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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The End is in Sight #GradSchool

18 months ago I started my first semester as a graduate school student at the University of Northern Colorado.  I am completing my masters in science education and have done an entirely online program.  I did this while working full time teaching, writing this blog, keeping up with my house, and most importantly, being a wife and mother.  Last week I headed up to campus to have my first meeting with my mentor to map out graduation.

I received my undergrad from UNC as well so it was very nice to be back on campus.  I felt overdressed and old but still nostalgic.  My mentor is awesome, so supportive and has been an amazing guide through this experience.  

I am in the final stretch. I applied for graduation in May, and am on track to finishing.  I have one LARGE paper to write and edit and rewrite and edit and do that about 100 more times and then present it as well as another class about the Earth that is pretty awesome.  I will finish these classes, and intend to graduate with a 3.9 GPA, but would be completely happy with a 3.7 if that is how this ends.  I spent a large portion of my weekend writing said paper and just trying to get everything organized.  

The next several weeks are going to be insane.  I have a short turn around time to finish this paper and prepare for my presentation.  I still have my other class about the Earth to work on each week.  I am still a full time teacher with a lot of responsibility in that area to handle.  I am still writing this blog and loving it.  I have two big birthday parties to plan, a trip to NYC, and Mexico on the horizon and above all, I have two amazing kids to raise and love and snuggle.  They are my reason for finishing this program and I know that May 6th when I walk across that stage and hug my family it will be immediately worth every darn second of stress and sleepless night. 

Send good thoughts folks, the end is in sight!