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Monday, February 15, 2016

WE WON! #SuperBowl50

In case you have been living under a rock, our beloved Denver Broncos WON THE SUPER BOWL!  I meant to post about this last week, but I actually could not get the photos to upload to my blog for some reason.  The game was great, our low key celebration was wonderful and it was definitely a day to remember!

We all wore our orange and blue! My husband faithfully watches ALL the games, even ones that the Broncos are not playing in.  Football is life in his world and the kids seem to enjoy it too.  I play along most days, but on Super Bowl Sunday I was all in! 

I did a throw back to the Elway days and had nerves all day. I am not a huge football game watcher. I just get bored when the game is not exciting and many times games are just not exciting for me.  I have always supported the home teams, I am just not a crazy fan.  I was still so excited about the game though and had been watching throughout the season so when Sunday came around I was struggling with excitement, nerves and ready for our boys to win!

We all snuggled up in the living room watching the game, cheering and overall just really enjoying our time as a family.  The game was great, I was screaming at the TV like a crazy person and when they finally sealed the deal, there may have been some jumping up and down.

Some of us were into the game more than others.  He was still excited that we won!

Courtesy of redbubble.com
Congrats to our home team and their amazing run this year.  What a great way for the boys in Orange and Blue to represent Broncos Country!  SUPER BOWL 50 CHAMPIONS!