We Got the FUNK: February 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Whimsical Pirate & Pixie Birthday Party Ideas

You guys!  My tiny baby is turning 2 in just about 2 weeks.  It really does fly by and with the big event happening soon, of course there has to be a party!  Here is what we are planning for the tiny peanuts Pixie & Pirate 2nd birthday party!


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I used Photoshop Elements to design these and hopefully will get them sent out this weekend.  I am super happy with how they turned out and am really starting to feel more confident in my photoshopping skills. 


Peanut Butter & Jelly (or nutella) Fairy Sandwiches

Fairy fruit wands & Pirate swords!

Pirate Punch & Pixie Juice

I am planning on doing a tea party for the little missy so most of the food will be finger food and light options.  I will have little snacks here and there as well!


Love these!

This is a long shot, but is super duper cute and might work out for us

Fun activities: 

I really want the kids to create something to take home, so for the fairies I was thinking fairy houses and for the pirates treasure boxes. 

Party Favors:

I already have the fairy wings and wands and some parts of the pirate costumes.  Now to find the perfect hats!


I am going to bake the cupcakes and make these adorable tea cup wrappers.  Then I will probably create a little cake stand to display them on!

I have been pinning away!  If you want to follow me check out my board below!

Let's just hope I pull this off.  The kids birthday parties are only a month apart from each other and I still have grad school, a full time job, this blog and just life in general to contend with! 

What do you think of the theme?  What could I add? 


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY Fabric Baby Gate

The other day, after a bit of chaos, our old baby gate finally was removed.  I needed a quick and cheap replacement, but I also wanted something that was easy to hide away and did not take up much space.  Enter this Pinterest find on how to make a DIY Fabric Baby Gate.

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We have a larger than normal opening for the passageway between our living room and our kitchen. So this required a larger than normal baby gate.  My aunt gave us the Summer Infant Baby gate to use that is in the picture below.  Between dogs jumping over it and numerous times of it being ran into, it was broken and destroyed and really just annoying.  It was difficult to clean around, difficult to move around and bulky!  It did a good job for 5 years, but it was beat and time for something easier to move, easier to clean around and definitely easier to actually clean. 

This was our old baby gate, but obviously not my house or my family...thanks Summer Infant Website. 
So since I needed a new gate, and Pinterest gave me an idea, I got to work!

Fabric Baby Gate, Sewed baby gate, baby gate with hooks, how to use command hooks, Easy to move baby gate, easy to clean baby gate, Easy to store baby gate, DIY Fabric Baby gate.

 Directions: (From top left to right working down)
Fabric Baby Gate, Sewed baby gate, baby gate with hooks, how to use command hooks, Easy to move baby gate, easy to clean baby gate, Easy to store baby gate, DIY Fabric Baby gate.

  • Measure your doorway and cut your fabric to fit.  I made sure to include room for the seams as well as the placement of the hooks.
  • Finish your Edges.  I used my serger to do this, but you can do the old fashioned, fold, iron, sew to avoid unraveling. 
  • Prep your elastic corners.  I cut the elastic to about 3 inches and then folded it in half.  The I turned my fabric inside out then matched up corners so I knew where to place the elastic. 
  • Place elastic corners INSIDE the right side of the fabric (upside-down).  Make sure to leave a little of it sticking out.
  • Pin the elastic in place.  Make sure to leave room for your seams as well so you do not sew over your fabric. 
  • Pin and Sew your sides together. Make sure that you leave about 5-6 inches open and not sewn so that you can flip your fabric right side out. 
  • Flip, Iron and Sew the opening closed. 

Fabric Baby Gate, Sewed baby gate, baby gate with hooks, how to use command hooks, Easy to move baby gate, easy to clean baby gate, Easy to store baby gate, DIY Fabric Baby gate.

Finally place your Command Hooks.  You may need to angle these to hold your gate tight.  Also, you can attach the hooks to your baseboards and I highly recommend that because we did not at first and the kids (and dogs) were easily able to slide under.  Once moved and adhered correctly the gate worked perfectly!

Fabric Baby Gate, Sewed baby gate, baby gate with hooks, how to use command hooks, Easy to move baby gate, easy to clean baby gate, Easy to store baby gate, DIY Fabric Baby gate.
See the gap between the gate and the floor...put those hooks on the baseboards!
I love this gate.  It is easy to take down and wash, it does not take up hardly any space if I want it out of the way, I can clean around it, it is able to be made to fit our unique doorway and it only cost $15.00 to make!  Get to it!



Monday, February 23, 2015

Rich & Delicious Slow Cooker Potato Soup #Recipe

This weekend Colorado was supposed to get the biggest snowstorm of the season and of course I prepped to stay at home and enjoy comfort food and family time.  One of our favorite family meals is my mom's homemade Potato Soup recipe that is literally so rich, and creamy that it is difficult to only eat one bowl.  This might just be the best recipe I have ever shared!

