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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weight Loss Week 2 with PRINTABLE

Last week was hard.  Officially work was back in full force, grad school started back up and I was tired and in pain.  This new way of eating and living is definitely an adjustment, but it is getting easier. Last week I was down 10 lbs total from my starting weight.  This week I maintained that 10lb weight loss and lost an additional 2 lbs.  Not a huge loss like the first week but better than nothing.

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We agreed to stop eating out and we did great until last week.  We ate out twice last week because I got home from work so late and the exhaustion was too real.  I don't think people can understand teacher exhaustion until you have been there.  I did make good choices while eating out.  I had salad and high protein meals both times we ate out.  The key is just saying no to all the wonderful sweet offerings that are constantly around me.

This week we will be going back to cooking at home and I am bringing the yoga back.  I did not do one yoga practice last week.  My back has been in excruciating pain from an injury nearly two years ago.  I literally have no clue what happened to hurt my back, but I spent a good 3 hours at the doctors yesterday and today I am full of pain meds and muscle relaxers while we wait for my scans to come back. I do however, feel good enough that I could do some mild stretching and start to strengthen my back and core.

Many people have asked what I am eating.  I am sticking pretty close to the list below and it is helping.  I have joined a Facebook group that has also helped me to find recipes that are low carb and good for this diet.  I am nervous that my cholesterol and triglycerides will increase so I am not as strict on this diet as I could be.  I also have milk and egg allergies so I have to be careful what I eat. Most of what I am eating is honestly veggies, avocados, meat and seafood and cheese & nuts.
LCHF Meal plan, LCHF list of foods you can eat, low carb high fat list of foods to eat, Weight loss with LCHF
Courtesy of Field of Dreams
Edit to Add: After many requests, I put together a printable of this photo above that is much more legible.  You can get that here

My biggest struggle is breakfast because I am on the go, so the majority of the carbs that I take in daily happen in the quick granola bar that I have to get going in the morning.  I am working on figuring out what I can do to make this an easier transition since eggs are really a no go for me.  If you can eat eggs or have time to make a nutritious breakfast, by all means do it!  Eggs are key to protein intake!

LCHF Meal plan, LCHF list of foods you can eat, low carb high fat list of foods to eat, Weight loss with LCHF
Sample lunch: pickles, cheese & turkey roll ups and 1/2 an avocado with hot sauce.
I am proud that I have stuck through this.  I know the weight is a secondary concern to my overall health, but it is great to see those numbers drop each week and know that I am starting to feel normal. I did experience my first low blood sugar in as long as I could remember which really messed me up, but I was quick to respond and glad to know that my blood sugar levels are starting to be lower. When I do eat something higher in carbs than my average intake (about 10-15 carbs/meal), I get immediately tired and nauseous which is a nice reminder why I am not eating those anymore.

I hope your goals for 2016 are going well.  Please drop a link or a note to let me know how you are doing below!