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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Instagramming my Life Away

If you are not already you should totally follow me on Instagram because I seriously love to ham it up over there with my family and kids.  Speaking of, you should all probably know that I am raising a diva and that I am basically screwed because according to my friends and family (love them), I created this.

Big brother went on an impromptu camping and ATVing trip with the grandparents this weekend and so we have had 4 solid days with just us and the tiny princess and oh boy has it been all things princess.  I am confident that she is loving it.  We spent Saturday night traipsing around the mall to return a pair of shoes and just get out of this house.  We ended up in the Disney Store (as always) and the little miss found a tiara (luckily on clearance for $2.00...seriously!).  She had to wear it, along with that outfit. 

Then I had to wear it because it was SOOO heavy.  I mean you know because walking around Sears with a crazy dressed toddler in a tiara is so awesome. Ok it was actually pretty awesome and fun!

The little girl and I spent the next days painting our nails, playing with our hair and putting on nude lipsticks all while laughing and watching all the Disney princess movies because big brother does not love the princesses.  We stayed in because the heat is just too much, but she still enjoyed picking out all the outfits and running around in swimsuits all day.

Although we missed big brother a whole lot, it was wonderful to have time with just our girl.  In fact the last time we had this much one on one time with her she was a tiny newborn and we were stuck in a hospital room.  Grandma tells me she is stealing the princess soon too.  This summer has been wonderful for our kids and I am so thankful to the grandparents for spending so much time making amazing memories for our kids while we hold down the home front. 

Hope your week has been great!