Rich and Creamy Potato soup, slow cooker potato soup, crockpot potato soup, crock pot potato soup, recipe


  • 10 medium potatoes
  • 1 lb of breakfast sausage
  • 1 pint of heavy whipping cream
  • 1.5 cups of chopped baby carrots
  • 1 medium onion minced
  • 3 stalks of celery chopped
  • 1 tsp of black pepper
  • 1 TBS of celery salt
  • Salt to taste
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 can of cream of mushroom soup

Directions: (There is about 15 minutes of prep for this)

  • Brown your sausage in a pan and while you are doing that, clean, peel and dice your potatoes into whatever size you prefer.  

I usually make them a bit larger but have done smaller pieces and it still tastes the same. 

  • Chop and mince the carrots, onions and celery.  

My husband hates cooked carrots and so I always mince those but they taste great left whole as well. 

  • Place all ingredients into your slow cooker.  I like to layer potatoes on bottom, then veggies, then more potatoes then sausage and then more potatoes.  

I love the Ziploc Slow Cooker liners.  Makes for an amazingly easy clean up!

  • Add the can of cream of mushroom soup and the pepper, celery salt and if you would like salt then pour 4 cups of water over those spices and soup.
  • Place the lid on and cook on high for 4 hours.  Stir periodically.
  • About an 30 minutes before you are ready to serve add in the pint of heavy whipping cream. 


Rich and Creamy Potato soup, slow cooker potato soup, crockpot potato soup, crock pot potato soup, recipe

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Family Friday 2/20/15

That darn cold that we all got over the last couple weeks made staring at the computer virtually impossible, so I apologize that I missed Family Friday last week.  I also lacked on taking photos as I was trying to get everyone (including myself) back up to a healthy state.  Here I am today, ready to share some cuteness with you all.  

The princess and her crazy hair in the mornings just kills me.

My sweet boy looks so cute and is always ready for the day.  Definitely a morning person.

Our grocery store has 1 cent horse rides, it is a MUST and the princess is always yelling "giddy up"

The boy (yes that is the time out stool and no he is not in trouble).  He loves doughnuts...ok we ALL love them. 

Our doctors office makes you wear masks if you are sick, the kids mask does not fit the princess and she also INSISTED on wearing this bib everywhere. 

How cute is my little man, even though this awful cold he is still smiling!  He was excited when the doctor checked his ears and found "angry Hulk and Batman!"  We love our pediatrician for sure.

That's all for us.  We are about to bunker down for snow-ageddon that is apparently supposed to hit good ol' Colorado starting tonight.  I am hoping that we get the 2ft that is projected.  I really miss the old Colorado winters that we had when I was a kid!  Hope everyone stays safe and has a great weekend.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Held Your Whole Life

First of all, this is not a sponsored post, this is something near and dear to my heart that I know many families have struggled with and would love some closure and something tangible for their angels above.

In January, a friend of mine who has also suffered pregnancy loss of two sweet angels, posted a picture of a necklace with a card.  I messaged her about it and found out that there was a non-profit organization called Held Your Whole Life that is making these necklaces and keychains for families who have babies who never took a breath here on Earth.  The necklaces are made for free and you only pay a $3.00 shipping fee.  You can also donate to the organization so that they can continue to make more necklaces for more families struggling with the loss of their babies.

I immediately jumped all over this.  I had to have one.  I needed something tangible, something that I could keep close to my heart (because that is where those babies live now).  I was lucky enough to make the waitlist for February after only one try and elated when my necklace arrived.  I also ordered Jason the keychain version as well, which he loves.  I will tell you that I set my alarm for the date listed on the website and had my Paypal ready to go for ordering.  I wanted the best chance to make the list and I nailed it!  I suggest doing the same if you are interested in this.

Held Your Whole Life, review, Infant and Pregnancy loss jewelry.

Held Your Whole Life is an amazing organization, providing families with something to remember their loved ones when often times these little angels are forgotten.  As a mother of 2 angels, I never forget.  These two are always on my heart and as time passes I find it easier to state that I actually have 4 children, it is just that two are in heaven.  It is something that we should all talk about and support each other with.  Pregnancy loss is NOT easy, it should NOT be something to be ashamed of. You created life and although it was only with you for a short time, it was a part of you and you held their whole life.  What an amazing gift.

My necklace came yesterday, I have NOT taken it off.  I feel a bit more whole.  I hope that my friends, family and readers that have suffered the loss of a baby can find that wholeness as well and I hope that you check out Held Your Whole Life on Facebook and their webpage.

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Best Ever Patty Melt #Recipe!

One of the most favorite dishes in our house is patty melts!  These are literally so easy to make and so delicious.  My husband loves them and the kids eat the heck out of these!

