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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

I already miss last week and it is only Tuesday.  Seriously, how on Earth do those breaks from school, work and responsibility go so quickly.  I am already counting down the days until winter break (15 or 16 depending on if I take a couple days off)!  This break was laid back and wonderful, but it did not start out that way.  We had some dental fun to deal with to start.  My adorable son who had an enormous amount of dental work done in September swallowed one of his $900.00 crowns and I about lost my mind. 

He has no real idea of when this happened.  He thinks it happened when he was at school but then he also said he remembers it happening when he was sleeping.  Either way it was gone.  I am certain that it happened at home because I floss his teeth every night and it was there on Friday and gone on Saturday.  I scoured the house, left an angry tearful voicemail and then felt like a jerk.

The dental office was AMAZING as they have been through this entire chaotic and expensive mess.  The rushed the boy in, popped a new crown right on and didn't even charge us a dime.  They rewarded my boy with a bright blue popsicle and he was pretty happy. 

The rest of the break the boy spent enjoying days in PJ's, watching movies, playing Wii Mario, hanging with his Grammie and snuggling his mama.  He even decided to start doing his own hair.  I am trying to relax a bit on this as I am very much that mom that makes sure my kids are clean, matching, adorable and well groomed.  He did a good job and is still super cute!

Then there is this little one.  Lawd!  So the day after the crown incident, I was flossing her teeth and noticed that of course she inherited my families awful enamel.  So I made an appointment for her and low and behold she had a small cavity starting on those baby teeth.  So we got to get "Elsa's" painted on our tooth (filling & sealant) and she was a super amazing little patient.  

This one spent most of the break terrorizing the house, the dogs, her brother, her parents and anyone that would get in her little crazy way.  She started to refuse to let me brush her hair and was all about the messy face and messy life.  This hair cracked me up, this was the aftermath of her daisy chain hairstyle from Thanksgiving. 

She also basically never slept.  I fought her tooth and nail to take naps.  It was mostly torture and she was back to waking up in the middle of the night several times.  She also was up super early and honestly that relaxing break where I could catch up on sleep just was not happening.  

Even with all the tooth drama and lack of sleep we had a wonderful break.  I enjoyed time with my babies, my husband, my family and friends.  

How was your Thanksgiving Holiday?