T-Ball |We Got the FUNK

Thursday, June 16, 2016


About 2 months ago, we signed our little guy up for T-Ball!  For weeks we prepped him and practiced a bit at home and tried to get him excited.  Leading up to the practices and games our little guy was not interested and he would tell us he did not want to go.  Fast forward to last Friday.  The Husband and I were traveling home from Cancun and our little boy was at his first t-ball practice (cue tears).

We missed it.  I thought we might have a chance at making it over to see him play as we landed at the start of the game, however, as life would have it, customs takes time and we missed it.

However, we came home to a very excitable little boy who told us he "needs to practice everyday", and who "loves t-ball so much".  I am ready for tomorrows games and ready to watch our little guy in his new element.  

Happy Thursday Friends!