Patty Melt Recipe,


  • Bread
  • 1 lb of ground beef
  • 1 small can of diced mushrooms
  • 1 packet of onion soup mix
  • Some butter
  • Garlic Salt
  • Cheese of choice

Patty Melt Recipe,


Patty Melt Recipe,
  1. Mix the ground beef and packet of onion soup mix together and then create hamburger patties. Place them in a pan and sprinkle them with garlic salt. 
  2. As the hamburgers are browning, prep your other ingredients.  Soften your butter if needed and brush it on one side of each piece of bread.  Open your can of mushrooms and drain them.  
  3. To make the patty melt, place one piece of bread butter side down in a separate pan, then place your choice of cheese (I prefer swiss, but the kids love Velveeta) on the bread.  
  4. Take a handful of mushrooms and place those on the bread.  
  5. Next take a fully cooked hamburger patty and place that on top of the mushrooms.
  6. Then place the second piece of bread butter side up.
  7. Brown each side of the patty melt on medium heat. 
  8. Pair with your favorite side and enjoy!
You seriously will love this!

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Update on Failure to Thrive Complications

First, I just want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and love that so many of you sent. You have no idea how much those sentiments mean to us.  If you missed what happened, please check out my post about what was going on with our precious peanut here.

That bed head though!
We had our appointment on Wednesday and it actually went better then I was expecting.  I went in worried and expecting to leave with no answers and instead left feeling hopeful with a calm heart. Like all doctor appointments the peanut was weighed and measured and basic questions were asked.
I was elated to find out that we are in the 50% for height!  I knew she had gotten a lot taller but 50%! Then came the weight, I was praying that we were still around the 5-10% and was very happy to hear that we are right in that same area.  Basically, starting the appointment knowing that she is growing and doing well in that matter was very comforting.

Our first try with mascara!

Then we got into the crazy rash and vomit episodes and began to discuss family allergy history as well as reflecting back on the peanuts issues with reflux when she was tiny.  From this point we came up with a plan.

  1. Complete an allergy blood work panel to test for antibodies that could signal an allergy.  If anything came up high in this area then we would go see an allergist with the possibility for an x-ray with contrast or endoscope procedure. 
  2. Put the peanut back on the reflux prescription medicine to see if that makes a difference in the vomiting episodes and lessens the rash.
After the main appointment we headed to the pharmacy to get our reflux prescription and then over to the lab for her blood work.  My little peanut was super brave getting her blood drawn and hardly even made a peep.  The phlebotomists were more teary then my tiny princess and they showered her in praise and stickers and a sucker for being their "best patient of the day!"

We started the reflux medication twice daily and since then have not had any issues with vomiting (however, this will be something that we need more "data" on over a longer period of time).  In addition, we received the results of the allergy tests.  They were all negative which is honestly a relief in one way and completely frustrating in another.  It is a relief because as someone who suffers with food allergies I don't want my kids to deal with what I have to deal with.  It is frustrating because I feel like I am being "that mom" that is worrying over and making up something that is not there.  Our doctor was great and told me that with her it is good to be more vigilant and aware.  However, I still am frustrated.  I am hoping that the reflux really is the issue causing the vomiting and persistent rash and am eager to see how the next month goes on the medication. 

Thank you all again, I will keep you posted on what this next month holds!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Inside Smarts Premium Wash Bags

While I was completing the laundry room renovation, I cam across some junky delicates bags that I had been trying to make work for my nice sweaters and such.  They were awful and I knew that I needed something that was better quality and larger for my beautiful new machines.  After all, the reason we were purchasing new machines was because our other ones would not stay in balance (due to the joists in our floor apparently) and our clothes were getting tore up!  I was elated when coincidentally InsideSmarts contacted me to review their Premium Wash Bags!

Like I said, our old washer was tough on clothes and particularly my delicate blouses and sweaters.  I had purchased my old wash bags from a local department store and they were just not working so I stopped using them and shoved them in a drawer.  InsideSmarts Premium Wash Bags are definitely NOT going to be hidden in a drawer anytime soon.  These wash bags are high quality luxury mesh bags with a tough and reinforced rust proof zipper.  One package contains 2 large bags and 2 medium bags.  A large bag would EASILY hold a sweater (or two).  I also love that one of the wash bags is black and can be put in with my darks so that I do not have to use the same bag in my white load and chance bleeding.

One of my favorite features next to their size and durability is the zipper.  I had an issue with my OLD wash bags with the zipper getting stuck on other clothes and actually making holes in clothes. The zipper on these premium wash bags is awesome!  It is strong and reinforced so that they zipper is not dangling around with the potential to catch on other items.  It is also rust proof which is perfect because no one likes rust stained clothes.

These bags also come with a fantastic construction guarantee and their customer service is quick and respectful.  I really enjoyed working with them and hope that you consider them for your laundry bag needs.  Check out this video about the bag set to see them in action!

Make sure to check out InsideSmarts on their Website and Amazon!


Disclosure:  I received these products for free for review from InsideSmarts but I do actually love them, a LOT!