did little to address these concerns other than prescribing some vitamin D (which BTW has really helped my energy levels).  The have been reluctant to prescribe me Metformin because it appears that I am still relatively in control of my diabetes...which I totally am not. So I gave up trying. 

I started to carb load because if I am going to gain weight eating healthy and still feel like crap I am going to enjoy it.  Terrible idea. I stopped being as active.  That FitBit that I bought and aimed to get in at least 10-15K steps a day just sits uncharged in a bowl in my kitchen.  The pounds are piling on. My back pain is getting worse and I feel awful.  

So how does this all tie into my arguments with my doctors.  Well I have a strong feeling that I am actually insulin resistant which essentially means that I make insulin but a majority of it is broken and so instead of it working properly it ends up storing fat, which is why I cannot lose weight no matter the effort. However, to figure this out, the A1C test is not the test that has to be ran.  It is an entirely different test...which they will not do. However, the treatment for insulin resistance is not much different from general type 2 diabetes.  I need to be on metformin.  Today, I went through test results from past years and found the results from a different doctor showing that I am in fact insulin resistant.  That was enough for them to prescribe the metformin. 

However, this prescription will not be enough.  I now need to go back to a low carb diet and not only will I be doing this, I will also be cutting gluten from my diet in hopes that this combination will be the key to getting my life back.  So what do I need from my readers...resources and support!

If you have great gluten free or low carb recipes, please drop a link in the comments section.  Thank you for all your support, hopefully the next health update I do is full of awesome test results and some weight loss!