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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

20 Quick Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Sparkling #MyPledgeCastle [ad]

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I have been asked a lot recently how on Earth I am managing everything on my plate and still keeping a clean house.  It is simple actually, I cannot function in a mess and so to maintain order, I have to keep a clean house.  However, time is limited and I have came up with 20 Quick Cleaning Tips to keep my castle clean and sparkling with Pledge®.
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I am insanely busy constantly and I would be lying if I said that my house was clean every moment of the day.  We live in our home and it gets messy between the kids, the dogs and general household messes.  Sometimes cleaning can take a backseat to grading, planning, writing papers for grad school and, of course, being a mom.  However, I am one of those people that cannot work without having a picked up and cleaned environment.  If something needs to be done, I do it.  This is essentially how I procrastinate and it can be detrimental if I do not stay focused.  Early on it became very important to make sure that I had a cleaning system in place to stay focused, and as our family grew and time became more limited, this cleaning system has been my lifeline.
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About 10 years ago, when my husband and I first moved in together I was watching Oprah and she had a cleaning and organizing lady on that was giving tips on how to keep a clean home and do it all.  She focused on the “do it now” attitude and 60 second clean ups to keep up on the messes.  The idea being that if it takes less than a minute you take care of it. I took that show to heart and employed many of those ideas in my own home and after just a week, it made a HUGE difference in the time it took to clean my home.  The ideas that I particularly liked are:

      Catch All Basket:  This is a basket to put items that belong in other rooms or on other levels of your home.  I keep a laundry basket in the kitchen and whenever I am picking up and something belongs upstairs or downstairs I toss it in there.  When it is full (usually at the end of the week) I take 5 minutes and deliver the items to their respective areas.  This actually saves me time from running up and down the stairs several times a day and takes less than a minute to move items to the basket and out of the main area.
      Shoe Bin: Shoes come off in our home nearly immediately and because there are four of us and we are shoe fanatics, I can have an entire room of shoes if I am not careful.  We have put together a shoe bin that is just like the catch all basket and my kids now know to put their shoes in the basket when they come home.  Save so much time!
      Create A Space: In my home everything has a home.  We have bins to put the mail, toy bins, places to hang coats and bags, areas for throw blankets and much more.  Toys are my nemesis and can be an eyesore in a home.  To remedy this, I have put organizing bins in each of the kids rooms, the living room and the play rooms.  Clean up is easy and so is trashing and donating old toys.  If it does not fit in the toy areas and is not played with it goes in the donation or trash pile.  Once every 3 months, I can quickly sort through and get rid of items that are no longer used.  I have found that by creating organized spaces for each item in our home it makes cleaning up easy for both myself and my kids.  The kids know where to put their toys, the mail, blankets and coats and bags, among other things, and this shortens my cleaning time.
      Changing Toilet Paper Roll:  This one seems silly, but you would not believe how quickly a bathroom begins to deteriorate when one does not change the toilet paper roll.  It starts with the old roll being left on the holder, then the new roll being placed on the countertop, then two kids using far too much toilet paper and it being strewn about the room, then empty rolls are all over the place.  I have found that simply taking a couple seconds to switch out the roll when it is empty has solved the toilet paper chaos in our house. It has also saved us toilet paper!
      Keeping Cleaning Supplies at the Ready:  I never go to the store without a list and, more specifically, I ensure that I am always stocked up on the supplies that I use regularly.  I keep cleaning supplies for each area in the rooms they belong in.  Under the kitchen sink are all the cleaning supplies for the kitchen.  Each bathroom is stocked with cleaning supplies, the laundry room holds all the cleaning supplies for the bedrooms and there is a vacuum, mop and broom on each level of the house. If you do not run out and they are right there, you are more apt to clean up the messes when they first happen. I shop at King Soopers and my go to household items are Pledge® products.  They have so many options for every aspect of your home to make it sparkle and shine.

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Pledge® products are so versatile and wonderful for cleaning my home.  I have always used the Pledge® Lemon Clean Furniture Spray and Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray to dust and shine my wood surfaces, but recently I fell in love with Pledge®Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner with Glade® Rainshower®.  This cleaner is perfect for Every single surface from electronics, to laminate, to porcelain and even glass!  It also smells amazing and leaves my home smelling so fresh.  Last night my sister stopped by as I was on a cleaning spree and walked in and told me that she cannot stop smelling everything because it just smells so good.  SOOO GOOD! This product does the work of a variety of products and does so without leaving smudges and leaving the finish alone.  The bonus for me is that is also 90% of the allergens found in dust.  I love this product and have been using it on everything.

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In addition, I am using the Pledge® FloorCare to shine my natural stone tile floors.  These floors are my nemesis and I absolutely hate them.  I feel like they never come clean and always look dirty.  I cannot wait to rip them out, however, after using Pledge® FloorCare I am starting to like them a bit more.  This floor cleaner is simple to use, just take a gallon of water and add ¼ cup of the cleaner and mop up any messes.  It shines and cleans the floor and leaves it looking great. 

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I have been a long time fan of the Pledge® Orange Clean FurnitureSpray and Pledge® Lemon Clean Furniture Spray.  I rotate between the scents.  Lately, I am using the Orange scent more.  I love how easy it is to use on my wood surfaces to clean, condition and protect.  Recently, we purchased a kitchen table and it was in the scratch and dent.  I came home and cleaned it up with Pledge® Orange Clean Furniture Spray and it shined up so pretty that you can hardly even notice any of the scratches.

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I could not be happier with my cleaning products and the ease of use.  However, I know that the reason my readers are here is for the cleaning tips!  Well, in addition to the list above, I created an easy Quick Cleaning Checklist for my readers to follow.  I know it helps me to have a list and I have actually printed out this list and put it into a 8x10 picture frame that hangs in my family command center.  I then just use a dry erase marker to check of items as I get them done.  The best part is this can all be completed within an hour!  Yes YOU can clean your home in an hour or less!  Make sure to print yours HERE and get to cleaning!

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My home and yours is a reflection of who you are.  Treat it like the castle it is.  These simple cleaning tips and checklist will make your life so much easier and more organized.  It has made a difference in my life and is the essential way that I keep myself focused and organized.

If you are interested in learning more about Pledge® products, please make sure to check them out on their website and on Facebook.  They are really great products that I use constantly. 

How do you keep your home organized?